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Hate Filled With Love!! Chapter-1

Hiii Guys, Gopika here. this is my first work on Naamkaran….. and I hope you guys like it…..Here we go with the first chappy 🙂

At Lucknow,
In a beautiful mansion
A girl was looking in a mirror with a lot of mixed emotions….

“I never thought I would hate ‘Love and that feeling. There were days I searched for the true love of my life. But now everything is changed I hate to love and that feeling. Actually love is not true. There is no true love and no pure love, its just waste of time. I wasted my time in finding true love. I thought I got my true love when I met him. But it never gives me happiness like I thought. It just gives me sadness, sorrow and pain. That time onwards I understood there is no pure love in this world. Actually now I am not that old girl who smiled at everything and solve every problem of her life strongly. Now I am the strong brilliant businesswoman for the people outside but just I know how much I am weak from inside. Each and Every day in these 5 years there is not a single day I didn’t remember him and the pain he gave me. I tried to hate him a lot.But ends up hating myself for loving such a person like him..

My family hates me a lot now because of him. He just told them what he thought to be right. He didn’t hear my side, what I want to say. And my heart brokes into pieces when he and also my family didn’t believe or neither hear me and also they didn’t give me a chance to prove myself right. he didn’t even think a minute before he accuses me of such a crime. He just broke our relationship within a minute. I hate him…I hate him…I hate you Mr NEIL KHANNA. This Avni hates you….”

By saying this she throws the flower vase near her on to the mirror
She wipes her tears and stands up saying
“You are not Avni……You are Avani, the strong businesswoman, the owner of ‘Nevia industries’

Suddenly a bright smile curves on her face…
Nevia, my daughter… Omg! you are gonna die Avani today is her singing competition ..Hurry up Avani…She will be waiting for you ”

Screen shifts to Kolkata…
At Kolkata

The famous businessman Neil Khanna is in his cabin with full of attitude and arrogance as usual..All his staff calls him Mr Arrogant Khanna

His PA comes there and says “There is an invitation for you for the ‘Best Business Person Ceremony’ in Lucknow. It is next week and sir, It has been constantly 7 years you are becoming the best business person .. hope this year also you are gonna get that …

Neil ( with attitude); you should stop hoping sona.. because the best business person was Neil Khanna, is Neil Khanna and will always be Neil Khanna no one is gonna snatch that from me. That prize was named for me in advance…You understand Miss Sona!

Sona; Yes Sir

Neil; Ok then leave, by the way, send the invitation to my family and Mehta family(Avni’s Family) on my name to attend the ceremony.

Sona nods and keeps the invitation and leave the cabin.

After one week.
The families fly to Lucknow to attend the ceremony.
At the ceremony

Aisha Mehta (Avni’s maa); You are my son and my pride, this time also you will be the best business person.

Ashish Mehta(Avni’s papa); Yes Neil….Aisha is right..You will be the best business person

Neil; Thank you maa and papa…for everything you did to me…and also 5 years ago you stand with me against your…..
Neil keeps silent.
Ashish understood Neil’s feeling and says; We stand with the truth.

Prakash (Neil’s papa); ohh… My son is looking so handsome..You are the luck of our family

Shwetha; Really Prakash Ji?? is our son a luck?? I don’t feel so

Prakash; Shwetha what are you saying?

Shwetha; He is not lucky …if he was then he wouldn’t have made Avni out our life.

Saying this Shwetha leaves angrily…

Neil; Why dad? why maa still feels Avni is right?

Prakash; leave that beta

Neil; I hate that Avni…she made my maa away from me.

Saying this he angrily gets seated in his seat

On the stage,
Host; Soo guys ….It’s our time to announce the best business person of 2018..and It is…It is … Any guess???
A lot of people shouts “Neil….Neil…”

Host; for the last 7 years the luck was the prize was for Neil Khanna and this year…

Neil stands from his place to move on to the stage…

Host; the luck is not for him…It’s for AVANI….

Neil gets the shocked hearing it…and he feels shame as he was about to go to the stage…He sits in his place with head down.

Ashish and Prakash hold Neil’s hand…Neil looks up to see who is this avani…

Host; We welcome Avani to the stage to receive her prize.

Avani stands from her seat and moves to stage with a bright smile on her face…

Neil and the whole Family was shocked to see ‘Avni’ as Avani

Avani smiling receives her prize….

Host; Some words from you Avani…

Avani holds the mike and takes a deep breath and says
” There is not much to say….Start your success from the pain you get… And thank you everyone and this one is for my Jaan, my reason to live..”

Everyone claps for her…Shwetha claps happily while happy tears of seeing her daughter after 5 years were rolling down her cheeks…

Neil looks at her shockingly…The sentence “my Jaan, my reason to live.” repeats in his mind… Aisha’s eyes filled with tears seeing her daughter. Ashish holds her….

Aisha; our daughter
Ashish; she is not our daughter now….
Aisha holds Ashish and cries.

Avani was smilingly posing for photos … Neil looked at her with red angry eyes….


PRECAP; Angry Neil and Angry Avani face off…

Thank you so much guys for reading and hope you enjoyed.
Sorry for mistakes if any…no proof reading…



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