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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 13)

Hi guyzs iam back with next part of my ff. hope you guyzs liked previous part.iloved your support and hope

you all will continue to do so.Here is the next part of my ff

Zoya was very sad as when she recalled what sakshi said her heart broke into 100 pieces on other hand when she saw adi it appeared as if her heart got a new life. she was unaware about what was happening with her. Again she was lost in her own world.

Anjana-zoya beta u haven’t even started eating .please beta eat something.

zoya-sure aunty.

shakshi came

sakshi_Adi actually beta zoya wanted to tell u something.

Adi stared at zoya. Zoya nodded in zoya

sakshi- oh… Now I get it she is shy.. Actually beta she wanted to thank u?

Adi- thank me? But why

sakshi- because of you she got her new event na

Everyone was shocked because they do not want the secret to unfold

arjun- Bhai.. Nothing u eat na.

Adi- zoya.. Tell me which event?

zoya- Aditya I wanted to tell u but..

she was interrupted by sakshi

sakshi-Adi … She got contract .. Of your birthday party

Aditya was he’ll shocked as he thought that it was zoya who planned for everything just to make his day special.

Adi- wha.. What? But she said that she did all this

sakshi- yes,.. She did all this but everything was planned by pooja. It’s your late wife’s gift for u .but see na adi she is saying the amount which I gave her was not sufficient

zoya was he’ll shocked as it was complete opposite situation

zoya- Aditya it’s not like that

Adi-( tearing blank cheque) here is amount of my happiness fill what ever correct according to u.. ( he was shattered once again . It appeared as if all this was a dream . The broad smile from his face vanished)

he left the dinning table . He dint even eat anything . He left angrily

Noor- sakshi aunty .. Now u must be very happy .

Zoya- Noor .. This is the way u talk to your elders .

noor- but Apii.. Because of her party spoiled.. Adi’ s mood spoiled.  I know Apii u left no stone unturned just to bring that smile on his face.. And now look birthday boy is sad.

zoya- shut up Noor…

zoya -(she was holding blank cheque) Arjun pass me his plate

Arjun- but zoya..

zoya – Arjun .. Trust me please.

he gave her the plate she took plate , her bag and the blank cheque upstairs to adi’s room. Adis room’s  door was open and zoya was happy to see that he was very busy in setting up play station gifted by her

zoya- uhmm..uhmmm

no response

zoya- uhmm..uhmmmm

still no response

zoya startle coughing

Adi- go and get ur self checked mrs zoya

zoya- ( holding her ears) Srry aditya… I dint do it to hurt you. I thought that u will be hurt if I tell u that it was a contract. But trust me adi I dint do it for money

adis heart relieved when he heard that .

zoya- ok ( holding her ears ) please forgive me1 , please forgive me 2, 3… Ahh my legs are paining

adi- stop it it’s enough

Zoya threw a wide smile ..


zoya returning the cheque

zoya- aditya u asked me to fill price for your happiness but unfourtunately it’s priceless  .any amount is insufficient Srry.

adi- srry

zoya- plzz adi eat this

adi-my hands are dirty

zoya understood it


zoya- shall I feed u

adi – sure

she feeder him

adi I bought these for u

adi was surprised

tell me guyzs how was it

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