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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 1


  1. A big mansion is shown, a girl is sitting in front of the mirror. She is wearing a red net chudi. She is combing her silky smooth hair and twisted both the sides of her hairs from the hairline and clipped it. She wears a locket and small silver jumkhs in her ears and a steel watch. She placed a silver glittering bindhi between her eyebrows. Her face is revealed to be RAGINI………                                                         
    Ragini goes down stairs.                                     
    RAGINI: Ma, where is swara?                             
    SHOMI: Swara has gone to her music academy.                                                                 
    RAGINI: What in this early morning she has gone? unbelievable.                                               
    SHOMI: Ha I know.                                                 
    SHEKHAR: Looks like someone has forget me?                                                                           
    RAGINI: Now who will forget this naughty papa ah?                                                                 
    SHEKHAR: It’s okay (pouting) .                             
    Everyone laughs……….

IN  ANOTHER MANSION:                                       
A boy comes running from his room towards the exit door. He was wearing a formal suit. He had coolers in his hand. He is totally rushing but got stopped by a voice.                     
VOICE: Laksh beta! Where r u going before that come have your breakfast.                           
LAKSH: No, ramu Kaka I’m already getting late. I have promised that bandariya to attend her concert and I have to meet Bhai!                   
KAKA: But eat and go beta!                                 
LAKSH: Don’t worry Kaka suju mom will give me breakfast k bye Kaka!…….. Saying this he left in his car to attend the concert first…….

PRECAP : Swara’s and Sanskar’s entry

So as promised I have posted it as soon as I can. Now drop down your valuable comments. Swasan entry will be given in next chapter…     
See you all soon in next chapter.

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