Sujatha was shocked to see many children
Rag:aunty Wat happened by saying she went to the main door and happy to c all of them
Children all together :Happy Birthday Didi
Rag:smiles with teary eyes. .Happily goes towards them, how u people came here
Children :all turns and points a finger
Rag smiles widely by seeing laksh over there she immediately goes towards him and hugs him tightly..
Laksh smiles Happy Birthday my dear friend
Raglak smiles
Sanskar who saw this gave them a irritated look and silently leaves to his room

Balu :(to Sujatha) every year ragu goes to orphanage on her birthday date and use to Spent time with them.. These children are belong to that orphanage, I think that’s y he brought them, laksh understand her very well..im very happy
Sujatha in mind I thought Ragini should be my daughter in law but god has written something else
She saw Ragini chatting and smiling with children and laksh and forgot herself
Suja in mind I never seen her glowing face like this ever, I think only laksh can make her happy. Even though I felt bad today as I’m not getting her as my bahu but I’m very happy ragu

Her thoughts get disturbed by Ragini
Rag:they r
Suj:balu told
Rag smiles
Laksh:k now it’s time for celebration
rag cuts the two cakes(which balu has made for her and also one which is bought by Laksh)and feeds them happily
A layer of tears formed in her eyes by thinking of her father but composes by seeing their love
All children plays with Ragini
After few minutes
Laksh:k children it’s time to leave
All pouts
Rag smiles and kisses them individually and bid bye to them
Laksh:do u like my surprise ragu
Rag :with moist eyes thank you laksh.. Do u know how much happy I’m, I never forget this birthday in my life time.
Laksh :if u cry like this then I won’t talk to you
Rag:nods and hugs him
Sujatha and balu saw this and admire their bond
After few minutes
Rag:aunty where is sanskar? (hesitantly)
Balu:he went to his room as he got important call (sanskar lied to balu)
Rag:aunty I will go and give this cake to him
@sanskar room
San:who is angrily sitting on the bed and after hearing her voice got very much angry and annoyed too With almost hatred “wat”?
Rag:scares stammers ca cak cake
San:just get out from my room, how many times I should tell you not to enter into my room.. And I don’t want this stupid cake.. Just get lost (he pours all his anger on her)
Rag:sry by saying she came out of the room and cries badly by reminding his behavior

After few days
Sanskar came to meet his best friend in his company
San:k tell, since yesterday u r nagging me ?Wat happened
Arjun:im in love
San:widened Wat how
Arjun:blushes,,actually she is my PA. she is joined a few weeks before only but her nature, her sincerity her character her beauty and everything I started to fall for her
San was smiling by his words
It was disturbed by a door knock
Arjun :com in
Pa:sir u have meeting within 20 minutes
Arjun:o thanks Ragini I totally forgot about it
San was shocked to see Ragini over there(guys sanskar know she is working but he doesn’t know he is working in his friend company)
Rag:excited to see sanskar there
Arjun:sanskar do u know her
Before sanskar could tell, Ragini cuts him by saying my pappa worked in their company sir, that’s y
San was shocked hurt and got angry by her words
Arjun :k
Rag leaves
San was not getting anything Wat has happened
Arjun:she is that girl
Arjun:i told na my love ,I’m going to propose her tmrw, if she accepts I will gift her this flat by saying he shows a key towards him
San nods :i have to leave now by saying he starts to move
He saw Ragini in the reception
San:shows his palm with disgusting look, just go away
Rag looks at him with hurt ,guilt
Before 3 days
Ragarjun goes to restaurant for the company meeting, there she saw Ram who also came for his official issue
Rag smiles and goes towards him
Rag:hi uncle
Rag:acctually I Cam for meeting with my boss
Ram nods
When other person came towards them and ask abt Ragini to Ram, Ram told that she is his servant daughter
Rag :is shattered and composes and nods to them and went to restroom and burst into tears

Rag with teary eyes I can’t able to hear those words from ur mouth sanskar, I didn’t have that much strength

After a day
Balu:r u sure ragu
Rag:yes balu v should leave this home ,my boss has given free accommodation for us, v will go and stay there
Balu:but beta
Rag:plz balu try to understand ..pack everything
Balu nods and went
Fb shown
Suj:how can I tell her to go Ram ?she is daughter in law, my brother’s daughter
Ram:y don’t u understand? I’m searching bride for our son, if she stays how v will get a good bahu, Wat did u tell to people when they ask who is she?
Sir starts yelling at him
BOther started fighting
Rag who hears their conversation was shattered to the core
Rag:aunty uncle
Both turns and shocked to see her
RAg:aunty whatever uncle’s says is right only,u don’t worry in fact how many days I can stay here, and in my office itself they are giving accommodation and I will go there.u don’t wry abt me.. She turns to leave and again came to them and joined her hand thank u for helping me in my poor times
Suj cries
Fb ends
Rag:i should tell that I’m leaving to sanskar because already he is angry on me.. At least one last time I should see him
@sanskar room
San:looks at her
Rag:tells him abt her leaving and going to stay in office ‘S accommodation
San got very much angry Seriously I never seen a girl like you, already u have laksh but came here to trap Me but when u got Better than me, u r leaving here to start ur life with Arjun
Rag :sanskar Wat r u saying
San:dont act, I never seen a girl like you,, u can go to any extent to get money, such a characterless girl
Rag angrily sanskar
She cries and composes, she left a breath to lighten her heart
Yes sanskar whatever you said is right, I’m a characterless girl, I can do anything for money, and I have Many boys in my list, do u have any problem in it,, it’s my life, who gave the rights to u to comment on my life? U always say this words to me but now I’m saying to u
With teary eyes just go away from me, just go. Away by saying she rushes to her room and throw herself on the bed and cries badly and took the photo frame from under her pillow and holds it and weeps

It’s 12 yr old boy photo, none other than
Rag:she looks at him emotionally I hate u I hate u sanskar she cries by holding it near her heart

Hope u like it
Guys ur comments shocked me, I already told that I’m going to give 3 shot ff, is this love is 3 shot ff ononlyif u want any of the story to extend plz tell to me before itself then only I can try
I will provide epilogue for is this love, don’t worry

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