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Ikyawann 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya impresses everyone

Ikyawann 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Leela asking girls to get anything equal to Satya in weight. The girls run to get things. Everyone smiles. Susheel thanks Satya for agreeing to her and going for interview. He says you should thank me to sit here to find a perfect girl for your brother. Leela says Satya doesn’t need to ruin his life for Susheel, he won’t do any job. A girl gets jewelry to say its most valuable. Susheel asks will you compare your would be husband with jewelry. Satya thinks of Leela’s words.

Leela says Susheel is right, you may go. Another girl gets a chair and says nothing will be important than head of the family. Sejal laughs and says its Jhanno’s chair. Leela says yes, you may also leave. Susheel says the girl doesn’t know about the chair, she can stay back, she is right, family’s

head is most imp. Another girl says food is imp, when family is fit, then everything is hit. Susheel likes her thinking and says I like both of them. Leela says where is the fourth girl. Susheel says lets introduce the girls to Shivam. Leela says yes, we found a nice girl for him. She thinks to keep them bus till fourth girl comes. She dances and pulls Susheel’s mangalsutra. Susheel catches it and gets sad. Kaki taunts Susheel. Sejal says Susheel has learnt everything. Kali says she will learn like we are learning. Some men bring a big parcel for Satya. Susheel ties the mangalsutra to her wrist. Satya says I have ordered this, its new cupboard for Susheel. She gets glad and asks for me. Sejal says what a boring gift, so unromantic. Someone knocks from the cupboard. They all get puzzled. The men open the cupboard. A pretty girls comes out smiling. Leela and everyone get shocked. Leela gets impressed by her entry and smiles. Kaki says a girl…..

The girl comes to them and smiles. Leela says Sejal is gift, this is Satya’s gift for Susheel, she is Soumya…. the fourth girl, I have chosen her to make her bahu. Susheel asks how did you come inside the cupboard. Soumya says my car broke down, I met these girls and thought to make a different entry. Leela says amazing. Kaki says she is smart. Soumya touches Leela’s feet and apologizes. She impresses Leela. She touches Susheel’s feet. Susheel says I didn’t become your bhabhi yet. Soumya asks will you bless me if I pass all tests. Susheel nods. Leela sees Satya seeing Soumya.

Soumya asks what will be my first test, what shall I do to become your bhabhi. Susheel tells her the test. Soumya looks around. She goes to the temple and prays. Satya sits in the scale. Soumya smiles seeing him. She comes back and sits in the other scale, making both the scales equal. Susheel looks on. Soumya says if he is the most imp thing, then I m the second imp thing, if husband is imp, why would wife be unimportant, its matter of equality. Susheel smiles and says very good answer. They shake hands. Satya leaves. Satya’s hand touches Soumya’s hand. He says sorry, it was unintentional. He goes. She smiles. Susheel says I like these three girls. Leela thinks to make Susheel select the girl of her choice.

Susheel says you promised to find the best girl. Satya stops and comes back. He asks what’s the most imp thing to sustain a marriage. Leela says great Satya, that’s a brilliant question, that’s the question for you all. A girl says kundlis should match. Susheel says its like blind faith. Another girl says I think financial security is most imp. Soumya says no, for my marriage, most imp thing is Satya. They all get shocked. Sejal asks Satya. Susheel asks what do you mean. Soumya says I mean truth, a marriage can’t sustain without truth. Leela whistles and says great, wow, you have won my heart. Susheel smiles. Soumya says its difficult to accept truth, its a task to accept it on daily basis, accomplishing this task is a big challenge, kundli is just an excuse to match two people, money doesn’t sustain by money, love is very imp. She smiles seeing Satya and says love is very imp for a successful marriage, this is the truth of my life and marriage.

Satya helps Soumya. She smiles. Leela says its time for Satya to get married with this beautiful girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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