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Bepannaah 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya and Aditya head for Mumbai

Bepannaah 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Aditya calling Zoya a fool! You deserve this! Zoya slaps him and is shocked. Aditya tells her to go ahead. Are you happy now? Aditya’s family takes him away while he says this is what he desrerves. Zoya’s family rushes to her side.

Everyone is trying to calm Aditya who keeps blaming / cursing himself. Mr. Huda asks them what happened. Aditya asks Mr. Huda if he did not get to that someone died.

Zoya is about to sign on the form against Yash’s family but Yash’s sister (Mahi) snatches it from her. We are his family. Don’t you dare touch this form! You snatched him while he was alive and see what happened! Yash’s mother rues that they tried to keep Yash away from Zoya but he called her his life. You took his life! Zoya’s mother requests her not to blame her daughter

in this circumstance atleast. Look at her! Yash’s sister asks her if she has seen her mother. Yash was her only son whom your daughter snatched! Your daughter’s eyes are dry. Mascara must be waterproof. This is what she used to do with his money. Wasim tells them to stop it. we are quiet as we know how to behave around people otherwise we also know how to respond. You and I are different that we take care of etiquettes and surroundings unlike you. He tells Zoya to let them complete the formalities. You wont stay with them anymore. Mahi tells Zoya to go with her father. You always kept comparing Bhaiya to Abbu. Thanks to you, we lost him today! we will take him with us to Mumbai now and wont let him go with you! She walks away. Zoya’s parents take her with them.

Aditya refuses to act. I wont go anywhere with Pooja. His mother insists it is tradition but Aditya stays put. His mother tells him to speak slowly. Aditya is upset that she is concerned about others again. You bear everything quietly which does not mean I will do the same! She requests him not to speak like this about the one who is no more. Bid her adieu in a respectful manner. Aditya’s eyes well up. I should care about her respect even when she is gone whereas she was playing with mine while alive. She dint even think once about me. I am not just his friend but husband too! What will happen to me? I will break down. I wont trust anyone ever again. His mother tries to make him understand but Aditya’s brother requests her not to force Aditya.

Mr. Huda asks his son about the arrangements (flowers, garland, what kind of frame they will have). Aditya’s brother nods. Can we not call a little less number of people? Mr. Huda says they will come automatically. He asks Aditya to come. Aditya repeats he isn’t a part of this drama. I wont go anywhere with Pooja. He goes.

Yash’s family cries seeing Yash’s dead body. Zoya tries to go to Yash but Mahi blocks her way. Your relation with Yash is over. You are dead for us too! Get lost. Zoya begs them not to separate her from her husband but in vain. Yash’s family takes Yash’s body with them. Zoya’s mother holds Zoya who keeps mumbling not to take Yash away from her. wasim looks on. Noor asks him till when he will hide his pain by staying far from Appi (Zoya). I know you cannot see her in pain. Wasim leaves from there without saying anything.

Aditya says Pooja went away from me herself. Why do you insist that I come along? I have no relation with her. His mother tells him against it. Year old relations don’t break like that. You are her husband. You have to do her last rites. You both took wedding vows to promise them forever. Aditya gets sad. Two people take vows whereas only one follows them. Aditya’s brother also seconds his mother. Aditya asks him to understand. I cannot see her like this. How will I travel all the way? It’s a long journey. He walks away teary eyed. Aditya’s brother offers to book Aditya’s flight for tomorrow. Mr. Huda asks him to forward the ticket to him.

Zoya’s mother goes to bring her husband. She makes Zoya sit on the bench. Don’t go anywhere.

Aditya sees his family leaving with Pooja’s dead body. You went away from me long back then why does it pain so much. I wont be able to bear this last journey with you. I hate you but this love keeps coming in between.

Zoya looks at Yash’s photo. We got separated on our anniversary in a way that we wont be able to meet ever again. I tried a lot to stop Mahi but she took you with her. Past memories flash before Aditya and Zoya’s eyes.

Wasim asks Noor to bring his wife and Zoya. Zoya collides with someone and Yash’s belongings fall down in the process. Aditya steps over Yash’s glasses by mistake. He says sorry but she questions him how dare he break Yash’s glasses. They sit down to gather it. Aditya says what breaks cannot be united ever again. it just broke into pieces today. we don’t know when it really broke! She shouts in shock as he stomps over the glasses crushing them completely.

Zoya comes to her parent’s house. Wasim tells everyone not to utter Yash’s name after today. Our daughter made one mistake which is why she met this fate. It might be God’s will. We should try to forget it. His wife asks him if he realises what he is saying. Zoya just became a widow. You know how much she loved him yet you are telling her to forget Yash thinking him to be a bad dream. Is it easy? Wasim says we must try / start though or will Zoya can stay stuck with that cheater Yash’s memories. I wont let it happen. Dint you see how Yash’s family behaved with her? they dint let her be a part of Yash’s last rites. They are as dead for us as she is for them. Yash Arora’s chapter is closed after today! Zoya demands to go to her home. Yash must be waiting for me. it is our anniversary tonight. Wasim’s words don’t even ring a bell in her ears as she walks out in a trance. He asks his wife to stop Zoya but she tells him to let Zoya go. She must walk on the path chosen by God.

Zoya starts running.

Aditya and Zoya are walking absentmindedly. Zoya reaches home. Aditya and Zoya think of the past times spent with their partners. Zoya imagines Yash wiping her tears. She extends her hand to touch him when she is distracted by a sound. She turns in opposite direction but Yash disappears. She begins to cry. On the other hand, Aditya is drinking. He imagines him and Pooja in all the couples passing by from there.

Aditya hears the sound of the gong and realises it is 0000 hours (Pooja’s birthday). He drops the bottle in shock and looks at his watch. Pooja’s words echo in his head. Happy Birthday Pooja! You said we will celebrate your birthday together but you are a cheater. I am not a cheater though! We will celebrate it together.

Zoya takes out her anniversary cake and lights a candle. She blows it with Yash (her imagination).

Aditya also lights some matches on a bun and wishes Happy Birthday Cheater (Pooja). He comes inside a church. These are the last tears that I am shedding for Pooja today. I wont cry for her after today! You (Christ) look dim too (because of light). I don’t want anything from you. I did not come to ask anything. Don’t do anything. I only want a place to sleep. Will I get one or you will snatch it too? Don’t think it to be a favour. Think it to be a loan. I pay back people in a similar manner. Don’t do anything else. He lies down on one of the bench.

Zoya lights all the candles in the church. I took the most difficult decision of my life 5 years ago by going against my family. I decided to marry Yash. I came to seek your help and you encouraged me to listen to my heart. The path shown by you cannot be wrong. My Yash cannot be wrong. She wipes her tears. I have come to take another decision today. I am going to Mumbai to my Yash. You have always held my hand. I am sure you will hold my hand today too and will guide me again. Aditya covers his face to block the light while Zoya prays. Title song plays in the background. Aditya wakes up and says Pooja let me sleep. He realises where he is and goes quiet. Zoya has left by then. Aditya too leaves from there.

Mr. Huda comes to Aditya’s room to find something. Where did it go? Scene shifts to the lake where Pooja’s diary is floating.

Noor says do you remember how we had to take trains as you were afraid of flights. Zoya says I am still scared but take care of Ammi and Abbu. Noor assures her she will manage them. Zoya leaves for airport.

Zoya hesitantly takes her seat. A guy is sleeping in the middle and his face is covered with a jacket. Zoya sits on the window side. She panics as the flight begins to take off. She recalls how she had panicked when she was going with Yash on her honeymoon. He tries to calm her. We wont take any other flight again in future but they would have to take one from Paris to be home. What if I was a pilot? She outright tells him she wouldn’t have loved him then. I cannot love those who love heights. He makes her hold his hand. Flashback ends. Zoya holds Aditya’s hand and prays to God to help her. He removes his jacket and looks at her. He gets angry. You? She looks at him in shock. Flight takes off and she does not even realise.

Precap: Aditya does the last rites of Pooja (and Yash). He remarks that they are lucky to be burnt together. Zoya cries watching them from a distance. Aditya later tells Zoya her husband was a poor guy. It must be Pooja who was at fault. He wouldn’t have found you that hot and had to look out for options right?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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