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Chandrashekhar 21st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Gomes shoots Brij

Chandrashekhar 21st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandra hitting a stone at the wild animal. He says I have to run to see mum and then go back to Brij. Its morning, Chandra sees the game. Brij goes to get the ball. Brij gets the ball and passes to them. Patrick sees Chandra and hits the ball at him to hurt. Chandra catches the ball and throws it back at Watson. Watson gets hurt. Everyone holds him. Patrick says that Indian boy has throw the ball. Watson says don’t touch the boy, I got hurt because of you Patrick, you threw the ball at him and instigated him. He lets Chandra go to prevent the outrage of villagers.

Manohar asks why did you throw the ball back. Brij says yes, Patrick hates Indians, we should control anger. Chandra says I can’t bear wrong. Brij laughs and says tolerance is necessary, we should pick

weapons when there is no other way. Chandra says I will see. Manohar asks him to come with him.

Jagrani asks where are the britishers taking us. Gomes asks Sitaram didn’t he tell his wife. He says Sitaram has hidden about Chandra, Watson will decide about you now. They worry. Watson thanks Chandra. He asks Patrick to always be tactful. He asks Brij to come. He takes Chandra to take the holy water and clean his shoes. He shouts on Chandra and says you are a slave. Chandra gets angry.

Chandra recalls Sindhal’s words. He shouts we are not slaves, we are free. He splashes the water on Watson’s face. They all get shocked. Watson gets angry on him and catches him. Chandra hits his head with the pot. Brij asks Chandra to just run. Watson says catch him. Sitaram and Jagrani come to the club with Gomes. They see Watson injured. Gomes says we got the traitor, who has hit you with the stone. Watson asks what, we have already killed Sindhal. Gomes says no, Chandra has done that. Watson recalls Chandra.

He says catch him, he has just run away from here after hitting me, I want him dead or alive. Chandra hides. Jagrani sees him and calls him out. Chandra stops. Watson says there he is….. Jagrani runs to Chandra. Chandra recalls Jagrani. Gomes runs after her and points gun at Chandra. Gomes shoots. Jagrani gets shocked. Chandra gets saved. He runs away. She faints. Sitaram holds her. He gets worried seeing police running after Chandra. Gomes comes in front of Chandra and says stop, else I will shoot. Chandra gets tensed and moves back.

Brij hurts Gomes and takes the gun from him. He says stop, else I will shoot. He asks Chandra to run away. Chandra refuses to go leaving him. Brij says I have to live here, just go. Chandra runs. Brij gives the gun to Gomes. Gomes gets angry and shoots him. Chandra hears the gun shot and stops. He cries.

Sitaram asks Jagrani to get ready, they have to go Banaras. They get ready. Sitaram says we will try to find Chandra. She prays. He asks her to hurry up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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