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Aise kaise jaane doon! Episode – 60


Recap: Karan bump into Ravi the officer. While he had returned from the pharmacy..
Episode 60:🎉🎊

Karan walks into the room. His eyes were tired and red. He hadn’t slept and he looked frustrated. Naina was already propped up on the hospital bed.
In a glance she understood that Karan was upset about something. Really upset.
Naina called him out. He looked up at her and walked towards her left.
Karan: Naina? You are awake.
Naina: yes! But first you have to answer my question.. then I shall listen to all that you have to say. How much ever you try hiding things with your simple smile, you know I will track it down. Tell me what’s bothering you Karan? You look extremely upset and frustrated. What is it? Sit here and tell me. Come. Sit.
She said tapping her free left hand onto that bed. She pulled his hand and he agreed to sit down on the bed next to her.
Naina: Now tell me Karan. Before any other relation, you know we are best friends. You can tell me. Who bothered you? Tell me Karan.. you will feel light.. cry it out if you want.. it’s just me and you in this room.
She placed her hand on his cheek. She pulled his chin up, forcing him to look into her eyes. Seeing his sad eyes, she felt sad too.
Naina: what is it Karan?
Her voice softened down like a mother’s.
Karan broke down and hugged Naina tight. He poured his tear of sadness and frustration.
Naina’s back ached, they way he held her. But she ignored her pain. She rubbed his back in turn trying to cool him down.

On the other side:
Ravi: there is some misunderstanding..
it’s not that I wasn’t able to reach the culprit. I had almost reached the culprit. But then I was stopped. She forced bribe.. but that didn’t work on me.. so she blackmailed me and shut the case. I can never forget that woman. She threatened me using my family’s security. She is really dangerous. I didn’t hear much news of her after that. I don’t know who she is but if I get her then I can almost assure you that she is somewhere involved in the earlier case. Nidhi’s case. My instincts aren’t wrong. She must be involved for sure.

Meghna and Kunal looked at each other.
They had really nothing to say.
Meghna’s brains started to work,suddenly. She spoke up.
Meghna: Is it possible to reopen that case once again?
Kunal guessed the rest. He looked at Meghna.
Ravi: yes of course you can.. but there are chances of that lady to come back and threaten me again to shut it down.
Meghna: hmmm… what if it didn’t reach to her notice. You can try and keep it a secret. Only the five of us will know… we should make sure no one else gets to know.
I hope you can conduct the search secretly?
Ravi: yes it is possible. So u want to reopen the case?
Meghna: yes!
She turned to Kunal.
Meghna:Only the five of us should know this. No one else not even our family.
Before Kunal could ask Ravi asked her the same question cooking in his mind.
Ravi: it’s just the three of us here. Who are the other two?
Meghna: Karan and Naina his wife and my sister.
Kunal smiled.
Kunal: she is my saali too!
Meghna smiled at him.
Ravi smiled. This was a great ice breaking session.
Ravi: well it was great meeting you guys. I guess we should move in and talk to the patient. Mrs. Naina.
Two more police men walked in after Ravi , who followed Meghna and Kunal into the room.

On the other side:
Karan released her from the hug.
Naina wiped off his tears.
Naina: now tell me.
Karan spoke: I met Ravi. He was the one who handled the case. Nidhi’s case. I don’t know.. I couldn’t handle that fact that he was unable to find out the culprit. I can’t let him handle your case Naina. He won’t find it.. nope.. he can’t.. he won’t.. I won’t let him take the case.
Naina placed her left hand on his cheek.
Naina:Karan, look into my eyes listen to me. Everyone has there own justification. Why don’t you ask him? He must have something to say..
Karan: no! I don’t want to hear!
Naina: Give him a chance Karan..
Karan nodded no looking away from her.
Naina: Karan…? Please…? For me..?
Karan stopped nodding. And he looked at her. His eyes were moist.
That’s when suddenly the door opened.
They looked towards the door.
Meghna and Kunal walked in. Ravi and two other officers walked in after them.

Karan stood up slowly to walk away. Naina held his hands and looked at him. Her eyes pleaded him to stay back. He stayed. He turned around and pulled the stool and sat on it. As Naina’s hand still held onto his wrist. He took her hands in his hand and sat there staring at it. As though he sat there in the room only to hold her hands.

Ravi came over. Karan didn’t look up at his face.
Ravi asked few questions about the incident.
Ravi: how did this happen? Was it a suicide attempt or..
he couldn’t complete any further as Karan’s angry eyes peirced through his eyes.
Naina noticed it and tightened her grip on his hand.
Naina: Sir..
Ravi: Ravi..
Naina: it wasn’t any suicide attempt.. Actually Karan was crossing the road. That’s when I saw a car speeding up towards him.. so in a hurry to save him I pushed him aside but before I could reach the other side after pushing him, the car blew me away.
Karan cast a concerned loving look on Naina.
He suddenly remembered that he was supposed to meet the nurse. He was only aware that Naina had got her right hand fractured and her head was injured too.
He wanted to walk away and bring that nurse.
That’s when suddenly the nurse burst open through the door.
Karan straightened up as though showing that he was present in the room.
The nurse spotted him and nodded.
She would talk to him later.

Ravi waited for his officer to take down the point.
Ravi: Any idea of the car no.?
Meghna: we aren’t sure of it. But wait.
She took out her phone and dialled a number
She called on the land line and put on loud speakers. She requested Nirmala to call Sakshi and Khyati.
Sakshi and Khyati came down in just a call.
Sandhya sighed and stood aside trying to hear. But when she tried she heard Meghna’s voice.. she thought that she would have to talk about Naina’s well being.She didn’t even want to hear so She was about to walk away, but that’s when she stopped dead in her steps as she heard the question. Ravi repeated the question.
Ravi: does anyone have any idea on the car no or at least the car type.. any simple clue would do.
Sakshi remembers taking a picture of the car in a hurry.
She managed to do that in a hurry but she stopped herself from saying anything. Khyati had noticed her click the picture. Khyati was about say but then she was pulled back by Sakshi.
Sakshi’s serious but plain look was understood by Khyati. Her grip on Khyati’s hand tightened So she stood still. Nirmala looked at them questioningly. They sadly nodded to a no.
Nirmala replied no through the phone. Meghna thanked her and ended the call. Sakshi watched Sandhya through the corner of her eyes and noticed her leave a sigh of relief.

Sakshi pulled Khyati’s hand and ran up the stairs.
She pulled her into her room and latched the door.
Khyati: why didn’t you tell ma?
Sakshi: because I was unable to click a pic.
It’s was soo damn blur that it made really no sense. I’m sure we couldn’t identify the car model. You know.. the name of the car and all. The picture was nothing but black.. soo.. it would be useless. Why disappoint them by giving them a hope and kill it later…
she said looking away from Khyati’s eyes, turning her back towards her.
Sorry Khyati, she mentally apologised. Something stopped her from telling the truth. Khyati walked out of the room. Sakshi took out her phone and checked it.

The latest picture taken in her phone was that of the back of a moving car. The number plate was clear. So was the model name………..

Precap: we will go and find out the cctv footage of that site, if available.
Ravi said before he walked away.
Karan: No I don’t trust that guy!
He shouted angrily.

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