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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma, Kanak Get Caught?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak runs to bus stand to stop Shiv and asks someone if Delhi’s bus left. Man shows running bus and says it just left. Kanak runs and gets into bus and searches Shiv. Uma also enters bus and searches Saras. At home, Maasa scolds Shiv that he did wrong. Meera asks who did wrong. Maasa says she did wrong. Meera shows cigarette pack and says she found it at home, who smokes cigarette. Suman says no one. Meera says then it is her guest Kanak’s. Suman says Kanak does not smoke. Meera asks how does she know Kanak, they met just once, she hates liers. She then calls Uma, but he has left his mobile in car. Driver picks call and says sir went to Delhi via 3 p.m. bus. Meera asks if someone was with him. Driver says he did not see properly, but it must be Kanak. She

gets into car and asks driver to catch Delhi bus.

In bus, Kanak and Uma start arguing for not being responsible and letting Saras and Shiv leave house. Uma says Shiv is at home, and he came to stop Saras. Kanak says Saras is at home, and she came to stop Shiv. Passenger hears their conversation and says someone fooled them. Kanak calls Saras and asks why did she lie. Saras says Shiv is at home and they both want Uma and Kanak to solve their differences. Kanak asks conductor to stop bus. Driver says it is express bus and will stop after 1 hour near dhaba.

Meera travels in her car and thinks Uma did not accept her since 2 years no matter whatever she is trying, he is getting attracted to other woman instead.

Uma and Kanak continue their argument. Driver applies sudden brake, and Uma holds Kanak. Kanak says he was not like this before and was waiting for a chance to touch her. A set gets vacant. Uma asks her to sit. Kanak continues tongue lashing him. Two seats get vacant. They both sit, and Kanak asks why did he betray her and did not come to meet her and instead married Meera for money, he climbed success in 12 days but went far away from her. Uma reminisces Meera trapping Suman in murder case and forcing him to marry her. He just keeps silent while Kanak continues questioning her.

Meera sees bus and asks driver to overtake and stop it. Driver does same. Conductor comes out and scolds driver if he is mad, what if accident had happened. Meera asks him to vacate bus and giving him money slaps him. Kanak asks why bus is stopped. Uma sees Meera from window. All passengers come out of bus. Meera checks whole bus and does not find Uma and Kanak. Uma with Kanak hides on bus top. Kanak asks why did he bring her here via emergency exit. He asks her to wait for sometime. She sees Meera and says Meera, but Uma shuts her mouth. Meera leaves in her car. Kanak gets down and walks while bus leaves. Uma stops her. Kanak says she does not want to listen to his lie. Uma thinks if Meera knows about Kanak, she will harm Kanak, so he should keep quiet. Kanak says he misused Meera and continues…Uma stands silently.

Precap: Kanak thinks of exposing her past to Meera and sends her and Uma’s photo to Meera.

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