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UNPREDICTABLE- A Story of Two Broken Hearts (Part 1)

The scene starts from swara leaving maheshwari mansion after ragini forced her. She was moving lifelessly with tears falling from eyes. The whole maheshwari family was seeing her going with teary eyes but were helpless in front of their so called MALKIN. They were remembering the time they had spent with her. They had done so much wrong with her in past but still she stood with them in all their hardships forgetting the past. Durgaprasad Maheshwari has bowed his head down in shame. He knew whatever was happening with her is due to him. If he had not tricked her in signing the divorce papers, then she must have been pacifing Sanskar not shedding tears over her fate. As usual, ragini and her dadi were continuously nagging everyone by their ranting about swara being a fatherless and shameless girl.
RAGINI: See swara, I told u not to come back here. U r not needed here, but still u did not listen to me. Even sanskar doesn’t want you in his life. Now what else do u want? How much more do u want to get insulted? Tumne humse hamara pyar chhina tha toh tumhe tumhara kaise mil sakta hai. Ya ho sakta hai tum sirf naatak kar rhi ho hamari jagah paane ke liye.
DADI: Rehne de laado iss bangaalan ko kya pata in sab cheezon ke baare mein. Baap ka haath toh tha naa sir pe jaane kaise kaise chhoron ke sath ayashiyaan karti rehti thi wa.
ANNAPURNA: kakisa bas kijiye aap dekh nhi rahin hai uski kya haalat hai.
DADI: Annapurna ji galat kya kaha maine. Akhir ek bin baap ki aulaad se aur kya ummeed rakh sakte hain ?
SUJATA: haan haan toh aapki is poti ne baap hone ke baad bhi koun se pahaad todh liye. Khadi toh yahin pe hai besharam kahin ki. Mhari swara isse kahin guna achchi hai…
RAGINI: chachiji aap bhul rahin hain ki aap is ghar ki Malkin ke baare mein bol rahin hain. Aap sab hamaare naukar hain.
SUJATA: dekh ragini main thare ko bata rahin……..
ANNAPURNA (stopping her) : SUJATA….
SUJATA: naa jiji aaj na roko mhare ko.
ANNAPURNA: rehne do sujata is badtameez ladki ke muh lagne ki koi zaroorat nhi hai.
RAGINI: achcha hua jo aapne inhe rok diya waise bhi naukar malik se itna nhi bolte. (To swara) ab tumhaara is ghar se koi rishta nhi hai. Never try to come back here.

But swara was not at all paying attention to their talks as her mind was stuck in her Sanskar. She was just thinking about him, about how he told her to leave his life, how he told that he didn’t trust her love, that she is just acting to stay in the house to become mahaan, that she is just doing everything for her satisfaction. She went from there thinking about him and cursing her fate and everyone else stood there watching her retreating figure with tears in their eyes. They turned their heads towards ragini and dadi and saw them with hatred. But those two shameless ladies went from there giving an attitude and victorious look to everyone making them feel disgusted of them . They all also dispersed to their respective rooms after consoling themselves and each other that everything will get fine and praying for swara’s wellbeing. Amidst all this, there was someone who locked himself in his room and was sitting there devastated after saying all those harsh things to her life. Yes, it was Sanskar who went away showing that he doesn’t care and broke down in his room remembering swara’s condition.

SANSKAR: I am sorry swara. I m so sorry for saying all those things to u. But I am helpless, I am so helpless. I can’t see that ragini hurting u all. I feel so helpless seeing her misbehaving with everyone. I die every moment thinking about my condition. But now I have had enough of this nuisance (wiping his tears with a determined face). This ragini has done enough damage to my family. Now it’s the time to her hell and firstly I had to get u out of this house so that u do not hear more of her rubbish. This the only way left for me swara.(fresh tears come in his eyes) I know u are hurt but I promise once I throw this ragini out of our lives I will seek forgiveness from u and we will live together happily with everyone.
He thought this happily but forgot that sometimes the wounds on heart becomes so deep that they become difficult to heal. Even if they heal, the scars remain.
Same was the case with swara. She had heard many taunts from her childhood which had a big impact on her mind. When she united her parents, she thought that she would become free from all that but alas! life is not what we think. It can show us worst as well as the best of what we can ever think. It is UNPREDICTABLE.

Hope you all like this. You can check it out on my wattpad id also. It’s completed till chapter 14.

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