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Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-14

Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-13

Ragini calls sanskar who was passing through her desk in office..
Sanskar turns smiling…
Sanskar:kya dear..missing me
Ragini:give my ring sanskar..
Sanskar:which ring
Ragini:dont act..give.. that was important to me..
Sanskar( clenched his fist but controlled himself):no need to give that much importance to that..
Ragini:i dont want to argue with u..give
He takes ring from his pocket..
Ragini forwarded her hand to take..sanskar holds her hand..ragini looks at him before she could speak,He makes her wear ring…Ragini widened her eyes…
Sanskar:i bought it for u..how was it..
Ragini:what u did sanskar..where is my ring..
Sanskar:it was in correct place..
Ragini looks at him angrily..nd tries to remove ring..
Sanskar:it wont come..dont try..ur finger will get hurt..
Ragini(still trying to remove):i dont care..i dont want this ring on my finger..
Sanskar(gritted his teeth):stop it ragini..im telling u na..dont take..(he said angrily)
Ragini looks at him annoyed nd leaves helpless ignoring sanskar who was calling her…
Janki gave saree to ragini nd asks her to wear..
Ragini:kyun maa
Janki:some puja is there in temple..u nd sravan must attend this..
Ragini:maa..no need of all these..
Janki:i knw u wont believe all these but do for me..u both will get all happiness…
Ragini face fell..
Janki:i told to sravan already, he said he will directly come to temple…go nd get ready fast…
Ragini nodded helpless…
Sanskar,who got to knw ragini whereabouts came to temple..he sees ragini who stand there lost in her thoughts,wearing yellow color saree with open hair..he was awestruck seeing ragini in saree..he have never seen her in saree..he again fell in love with her beauty seeing her like this…he walks towards her being lost..Ragini turns sensing someone presence at her back..she sees sanskar who looks at her with his intense eyes…
Sanskar:u r looking damm gorgeous
Ragini:y are u here
Sanskar:y didnt u wear saree when u are with me..
Ragini:im asking y r u here
Sanskar:u r driving me crazy..
Ragini:stop it sanskar..tell y did u came here..
Sanskar:u r here na..so im here
Ragini gives a irritated look..
Sanskar:i heard some puja is there.. come we will do together..
Ragini:how do u know that im here
Sanskar:my heart told
Sanskar:haan it was with u naa
Ragini looked at him frowning..
she got sravan call..
Ragini:haan sravan where are u..
Sravan:im in office
Sravan:haan..when i was in the way of temple..some one called nd told some shit..i had to come office..but nothing is there..all fine..i dont knw who did like that…leave it..i will be there soon…bye
Ragini cutted the call..
Ragini(looking at sanskar):was it u
Ragini:u only divert sravan na
Sanskar laughs
Ragini gives a unbelievable look..
Sanskar:everything is fair in love..
Pandit:beta come..its time for puja..
before ragini could speak..sanskar hold her hand nd takes along with him into temple..
Ragini:sanskar what are u doing..
Sanskar:what will we do pandit ji
Pandit:u both grrom nd bride only nahhh
Ragini:vo..pandit ji
Sanskar(cutted):keep quite
Pandit:u both sit
Sanskar:come baby
Ragini:sanskar this is temple dont do any drama..
Sanskar sat nd pulls ragini into his lap..
Pandit widened his eyes..
Ragini:sanskar plzz
Pandit:whats going on..
Sanskar:its non of ur business chup chap chant mantras..(he warned him)
Ragini pushed sanskar..she got up angrily nd walks out of temple followed by sanskar..
Sanskar:ragini wait
Ragini:im fed up sanksar..why are u behaving like insane..
Sanskar:i need u ragini
Ragini:but i dont need u sanskar
Sanskar looks at her painfully
Ragini:plzz go awy from my life sanskar
Sanskar:never ragini
Ragini:fine..then i will go away from u…no..no..not from u.. all..i will die sanskar..then i will get some peace atleast
Sanskar (pulls her close holding her hair nd looks at her with blood shot eyes):dare u
Ragini(pushed him):it will happen if u do like this sanskar..try to understand..i cant come back to u…so plz leave me…
she folded her hands..
Sanskar stood with teary eyes..
Ragini(cries):plz sanskar go awy from my life..plzz..
Sanskar:once chance ragini
Sanskar:ok..atleast will u spend one day with me..
Ragini:sanskar plzz ,dont plan anything crazy..
Sanskar:no ragini i promice i wont do anything..just i wanna spend one day with u..
Ragini:fine..but after that u should not show ur face again..
Sanskar stood numb..
Sanskar nodded disheartened..
Ragini:ok..i will come with u tomorrow
Sanskar:i will pick u..
sanskar:can i drop u
Ragini:no..i will go myself..
saying she goes leaving heart breaking sanskar…
She sat into her car nd cries…
[Shekhar:raagu..u r happy na..
Ragini:yes dad(she said smiling fakely)
Shekhar:i knw u r not loving sravan..but i hope u will like him after getting married…
Ragini nodded faintly
Shekhar:since childhood we gave whatever u want,we never said no to anything was it bad or good…once we lost our daughter..i dont want again loose u..your happinesss only our happiness..
Ragini:i knw dad
Shekhar:u promice me that u marry sravan..u keep that promise naa..u wont brk naa
Ragini(helpless):no dad..
Shekhar:then no need of this naa(he took sanskar photo from her cupboard)
Ragini(controlling her sob):no dad
Shekhar tore the photo..ragini closed her eyes..
shekhar:ur bad days gone beta..hope u will get all happiness..
he kissed ragini forehead nd leaves..
Ragini collapsed on floor crying..
]Fb ends..
Ragini gets a sravan call..she wiped her tears..
SRavan:hello ragini i will be late..i stuck in traffic
Ragini:vo..sravan gohome..actually i had headache im going to home
Ragini:pls sravan
Sravan nodded..
Ragini throws her mbl feeling helpless..
Sanskr picks ragini nd takes her to one park..both sat..sanskar stares at her while ragini looking away..
Sanskar:do u remember ragini..we had our first kiss here..
Ragini kept quite but she recalling that only..
Sanskar:ragini look at me
Ragini didnt turn..
Sanskar makes her turn holding her chin..ragini jerks nd stood up..
Sanskar feels bad…
later sanskar took her to all places where they had special moments when they are in love….Ragini trying to not feel weak…
Sanskar took ragini to his home…
Ragini:sanskar y did u took me here..
Sanskar:today is mine..no questions..
Ragini nodded..
Both came inside ..ragini recalls when she came here first time after leaving her parents nd how much happy she was at that time..
Sanskar:can u make coffee for me
Ragini:what are u trying to proove sanskar
Sanskar:i jst asked coffe ragini..plzzz..
Ragini goes to kitchen..sanskar comes behind her..Ragini looks around nd remembers when sanskar helped ragini in kitchen..their romantic moments in kitchen..she closed her eyes nd composed herself..sanskar jst stares at her..
She made coffee nd gives to sanskar..
Sanskar:will u share coffee with me
Ragini:i said no
Sanskar face fell..ragini could not able to see his face..
Ragini grabs d coffee mug frm him nd took two sips nd gave it to him..sanksar smiles nd drinks his coffee..
next both goes to their bedroom..all trheir romantic moments flashed infront of her eyes..tears form in ner eyes..but she immediately wiped those tears nd consoled herself mentally…
she looks around room which was looking mess with ragini cloths nd photos..
Ragini:sorry i forgot to take my things..i will take now
Sanskar:no ragini atleast let me live with these..after u went i saw u in these things only..dont take my memories away from me..
Ragini looks at him painfully…
Sanskar:u stay here ..i will prepare dinner for u..
Ragini:no need sanskar..
Ragini nodded..her goes..she sat on bed nd recalls today moments..today she saw different sanskar who was caring ,sweet nd understanding..this makes her more wk…
Sanskar came with her fav food, he supposed to feed her ragini stopped him nd ate by herself…our helpless sankar stood sad.
Ragini:still u hav 15min sanskar
Sanskar:can u dance with me
Sanskar:i want to do dance with u..
Before ragini could deny sanskar holds her hand..ragini could not deny seeing his eyes..

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Ragini holding her tears…

Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi dua mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Ragini tries to go but sanskar pulls her close nd dancing with her romantically…
Both are dancing slowly remembering all their moments…
Song stopped,sanskar gently pulled her into his embrace nd hugs her…Ragini placed her head on his heart with her closed eyes…both stayed like that for some time being lost in themselves..
Sanskar:i love u ragini..
Ragini(came to sense nd brk d hug):ur time got over sanskar..i should leave..(she said so much difficulty)
Sanskar looks at her painfully..
Ragini turns to go..
Sanskar(holds her hand):cant u give one chance..
Ragini:leave sanskar..i have to go..
Sanskar looks at her with moist eyes..ragini looks away, could not able to meet his eyes..
Ragini:hope this was our last meeting…
tears rolling down on sanskar cheeks…
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:do u knw..when i told to sravan that im going with u…neighter he ask anything nor he said no..he smiles nd said go..he have trust on me sanskar that i wont do anything wrong…but y u didnt hav trust me that time sanskar..Tell me one thing sanskar..if u wr in his place..would u send me like this..never..he sent me..bcz he had trust on me..
Sanskar:u r mistaken me ragini….i behaved with u like that..it doesn’t mean i haven’t trust on u..it was my love for u.my possessiveness for u..i dont knw myself what i do when i got angry..u knw na..
Ragini:haan sanskar im scared by this only..u dont knw what u r saying/doing being angry..
Sanskar:i will control my anger ragini..will u comeback
Ragini:bye sanskar(she turns to go)
Sanskar:give 1 min
Ragini turns..Sanskar hugs her tight ragini couldn’t resist..
Sanskar brk d hug nd kissed her forehead with so much of love…
Ragini walks out..sanskar collapsed on floor..

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