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#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 13 – Angre Bhaiyya and his Riddhu meet

Episode starts with…

They were patiently waiting when they saw Sejal coming down with expressionless walk which created panic among Vansh and Angre

Angre: Sejal what happened? Is it there or not?

Sejal: ….

Vansh: Sejal speak up you are creating panic among us

Sejal: ……

Angre: Vansh, I understood Sejal’s silence. She’s not the one I am searching for (disappointment clearly seen, tears were rolling down)

Sejal: Angre Bhaiyya….

Angre: Sejal have you gone mad? You know I don’t like anyone calling me such then why are

Sejal: Before you complete your sentence let me tell you that now someone is going to call you Bhaiyya whole life and we too need that right

Angre: What the hel…One second what do you mean? Are you serious???(happiness had no bounds)

Sejal nodded her head in approval and jumped saying she has…. Vansh and Angre hugged each other of happiness and Sejal to pounced on them and they 3 shared a group hug. Their happiness had no bounds, they were screaming out of happiness. While everyone was clueless and wondering what happened, Ishani and Siya were observing how happy Vansh was!!!

Ishani: Guys can anyone tell us what’s happening? Even we are present here!

Sejal turned towards them and

Sejal: We are happy because Riddhima got her lost relation.

Siya: What do you mean?

Sejal: Riddhima got her Bhaiyya and Angre Bhaiya got his Riddhu (Smiling hard unable to hide her happiness)

Chanchal and Rudra: Are you serious!!!! Angre is

Sejal: Yes Pa, Angre Bhaiya is Riddhima’s Bhaiyya. And from today I am not going to back off from calling him Bhaiya

Rudra: Angre!!! Our Riddhima found her brother (he was emotional out of happiness)

Everyone hugged Angre and congratulated him on finding his lost sister. All were equally happy but there were 2 other people who were the happiest – Vansh and Sejal as they know how they two were incomplete without each other. Their faces were the happiest.

Chanchal: Angre but what happened that night as Riddhima told us that she saw the car burst

Angre: Aunty, she was right, the car did burst but before that could happen, I was out of the car. Actually, when the car was stumbling into the valley, the back door was opened due to the effect and the pressure was such that I was thrown out of the car and was struck on a tree branch and then the car fell into the valley and burst. I was rescued by few passer-by’s and I called my grandparents who came to the spot to see my parent’s ashes. We didn’t find Riddhu and we all assumed that she too was burned into ashes. They took me with them and I grew with them and then we shifted here for my studies and met Vansh, his family and your family. But I always had an instinct that Riddhu can’t die and is alive and I started my detective agency for her and have been searching her desperately and finally I found her. I can’t define my happiness… I found my Riddhu!!! My little sister

Everyone around could understand his emotions, his pain and his happiness. He slowly stood and went towards Vansh room, all understood and so stayed back to give privacy to the brother and sister.

They settled in the living room but Sejal and Vansh couldn’t handle their happiness and excitement so sneaked behind Angre. Angre went into the room and saw how his little sister who’s no more little sleeping due to medicinal effect. He sat beside her and caressed her face while recollecting their childhood memories. Tears rolled his eyes of thinking that his little sister stayed in an orphanage when her elder brother was alive. He’s heart wanted to cry out but he didn’t.

Sejal: Vansh Bhai, Angre Bhaiya loves Riddhima a lot right

Vansh: True!! I have seen Angre desperately searching his sister for years and when she was around, he had an instinct that she is his sister but then there were some links missing because of which he couldn’t come to a conclusion.

Sejal: I can understand, Riddhima’s condition too was no different. She missed her brother the most. I am just waiting for Riddhima to gain conscious so that she can know the fact that her brother is alive and in front of her.

Vansh: Even I am eagerly waiting for her to find out the truth.

Vansh’s eyes were sparkling with happiness, his expressions changed from a strict Vansh to emotional Vansh, he was happy after 3 long years, he smiled after 3 long years, he laughed after 3 years, his original nature was back, he was excited, he became naughty like he was 3 years back, he was sneaking into someone’s privacy. These changes were observed by every youngster and even his heart identified his changes but his brain was adamant not to pay heed to all this.

Ishani and Siya who reached there observed Vansh smiling and were clueless what happened to their brother that he changed suddenly but this change was for good but still they wanted to learn the reason for his sudden change. The change which they were expecting was in front of them but which they couldn’t do for years was done by someone’s presence. This made them feel that something is fishy. They both were discussing this while Sejal and Vansh were observing Angre’s emotions for Riddhima.

Angre walked out of the room where he saw 4 people standing in 2 different groups with 2 people. He questioned them what were they all doing there that’s when everyone noticed that they all came there without each other’s knowledge.

Ishani hugged her Angre

Ishani: Angre, I am happy. You finally found your lost happiness

Angre: Yes Ishani, I found my Riddhu!!!

They all discussed how to tell Riddhima of this truth… they were sharing their ideas. Irony was even Vansh was participating in this. Everyone was amused but thought they’ll discuss about this later as now their focus was Riddhima and Angre.

After half an hour, Riddhima gained conscious and when she woke up, she found herself in Vansh room and she recollected all that happened. She understood that maybe they bought her here. But then again, she wanted to make sure that everyone was safe so she rushed out of the room into the living where she found everything was dark. She shouted for Ishani, Sejal, Vansh and her parents but there was no response from anyone. She was scared as she couldn’t see anything in the dark. She started stepping down the steps when she heard a voice and found herself under the spotlight.

“There was a family containing of Ma and Pa, who lived in a Bungalow, where they had Lotus Pond which had different colours of lotuses blossoming. A lawn behind their house had a huge Mango tree which had a swing on its branches. Pa was a businessman whereas Ma was a Physiotherapist. They had 2 children of them the youngest was a cute little sweet innocent girl who spent most of her time with her elder brother who loves his sister to the core. They were inseparable. Ma and Pa loved their kids and adored their bond. Elder brother’s life was in his little sister, they spent most of their time playing in their lawn where they used to swing on the swing, play in mud, feed the birds, would cycle around their neighbourhood. He always protected her and love her but on that one unfaithful night he lost his little sister and have been searching her for 20 years but couldn’t find her. Today after all these years, he feels like he finally found his little innocent “Riddhu”!!!” ….

Riddhima who heard all this understood that its none-other than her bhaiyaa. She couldn’t believe her ears that after all these years she found him and he called her Riddhu. Her ears were eager to hear that name in his voice for years and her dream came true. She wanted to meet him the very moment, she shouted “Bhaiyaa, are you here? Please come out now I can’t wait to see you… please your Riddhu needs you” she felt a shadow in front of her but the image wasn’t clear, she was waiting patiently to see his image.

She saw the spotlight falling on him and his face was now clear and Riddhima couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Angre, whom she met yesterday. She realized the connection, the attachment, the touch, the safe and secure feeling with him was because they shared blood and heart relation. She accused herself that her bhaiyaa was in front of her and she couldn’t identify him. She was speechless. She couldn’t believe that she finally met her brother. She started walking towards him and even he started walking towards her. Their heart beats were fast, they could hear their beats, there was silence all over the place, their anxiety started increasing. Riddhima increased her pace, she started running towards her bhaiyaa and ponced over him and hugged him tight which was reciprocated by Angre. They both forgot the world and hugged each other. Their hearts spoke, they were weeping like kids.

Angre: My Riddhu, My Riddhu, you are alive… do you have any idea where all I searched for you and for years

Riddhima: Bhaiyya you are alive!!! I always missed you. I used to speak to you daily in my dreams.

Lights came back and all stood around them while they both were least bothered of others presence as they found their lost happiness and was engrossed in their bonding after 20 long years. All around were in tears seeing their bond, their emotional moment turned out to be emotional for everyone.

After a while, all settled in living room. Angre and Riddhima sat beside each other while Riddhima chose her Bhaiyya’s arms as her place to sit and sat there attached to him while he put his arms around her. They both discussed how they got saved and where were they all these years. When Riddhima spoke that she stayed in orphanage for 5 years, Angre couldn’t imagine his little sister staying in an orphanage for 5 years when he was alive. They spoke about how they missed each other for years.

Siya: Guys, if you remember we are here too… we tried such a surprise for Riddhima and you both totally forgot us and are speaking to each other and ignoring us

Ishani: (hitting Siya) Someone should learn how to spoil an emotional moment. They met each other after 20 years and you soiled their moment. Idiot.

Angre and Riddhima smiled seeing the sisters fighting for them. Ishani went and hugged Angre

Ishani: You got your Riddhu Angre. I am the happiest. Finally, you both bro and sis are back after years.

She hugged Riddhima too….

Ishani: Riddhima, I have seen your bro waiting for your arrival for years and I know he is still in disbelief and shock that he got you. He is unable to believe it.

Riddhima: I know my Bhaiyya. He must have waited for me as I did for him. Finding each other after all these years is still a surprise and shock to believe.

Angre: Ishani, I had my grandparents and then you all but my Riddhu stayed in orphanage for years when we all were there for her. The pain she went through is much more than I did. I can never forgive myself and can never expect what all she went through.

Riddhima: No bhaiyaa. I was never alone; I had my family. Dad, Mom and my stupid sister. (pointing towards Sejal and her family). They never let me feel that I was adopted or I was an orphan. They loved me more than Sejal. They still do. It’s true that I was deprived of the love of a family for 5 years but then they found me and then I never felt deprived of that love but I did miss you.

Angre patted on her head emotionally. Sejal hugged her best friend and then shouted

Sejal: Riddhu… my Riddhu got her brother (Riddhima gave her a stern look)

Sejal: Don’t you dare look at me that way, because now I have all rights to call you and even you can’t stop me.

Siya: And I have all rights to call Angre as Bhayya and none can stop me

Riddhima and Angre were staring at them and both together “SHUT UP”.

Sejal: This is unfair. Till today you both never let us call so as you were missing each other and now when you are together then why can’t we call you so. We’ll call you and we’ll see who’s going to stop us

Ishani: I’ll stop you Siya. Because Angre isn’t your bhaiyaa. He’s going to be your Jeeju (laughing)

Siya and everyone laughed at this statement while Sejal had a doubt –

Sejal: I have a doubt. Riddhu is my best friend and sister too so, Angre is technically my brother but then Ishani is too like my sister so Angre is also my Jeeju. So, what am I supposed to call him!!!

Angre: Sejal, all these years you have taken care of my Riddhu, you always stood by her in thick and thin. You gave her all the love I couldn’t give her for years. Thank you so much!!! You always considered me as your brother and always wanted to call me Bhaiyya but I never let you as I always wanted only Riddhu to call me so. But today I take my words, if there’s anyone who has that right without hesitation who could call me so, then that’s going to be you. You considered Riddhu as sister so technically even you are my sister so how can I stop you from calling me Bhaiyya. Today I want you to call me Bhaiyya but if you don’t want to then… its ok. I’ll think I lost another sister in search of one.

Sejal who was emotional the way Angre said everything was dumbstruck and how could she deny

Sejal: I always considered you as my brother then how did you even expect that I’ll let this opportunity go. I would love to call you Bhaiyya. Thank you Bhaiyya. (tears were rolling and they shared a warm hug)

Angre: And Siya, as Ishani said, you can’t call me Bhaiyya but yaa can call me Jeeju (laughing)

Riddhima stood from her place and went towards Vansh who was in a call. She stood behind him waiting for his call to end. Ishani and Angre were tensed as Vansh never lets anyone disturb him when he’s on a business call. They didn’t want to Riddhima get hurt by Vansh’s behaviour so they tried calling her and signing her to back off but she didn’t understand their signs and stood there when suddenly Vansh felt someone’s presence behind him and without turning back….

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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