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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 12)

Hi guyzs I’m back with next part of my ff. I hope you all liked the previous part .Guyzs loved your support and want that u all should continue doing so. SO here is the next part of my ff.

Eveyone was very happy especially aditya as he thought that he was never going to celebrate his birthday  after being betrayed by his wife but today he was happily celebrating his birthday all this was possible because of no one else but zoya. He was continuously staring at zoya . Zoya was  aware about the same but she pretended that she does not care about it . Once she looked back at aditya then he changed direction of his gaze so she never repeated the same thing again.

Noor- So every one ready to play the game?

Eveyone- yes….

Arjun- I hope everyone are aware about the rules of the let’s begin

music played ( by gorge ) everyone started passing the parcel and when music stopped Sakshi was having the parcel

Adi – So mom in law what would you like to do for me?

Sakshi- Adi I would like to say something… Shall i?

Adi nodded in yes

Sakshi- Adi u are the best son, best Bhai, best son. In law and most importantly u are best husband in whole universe . I am ashamed of what pooja did . She had an affair despite of being married but u my son despite of what pooja did never eyed on any other girl even if she was dead . I am ashamed of my upbringing but Anjana I envy you I pray that in next birth I get opportunity to give birth to a son like him .i love u beta . Ilove u son that’s all I can say .

Adi hiding his tears hugged Sakshi and Anjana was irked as she knew evil intention of Sakshi behind all this.

Noor- well that was a cute gesture..let’s continue play the music please.

gorge played music  the same process repeated but this time it was Arjun and he was asked to make everyone laugh .

they again repeated the same process but this time zoya was caught

Noor- Apii show ur dance moves

zoya – shut up noor

Adi – so sing song for us.

zoya- no.. Ways

Adi- you have to do one of these two

zoya- ok I will sing.. But you guyzs promise me that u will not make fun of me

Adi,Arjun, Noor- we will see

zoya begun singing ( she closed her eyes)

Maanti hoon khuda tujhi ko ,

Tu hi rehbar mera ,

Ab se chali pan meinbhi paas mere kada …….

bepanah…bepanah.. Pyaar hai tumse ..

she was unable to sing further ( she remembered her moments spent with yash)  to her surprise Adi continued to sing

Toot ke bikhra Pada hoon

saas Lena hai saza

jeene mein kya rakha hai,

mar rah a Hu Sau dafa

bepanah… Bepanah..pyaar hai tumse..

tu mera na bua,

lab ye yakeen  hua,

kya thi meri khata tu ye bata

bepanah bepanah pyaar hai tumse…

everyone was sad… As they knew that he was heartbroken

Arjun-ahh mom I m feeling hungry

anjana – yes dinner is ready come every one..

they went to take dinner . Zoya was serving dinner .sakshi intentionally dropped some dish on zoya a dress

sakshi- so Srry beta .

Zoya- it’s ok aunty . I will clean it up.

she went

sakshi- ahh it’s my fault . I should go and help her

she also left. Everyone else was enjoying dinner

@ guest room

sakshi- zoya may I come in?

zoya-are aunty come in no need to ask

sakshi-wait a minute I will help u to clean it up

zoya – thank u aunty

sakshi- shall I ask u something ?

zoya- yes sure aunty

sakshi- how much you are going to charge for this. Event?

zoya-what? No.. Aunty… We won’t charge anything

sakshi- why?

zoya- aunty we dint plan for this party as event organisers rather we did to make adi happy ?

sakshi- but zoya it’s not ur duty to make him happy na ?  You are just an event manager who planned everything as pooja wanted isint it ?

LZoya-( hiding her tears ) yea aunty

sakshi- that’s why. Pooja won’t feel happy na if her  party organisers won’t babe payed.

zoya- but aunty I’m adis friend , his colleague . How can I ?

sakshi- friend… Nice joke beta. He is not ur friend  beta . Rather I should say he hates u and ur company. So it’s better that u should take this ( giving a blank cheque)

zoya-Srry aunty but I. Can’t (she left crying)

sakshi- I have to do something . I can’t let. Her enter adis life

zoya came back to dinner table but she dint say a word but she only smiled

Noor- Apii you got your dresse cleaned .sakshi aunty is very nice na

zoya- yes Noor

sakshis words were echoing in her ears and she looked at adi .he was very happy and threw back are ally big smile on her . Seeing that she dismissed idea that he hated her and she was. Relieved.

so tell me guyzs how was it .do share your views.


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