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Santoshi Maa 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Asoor shoots indresh while ushma fighting with asoors.

Santoshi Maa 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with mahadev explaining paravati mata that truth after all wins how much a person tries to hide & run away from it but paravati asks why swati was affected then & he tells her if ushma would had achieved her goal to kill asoors then this wouldn’t had happened but let’s see ahead what happens.
Mata santoshi intimates ushma to act fast for killing asoors so that they do not go to patallok.
Indresh, ushma & all singhasan’s family members are chanting of mahadev’s mrutunjaya mantra praying for his help to wipe out all these troubles while polomi intimates her asoor to shoot indresh so that ushma will get busy in healing indresh.
The asoor shoots his gun hitting directly indresh making him injured while all family members are holding him picking towards a bed where abhishek & nidhi to do medication for him.
Mata santoshi uses her powers to vanish the asoors towards a dark place while ushma follows them getting intimation from mata santoshi.
Swati is feeling restless due to her intuition of somebody feeling pained & it’s indresh due to which she is feeling all this & tries to move with her wheel chair but falls down.
Nidhi & abhishek are trying to help indresh while his father singhasan & mother are remembering their earlier days with indresh how happy they were against his current conditions he is facing.
The asoors are thinking saying might be guru must have brought us over here but mata santoshi comes to confront them & ushma also joins her while the asoors are attacking both of them.
Mahadev tells mata paravati that polomi is asoor daughter so she won’t keep quiet for whatever she is doing presently.
Devi ushma is retaliating towards the asoors with her weapons but unable to kill them so mata santoshi intervenes to help her & making on of them killed while swati as well as indresh feeling little better.
Devi polomi comes to ashram to destroy the security guard of mata santoshi to clutch swati & dev rishi sees her doing so he intimates mata santoshi but polomi is unable to destroy so she prays mahadev to help her which she is liable for & mahadev helps her by releasing the guard. Dev rishi trying to stop polomi but insted she tells him mahadev itself has heled me so who are you to stop me.
The other asoor runs away calling devi polomi facing attack from mata santoshi & devi ushma.
Mata paravati asks mahadev why did you helped devi polomi but mahadev is silent.

Precap : Devi ushma clutches devi polomi & she gets wild asking her what she is doing but ushma warns her to accept your evil mistake done or would had also killed you along your asoors but since indresh should lead his life with swati comfortably so you’ll be clutched till all gods do not decide your fate.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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