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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Rishi sacrifices his half the age for his wife’s life.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with devi pramadvara use to take care of plants & saw a rishi muni ruru in deep meditation & also getting impressed by him. Once a huge storm comes & rishi was getting affected but did not lost his power of meditation while pramadvara took utmost care of his meditation as he got injured by a tree branch hitting him & she healed him. When the storm cleared rishi came out of his meditation & started appreciating devi pramadvara for taking care of him as well as her beauty while she blushed by his appreciation.
Rishi proposes her for marriage & she gets blushed so rishi asks her that did I hurt your emotions but instead she appreciates his feeling telling him that I also will be blessed to become your wife & he decides to marry immediately & as they both are going to exchange garlands devi pramadvara is bitten by a scorpion sent by yamraj & she dies so rishi starts crying for her but then he becomes strong saying I’ll bring back your life with my meditation powers or what’ll be the use of the powers I earned by meditating for so many years.
Rishi creates his powerful surrounding around him & his wife by which if yamraj too comes then too he can’t take away his wife’s soul & the same thing happened that yamraj sends his person but he is unable to take out the soul from devi pramadvara & yamraj is shocked to see his meditation powers. All gods & goddesses are also shocked to see the powers of rishi to save his wife’s life.
Rishi’s father comes to explain him to not to go against the fate of human which is already decided by prabhu but instead he says I respect you but it’s not that I should leave my wife’s love so easily who cared for me in my meditation also & rishi ruru secures her soul to not to leave.
Yamraj comes ahead but rishi stops him also as yamraj gets shocked so he tries to explain him about the life decided by prabhu itself & I am just a helper of his time bound towards human but you can ask anything else instead this so rishi tells him if you can boon then boon my half the age to my wife as wife is also part of my life halfway in everything & yamraj appreciates saying that nobody sacrifices his life for anybody which you have set goal for future world so he blesses him & his wife becomes alive making their life to lead happily in future.
Mata laxmi & ganesh reach towards Narayan & Narayan appreciating laxmi for having great company of ganesh while ganesh saying that I’ll be comfortable when I’ll go & eat laddoos prepared by mata paravati but mata laxmi gets depressed & ganesh tries to control what he said but laxmi immediately says I was just joking but also says that mata paravati also must be awaiting for you & ganesh takes leave from them.
Mata paravati is performing Pooja of tulsi plant while assuming ganesh in front of him but vanishes as devsena says I know you are remembering your son ganesh & she gets emotional talking about him while ganesh says I have already arrived here & he hugs mata paravati while devsena & walli gets delighted.
Narayan calms mata laxmi saying ganesh is going to have an assignment ahead of performing satyanarayan Pooja also hence he had to go.

Precap : Kartik appreciating to ganesh about walli’s & devsena’s food preparation simultaneously but separately while walli hears kartik appreciating about devsena & devsena hears kartik appreciating about walli creating jealousy between them & mata paravati wonders how to stop this which will destroy family but ganesh intimates satyanarayan Pooja is solution for this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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