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A Devil In Disguise Of An Angel – One Shot

Hey guys, missed me? 😀😀😀 I came with an OS today. I know the next chapter of unwritten love of destiny is due but I haven’t finished it yet.

Srija, Swetha, Risu, Samidha, Dhruti, Aafiya, Anu, Pooja, Vanu, Amnaa, Sana, Anee and new silent reader… Isha, thank you so much for commenting on my previous chapter of unwritten love of destiny and I’m so sorry for not replying to your comments 😌😌😌.

So let’s go to the OS today.


It’s late. I’m waiting for him to come home. It must be a tiring day today. He said he had a very important meeting today. Well, good thing I made his favourites for dinner. He just love it whenever I made his favourite food when he came home after a tiresome day. And I just love to see his content smile when he eat them 😀😀😀.

“Ding dong 🔔🔔🔔”

“He’s home!” Giggling to myself, I ran to open the door almost knocking over a table. I can’t believe how excited I’m to see him. I know it’s just been a day but can you blame me? It’s my day off and I miss my husband!! I opened the door with a bright smile. He look so tired but my god!!! Even if he was tired, he is so damn HOT!!! Just look at him!! His coat over his arm, shirt untuck and tie is loosened with top two three buttons of his shirt undone 😍😍😍. What? Don’t look at me like that! He’s MY husband and I can admire what’s mine 😏😏😏.

His tired face eased in to a gorgeous smile. As soon as I took his coat from his hand, he scooped me up in his arms making me giggle. Kicking the door behind him, he carried me inside and sat on the sofa with me on his lap.

“Tired day?” I asked removing his tie completely, massaging his shoulders. He’s getting relaxed at my gentle touch. “Hmm…. I missed you”.

Aww… He’s so cute! “I missed you too!” I said touching my forehead with his.

Snaking his arms around my waist he stealthily got me caged to him. “Well then, won’t I get a welcome home kiss?” 😏😏😏


“What? I know… you don’t love me right? That’s why you’re refusing me!” He was pouting sadly.

“And here I thought I’m the drama queen 😂😂😂”

“Very funny!”

“So you think I don’t love you? (He nods) and of I give you a kiss, I love you? (He nods again) alright then…” I kissed his cheek lightly knowing that he will get annoyed.

“Not like that Sanchi..!”

Yep! He’s annoyed. “Then what?” I was acting innocent.

“Oh really? Now you want me to teach you how to kiss? 😏😏😏 No problem sweetheart, I’m sure I’ll enjoy teaching you 😏😏😏” he gave a playful smirk and leaned closer to me. My eyes fluttered close as his lips touched mine. I was running my fingers through his soft hair to pull him more closer to me and-


“Wha-what’s going on? Where’s the fire?”

“Abae ooo maharaani… woh teri alarm tha. Koi fire alarm nahi tha. Ab utt!” A voice of a girl answered my stupid question.

“That was my alarm? Oh god!! This alarm is my enemy! Everyday it rings on the best part of my dream!! 😣😣😣” I couldn’t believe I was dreaming. It felt so real…

“Dream? What dream? The one with your hot boss? Isha…. She had another dream!”

“Shut up Pragya!” I threw a pillow at Pragya. I share an apartment with my two besties, Pragya and Isha. And sometimes I wonder how they became my friends. And by sometimes, I mean situations like this.

“Oh ho! So what did you dream this time? Did he took you out on a romantic date like yesterday? Or did he caught you when you were going to fall and had an eye lock like the day before yesterday? Or… did he kiss you?” Isha asked teasingly.

I just couldn’t say her that I saw him kissing me! No way, I’m not gonna tell them! I just covered my face with my hands to avoid them and that’s when I realized, wrong move!!

“So he kissed you?” Both exclaimed at once.

See what I mean? They always tease me like this. “Stop it yaar! You two are so mean 😣😣😣” I covered my face with a pillow but Pragya reminded me of the time.

“Abae ooo! Jaldi tyyar ho jao! You’re already late to work, it’s 7.15!”

Oh shoot, I’m late. I jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. I got ready quickly and grabbed a sandwich Isha had made for breakfast.

“Be careful Sanchi, I know you’re so eager to see your hottie boss but take care of yourself!!” Isha yelled after me.

I took the bus and luckily I got a seat. Eager to see my hottie boss? More like eager to go to work without getting late and not facing his wrath. The simple thought of getting late had me shuddering. Anyone might wonder why am I so scared to go to work late. It’s not like I’m always late but the thing is my boss hate tardiness. He wants everything to be perfect. If something isn’t the way he want it, he’ll turn the life of who caused it in to hell until he get it the way he want. Maybe it’s because of his ruthlessness that got him to such a position in the field.

You must be wondering why my stupid friends related him to my dream. Well actually, that’s because of he is that guy in my dream. Kabir Kapoor, the youngest and the most talented businessman in India as well as the most eligible bachelor, many girls are after. Okay I’m getting jealous on that part!! When I first went to the interview as his PA, I was dead scared of him. Who wouldn’t be, after hearing so many stories about him? I only applied for the job because his company is the best. I stepped in to his office for the first time and all I saw was a man sitting behind a desk, his face covered with a file. Hearing my presence, he kept his file aside and signed me to sit, not before throwing me a glance like he’s analysing me. It was like he’s taking my x-ray! I was too busy staring back at him to notice what he was saying but quickly regained my composure without embarrassing myself. As he went through my file with a frown, I couldn’t help but to notice the appearance of the person before me. I heard that was around 30, 31 but doesn’t look more than 27. He suddenly looked up at me and caught me staring. Not knowing what to do, I greeted him with a small smile. He seems to be surprise at my gesture. I think he was expecting me to be scared of him like the other candidates he had interviewed. I was scared of him too. But there’s no way I’ll let him see that! Then out of the blue, he said, “You got the job”.

I probably had my mouth open at his words. “I beg your pardon?” I tried my best not to stammer like a fool and kept my voice even.

“You got the job Ms. Mishra, congratulations!”

“I got the job? But sir-”

“Yeah I didn’t ask a single question from you. I’ll tell you one thing Ms. Mishra, I’m good at observing people and analysing their behaviour. You’ve got confidence. Each and every person came through that door before you was afraid of me and what I’d say. But you didn’t let your fear out. You covered it pretty well and act like you don’t care whatever the hell I’d say. That confidence is something I like in people. And when you’re going to work as my PA, you’re definitely gonna need that confidence. I’ll be honest with you, I’m a very difficult person to work with. So you have to bare my moods and sometimes rude behaviour. If you were a scardy cat, you can’t have this job. So what do you say Ms. Mishra? Do you accept this job?”

“It would be my pleasure” I was grinning ear to ear 😁😁😁 as I shook hands with him

Ah!! How happy I was to get the job that day 😁😁😁. That memory still manage to make me grin. It didn’t took me many day to realize what he meant by he’s a difficult person to work. He said he’s rude sometimes but I realized he’s rude ALL the time. He don’t talk much other than business and I dont bother him too. Though he was good looking, he’s a devil in disguise of an angel.

But little by little my opinion on him started to change. It’s the little things he does that change my opinion. Once when we were working till late, he got me a coffee. I kno™w it should be the other way around. I’m the one who should get him a coffee. After all what are PAs for? But he got me a coffee himself and sat on the side of my desk with his own coffee mug in his hand. Surprisingly he started a light conversation and we kept talking. He told me that he had a brother who’s still in college. I told him that I’m living with my friends coz my parents are in the village. From then on I saw his nice side. And now, it’s close to an year since I started to work for him. Ah look at that! We have came to my bus stop when I was recalling the past year.

I got down and walked to the huge building I work. It doesn’t have much distance from the bus stop. Just a five minutes walk. I greeted the people I see on my way to the elevator. The elevator took me to the top floor of the building, 52nd floor, which was my floor coz I’m working with my boss in his own office.

I entered glancing my watch which said I have 10 more minutes till he grace this place with his presence 😒😒😒. Yeah I’m being sarcastic so what? It’s just I have this major crush on my boss. Oh please don’t give me that look! Alright, fine!! I love him!! I have fallen in love with him but he doesn’t have a clue about it. And I plan to keep it that way. Who am I compared to him? I’m just an average girl he doesn’t even spare a second glance at. I’ll just live the rest of my life suppressing my unrequited love in my heart 😌😌😌. Okay that was too dramatic. I’ll probably move on. I can’t live the rest of my life thinking about a man that won’t be mine 😭😭😭.

Aaaaand here comes the boss with a full boss attitude. Wow 😍😍😍 he looks amazing today, in my favourite navy blue suit. The same suit he was wearing in my dream. What a coincidence? Of course I haven’t told him it’s my favourite suit. He’d think I’m weird. But damn! He look so hot!! That guy could make the colour pink look good on him. No I’m not joking! Even pink looks so hot when he’s wearing pink. Light shades of pink okay? NOT hot pink. That would look totally weird 😂😂😂.

“Good morning Mr. Kapoor!”

“Good morning Sanchi…”

Ah I just love the way he say my name. Stop it Sanchi! “How’s Mrs. Kapoor, by the way?”

“Mom’s fine. She seems to like you. She always ask about you since she saw you for the first time last week. Honestly, now she’s irritating me!”

“Hahaha 😂😂😂 I didn’t know she liked me. I thought she’d tell you to fire me by the look she gave me!”

“Yeah she’s like that. Her kind nature won’t come out that easily…” he gave a light smile and it just made my day.

“Just like you…” I pointed the similarity between them, unconsciously.

“I’m sorry, what?”

I quickly changed the topic. “Nothing Mr. Kapoor. You have a meeting with the investors in half an hour, and-” he had cut me off by placing his hands on my desk and leaning down to match my eye level. “Sanchi… how many times do i have to tell you? Just call me Kabir”

“But you’re my boss. How can I-”

“So that means you don’t consider me as a friend?”

“I do, but-”

“Then you’re going to call me Kabir. And if you call me Sir or Mr. Kapoor again, I will fire you!” 😏😏😏

He has a strange sense of humour. 😤😤😤 “Alright! How about Mr. Kabir?” I asked with a grin just to annoy him. “That will get you fired too 😉😉😉” he winked at me and went to his desk.

Oh yeah I know! I forgot to mention that we’re good friends since that coffee incident. He only consider me as his friend while I’m crazily in love with him. Well…. you already know that part of my pathetic life 😭😭😭. I feel like crying but no, I won’t cry. I’m a strong person. I won’t cry because of him!!

Before I even know, the day is already over and it’s almost 7 p.m. I’m working late again coz I’m taking a day off tomorrow. I know it’s Friday night and everyone is out there partying but I’m not that interested in them. I’d rather finish my work ahead. My boss- I mean Kabir was supposed to go home directly after his meeting in XYZ hotel. But he came back saying that he forgot some files. Getting his files, he ordered me to go home as it’s too late. He didn’t listen my protests about working ahead.

So I dragged myself out of the building. I dropped the idea of taking the bus and decided to take a taxi coz it’s about to rain. Aaaaand to remind me that I have the worst luck in the world, it started to rain. Now I’m standing under the pouring rain getting all drenched without having any shelter + NOT getting a taxi. Oh great!!

As I was cursing my luck, a pretty shiny fancy car slowed down in front of me. No point of guessing it’s his car. Rolling down the window he asked, “shall I drop you home?”

All the time I was working here I have never taken a lift from him. Even in the late night’s he never asked to drop me. So I was kinda I don’t know I think I’m surprised. I looked around to see a taxi intending to decline his offer. “You won’t get a taxi easily. It’s raining. Come, I’ll drop you. Otherwise you’ll get sick.”

Knowing well he’s telling true I got in his car.

“I’ll be surprise if you don’t catch a cold” he said eyeing me while driving. That’s when I realized I’m completely drenched. Oh god!! This is so embarrassing!! 😣😣😣 My clothes are so wet and it looks like a second skin!!

We didn’t have a much of a conversation until we came to a stop. I looked around and saw a big heavy tree had fallen over the road. “What do we do now?” Was what I said seeing this. How am I supposed to go home now? This is the only route I have. There are no other routes! Wait a minute!! 🤔🤔🤔 I didn’t tell him the way to my house, so how does he know where I live? I was about to question him of this when his next words caught me off guard. “I don’t think they’ll clear the road till the weather gets better.”

“Then what should I do? I don’t w anyone around here!” I was getting frantic. He probably noticed that coz he was holding my hand now. “Calm down Sanchi, if you don’t have any problem you can stay with me for today” his voice sound so uncertain. I know I should refuse. I’ll just bother him. “It’s alright Kabir. I’ll just manage from here…”

“Are you out of your mind?” Wow he’s angry. But why? “There’s no way I’m letting you go in this rain. What are you going to do? Climb this tree? You’re going home with me, so shut up!”

He didn’t wait till I say anything more. He just drove off. Next time we stopped, it’s in front of his apartment building, I think. Next, we were taking the elevator and was in front of a door. And when he opened the door, it was WOW!! 😍😍😍. I can’t help but to openly admire how beautiful it is. Everything seems pretty expensive. Of course it would be. He has so much money. He could just buy anything! “Nice place. Interior is fabulous!!”

His eyes widened at my comment. “You actually like it? I designed it myself…”

Well, his furniture is in dark shades and wall colours are light and… paintings on the wall, pictures… everything match perfectly. “I just love it!!” I voiced my thoughts with a bright smile 😀😀😀 though I didn’t tell him that it feels like I have come to my own home. He doesn’t need to know that.

Now I’m in a guest room. I took a bath changed in to the clothes he gave me, which was an old t shirt of him and a pair of his shorts. I guess these shorts are kinda old coz they fit me. Who am I kidding? If it wasn’t, this would’ve already fell down. After all, compared to him, I’m so small 🤔🤔🤔. I came to the living room looking for him only to find him fidgeting with his phone. “Are you out of your mind? Which idiot use their phones when it’d lightning?” I snatched his phone form his hand. He was looking at me like I have 2 heads or something probably because I was scolding him like a mother. I returned it to him apologetically. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that!”

“No it’s alright. I was just trying to order something for dinner. There’s nothing much to eat…”

“Kabir… no one will deliver food in this weather. I can make something for us. Only if you don’t mind!”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course! That’s the least I can do to repay you for letting me stay here!!” I found the kitchen. Luckily, there are enough ingredients for me to cook. I don’t think he ever cook by the look of his kitchen. Everything seems untouched.

As he sat for dinner with his eyes gleaming with happiness. Wow, I didn’t know food can make him this happy 🤔🤔🤔.

“Are these edible?” His question got me out of my thoughts.

“Very funny.”

“I’m serious! Are these edible? Will I fall sick? Or will I drop dead eating this?” In an instant, my palm covered his mouth. I didn’t want to here the dead word from him. He’s again surprised at my actions. Sanchi, cover it up!! Quick!! “Too many questions! Just eat it! If this food is poisonous, both of us will die. So don’t worry, even after death, you’ll have your PA with you to arrange your time! NOW EAT!!”

“Never thought you’d be this demanding and scary!”

“Boss ke saath 1 saal rehne ka asar!”


“Kuch nahi! So…. how’s food?” Yeah I changed the topic.

“Just like how maa cook, very tasty!” Oh my god!! 😱😱😱 he liked it!! I’m so happy 😁😁😁.

Just like that, dinner finished pretty quickly. He was helping me to clear the table. By the way he move around the kitchen I can say he don’t use his kitchen much. He might be eating from out always. “Why don’t you keep a maid? It’s not good to always eat from out you know.” I commented while washing a dish.

“I did have one. Didn’t work well”

“What happened?”

“She was trying to have an affair with me”

I looked around to see him with a serious expression and I might’ve the look saying ‘what the hell’. Both of us burst in to laughter seeing each other’s faces 😂😂😂. I don’t know why it feels so relaxed to be here.

“You know you’re my personal assistant. So why don’t you come over when you have time and prepare me a delicious meal like this?”

Is he like serious? “I’m not doing any work in the office. I’m just sitting there all the day… so I have too much free time to cook for you! What a joke” I know I shouldn’t talk to my boss like that but I can’t help but to be sarcastic.

“A minute ago you were so concerned about me and my food and now you’re being so rude! I wasn’t joking you know!” He had a fake sad look like a kid.

“Well that’s where you got that wrong. I was just saying what’s good. Not because I’m concerned about you” I stated putting the last dish away and turning around. He was just 2 steps away from me. Didn’t expect to see him this closer. He took a step forward making me go backwards. My back now pressed to the sink not being able to move away. It’s like a romantic movie but sadly there’s no romance.

I just gave a light smile and moved to my right side, to go, but he placed his hand on the counter. Same thing happened to the other side as well. I was caged between him and the sink. Confused with this I looked up to his eyes. His eyes… it’s different. Like his eyes are trying to tell me something. His eyes were reflecting some emotions. I can’t place it what. Suddenly I noticed he was leaning towards me. I panicked. “What are you-”

His forehead touched mine, still not breaking our eye lock. “I love you…!”

I gasped in shock hearing those words. Did he just said that he loves me? How dare he do this to me? 😡😡😡 I was getting so angry, I pushed him away from me with so much force. “HOW DARE YOU!!!” 😡😡😡 I yelled at him. “I thought you’re a good person! I never thought you’d do this to me! How dare you play with a girls heart?” I can’t control my anger seeing his oblivious face like he didn’t do anything wrong.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh really? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Do you think I don’t know about the dare your brother gave you?” His face pales. So he thought I don’t know about it. “I heard the two of you talking this afternoon. He told you to make me fall for you and break my heart right? You told him you can’t do it. I was so happy thinking you’re a nice person coz most people would go with it. But now… now you proved me wrong. You’re not a good person. All you rich people know how to hurt others. I’m just done here. You’ll see my resignation letter on your desk on Monday. Good bye Mr. Kapoor!” He just stood there as I stormed out of the kitchen. Just as I opened the front door, it was shut harshly and I was pinned to the door itself by none other than my soon to be ex boss.

“You’re not going anywhere…” his voice low and husky in my ears.

“Oh really? Are you going to force me to stay here now?”

“You’re not going anywhere without knowing the whole story. You said many things to me. And yes. It’s true Veer dared me to break your heart. It’s true I refused to do that. But it’s not true what you think about me. Breaking someone’s heart isn’t a big deal for me. I have broke plenty of girls hearts. But I can’t do that to you… you’re not like any other girl, Sanchi. I-I don’t know if you’d believe me or not. I really love you… it’s been months since realized that I’ve fallen for you. I was afraid. Afraid to tell you. I thought you’d reject me. I can stay close to you as a friend but I can’t take your rejection. I’ll break in to pieces”

His words are sincere. His eye pleads me to believe him. But…. “how can I know all this isn’t just an act for that dare?” I could see getting hurt from my words.

“I don’t have any proof. I can only ask you to believe my words. I love you, Sanchi…!”

My heart wants me to believe him. My mind warns me to think again. What should I do? All I can see in his eyes are love. It’s love in his eyes which I couldn’t understand earlier. Now I see it. And I love him too. Maybe I’ll regret this decision, maybe not. But now, I could care less. I gave a soft peck on the corner of his lips. His eyes widened and was asking me a silent question. I gave him my answer without thinking twice. “I love you too…” His face lit up with happiness which I couldn’t describe. He’s eyes reflected undying love and passion. Leaning down, he captured my lips in a sweet kiss. Our first kiss. Our eyes closed at the contact. My fingers entwined with his soft hair while he pulled me closer by my waist. We had to broke apart due to lack of breath. But that was the best feeling I ever had. I hid my face in his chest feeling shy to look at him.

“Ab kya hua? Feeling shy? 😏😏😏” he was teasing me!!!

“Shy and me? You’re sadly mistaken dear.” I looked at his directly. I can’t let him tease me! No way! He just laughed. I pulled his shirt collar to make him match my height. “If I ever find out that you’re lying to me, Kabir… that day, you’ll end up in a graveyard and I’ll end up in jail…”

“That day will never come sweetheart…!”

I pulled him to me for another kiss, which he returned eagerly. Well too eagerly, to be honest 😉😉😉.

I woke up disturbed by sun rays. I’m in an unfamiliar room. 😱😱😱 How on earth I got here? Then last night events came to my mind making me smile. “I thought it was another dream 😀😀😀” sitting on the bed, I looked around the room. Don’t give me that look! I’m in the first room. Not his room! And for your kind information, I slept alone!

I heard a loud sound of someone’s laughter. I got down from the bed and wondered around the house to find the source of the laughter. It was coming from his room. I slowly peeked inside. He’s back was turned to me and he was in a video call with his mother. I man see Mrs. Kapoor’s face on the screen.

He sound so happy talking to her. “I have a happy news for you maa! I’m ready to get married and you will get your daughter-in-law soon!”

“Sach? Kaun hai woh ladki? Do I know her?” Even his mother sound so happy.

But my heart was beating my ribcage like a hammer. What’s this all about? He’s going to get married? Then was last night just an act? I was close to breakdown when he said her name.


My eyes welled up in happy tears. I didn’t hear what they talked about next. All I know was he wasn’t lying, he really loves me. He turned around abruptly and saw face with tears. “Sanchi kya hua? Why are you crying?”

My face broke in to a happy smile as I walk towards him. “You want to marry me?”

“You heard it? Now how will I surprise you with a romantic proposal?”

“Why do you want to marry me?”

“Sanchi, I’m sorry for saying this. But are you dumb or pretending to be dumb? I told you I love you. I always wanted to wait to find the girl who would make me fall head over heels in love with her. That girl ia you and I want to share my whole life with you. I won’t let you go ever”

My face broke in to a happy smile. I hugged him tightly. Now I’m in the safest place I could ever be. I looked at him not breaking our embrace. “You know Kabir, I thought my boss was a devil in disguise of an angel. But he turned out to be so sweet!”

“Well you’re now stuck with this devil, my angel…”

“This angel doesn’t have any problems staying with her devil…”



So that’s all. Honestly I’m so disappointed with SDCH because of yesterday. I started to write in TU in the time Sanchi fell for Veer. But still hoped against everything Kanchi will be together. But now I’ve quit that dumb show. I want to know from all my dear sisters and fans, should I keep writing? Will you guys keep reading if I keep writing? Coz if you leave TU too, there’s no point writing. But if you’re going to stay with me, I’ll stay with you too. Comment and tell me what should I do?

And yeah! Like or dislike and comment if you liked or disliked this OS. Until next time, love you 😘😘😘.

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