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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anant’s Smart Move

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kanak and Hema taunt Heeral for wearing same lehanga during last dandiya party. Heeral says she didn’t. Hema says she had posted pic on instagram. Heeral leaves embarrassed, leaving Kanak and Hema laughing. Gehna sees Hema’s children tempting seeing sweets and says even she likes sweets, but they should wait till pooja. Sagar walks near Gehna lustfully holding rose. Gehna senses his presence and prays Ambemaa for help. Thorn pricks Sagar and he drops rose writhing in pain. Children ask what happened to him. He shouts at them to mind their business and walks away. Kanak calls Jaggi who says he is on the way. She slips on stairs looking at mobile. Kokila holds her and warns her to be careful or else she would have harmed someone. Kanak arrogantly says she didn’t though and walks away. Kokila gets emotional seeing arrangements and reminiscing earlier incident 5 years ago thinks its exactly same. Anant walks to her and asks if everything is fine. She says he and Gehna made same arrangements and she is thankful to them. Gopi walks to her getting ready. Kokila emotionally looking at her says she is looking same like 5 years ago, time has gone back to 5 years ago. She hopes Ahem gets back his memory today. Gehna says she will bring Gopi kaka and leaves to bring him. Kanak and Hema plan to destroy Gopi’s plan.

Guruji says they will perform Ambe maa’s arty and then start dandiya rasleela. Anant thinks why didn’t Gehna bring Ahem bhai yet. Gehna goes to outhouse and requests Gopi Kaka to accompany her to dandiya function. He says he will not until Ahem Garodia/Gopi comes and will change his dress if he doesn’t come. Gehna tries to stop him. Anant disguised as a Rajasthani man enters and informs that he is Ahem’s brother and Ahem fell unconscious in dandiya venue and was calling Gopi kaka before he fell unconscious. Gopi kaka rushes towards venue. Anant holds Gehna’s hand. Gehna gets tensed seeing a stranger holding her hand. Anant removes his fake beard and moustache and reveals he is Anant and came to call Gopi kaka. They both then happily head towards dandiya venue. Guruji performs aarti. Kokila prays god to fulfill her request.

Gopi kaka enters venue and searches Ahem Garodia. Gopi sees him and emotionally walks towards him. Hetal seeing Gopi Kaka asks if Ahem came and walks towards him. Kokila stops her and says he is Ahem and describes the whole incident of seeing him for the first time, he losing his memory and not recognizing her but saving her life, etc. Gopi stands looking at Gopi kaka.

Precap: Gopi happily runs towards Ahem/Gopi kaka. Ananth holds Gehna’s hand seeing that. Jaggi enters and seeing Gopi and Ahem stand shocked. Kanak smirks.

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