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Brahmarakshas 2 21st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad proposes Chandini for marriage

Brahmarakshas 2 21st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Kalindi informing Yug that the girl said that brahmarakshas had killed a girl and kept many girls captive in the forest. The girl hears her and gets shocked, realizing Yug’s voice. She tries to hide. Kalindi and Yug come there. They couldn’t find the girl there. Kalindi says I shouldn’t have leave that girl alone, I should have been with her. yug says I will search that girl and will rescue all the girls. He calls someone. Damini appreciates the hospital staff for treating Angad. Doctor says we shall be thankful to the girl who has stopped his drip. Angad asks Nurse about the girl. Nurse says she was about to join as nurse, but didn’t join.

Iravat gets upset and asks what will happen with our tapasya, if Kalindi comes to know about us. Yug says I let her free as a free bird, wherever she goes she will return here. I have filled trust in her so much. Nurse calls on the landline number. Iravat picks the call. Nurse says a girl came from your house to the hospital, Mr. Angad wants to talk to her. Iravat says there is no girl in our house. He says your free bird gave this number. Yug says everything will be under controlled, I am brahmarakshas. Chandini thinks Angad will be very happy to see the decorations and asks Pari to fill air in the balloons fast. She says my Angad will be very happy to see this. Pari says Angad is not a small child anymore. Chandini asks her to tell how Angad will be happy. She threatens her and asks Pari to say. Pari says I will say.

Kalindi thinks of the girl and thinks she must have gone to hospital for the treatment. She comes to the hospital searching the girl. She needs head nurse’s help and asks about Priyanka. Head nurse says there is no patient with this name. She tells that she was searching her for a job opportunity and says you have to look out after the pregnant lady. Kalindi says I don’t have any training. Head nurse says she will train her and says I am sure that you will find this job good. She gives Angad’s address and asks her to go there. Kalindi thanks her.

Angad comes back home. Chandini tries to help him. Damini says leave him alone, thank god, my son is safe and perfect. Chandini asks shall I bring something for you to eat. damini says you have to follow your diet strictly. Angad says I know what to eat and what to not, and asks them t excuse him for some breathing. He comes to his room. Robin says surprise? Angad says this is so cool Robs, this decoration is for me and tells that only he takes care of his happiness. Chandini thinks her cutie smiled at last. Angad eats the food. Robin says Bhabs has planned this surprise for you. He shows him next surprise and gives him clue on the chart. Angad goes to the terrace, kitchen and other place and reach the decorated place. Chandini says I love you Angad…I love you so much. She proposes him for marriage. Angad recalls promising Kalindi. Shakti, Damini and others come there and asks Angad to reply to her. Chandini gets upset and says there is no force in love. She throws the things and the decoration lights falls on her, and she gets electrocuted. Shakti, Damini and others asks Angad to marry Kalindi. Angad says she is not Kalindi. They try to convince him.

Angad goes to Chandini and tells that he came to tell her, for what she has been waiting. He proposes her for marriage. Kalindi tells Yug and Iravat that she got work in a house and has to look after the pregnant lady. Yug asks her to go ahead and tells Iravat that if he don’t allow her then she will doubt them.

Prithvi tells that Kalindi will marry Angad now. Pari says whoever she wants to marry, is getting married and gets upset on her parents.

Sona and Chandini are happy that they are soon going to marry their prince charming. Chandini says her one work is remaining and she will soon complete it. Angad books all services in the Spa. Pari comes there and asks why is he behaving as if he is happy for the marriage. Angad asks what shall I do? Pari asks him to come. Sid refuses to wear the clothes given by Sakshi, but she asks him to wear the same clothes only. Pari makes Angad see them and says they are not soulmates. She takes him to Robin and Minty’s room and makes him see their romance. She urges him not to marry Kalindi. Minty hears her and alerts Chandini. Sona says she will not leave Pari. Chandini tells that she will not leave her. She comes to Pari and asks her to show breathe in and breathe out to her. Pari asks her to watch her and shows her. Chandini breathe in and out and breaks her room furniture. Pari says if you came to know about my plan. Chandini asks her to say what she asks her to say to Angad. Pari says ok. Angad is waiting for Pari to go with her to Hrishikesh. Yug calls Angad and asks if he will not call him for his engagement. Angad invites him with his fiancé. He thinks he won’t let Yug get Chandini as the latter is his responsibility. Pari comes to Angad and tells that they shall not go to Hrishikesh as Kalindi is a good girl and she will make hrishikesh here. Angad says I am not going anywhere. Chandini asks Pari to help them with make up. Angad asks Pari to help her. Pari asks her to tell what to do. Kalindi comes to the hospital wearing the face pack as Yug asked her not to show her face to anyone. Head nurse tells her that the girl Priyanka is found and she is in coma. Kalindi says she wants to meet her, but nurse says she is in coma. Kalindi says I will meet her after she gains consciousness. Other nurse comes there and says she will give her address of the house where she has to go. Pari does Sakshi and other sister’s make up, they shout. Yug gets ready to go to the engagement of Angad. Iravat asks whom he will take as his fiancé. Yug says he will take some random girl.

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