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are Daughters REALLY BURDENS?: chapter 1

gauri was tired after making munni sleep. She just fell on the bed waiting for her husband to come. Already made food for him so she didn’t have to listen fro any shouting today.

before she went to get some water, she felt two strong arms wrapping her waist and squeezing her stomach tightly. She felt the hot breath which she was used to. She closed her eyes as she felt it and before she knew it, she felt something coming off. Her sari was being up draped. As the fingers lightly touched her skin, She knew this touch,

gauri: omkaraji?

om: yes wifey.

gauri: what are you doing?

om: romancing you.

gauri: but….

om: but what? One I want to romance you and two I want my son.

gauri bit her bottom lips. She already been pregnant four times and they were all daughters: insiya, aliya, mishti and munni.

gauri: are you sure? Isn’t four daughters enough?

Om: but I need a son. I know we have enough children but I need a son not a daughter.

gauri nodded lightly and Om made her take his shirt off. Gauri was only in her blouse and sari skirt whereas Om was only in his jeans. He started to leave kisses on her neck, biting her and marking her. He lifted her in bridal style and made her lie on the bed. He went on top of her and started to kiss her everywhere. Gauri bit his neck and then Om took her lips into his. Soon the scene went blur.

Precap: pregnant again

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