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RadhaKrishn 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Fights With Banasur

RadhaKrishn 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sam via his mother seeks permission from Krishna to go out of Dwarka for his swayamvar and says wherever he goes, his heart will be in Dwarka. Krishna says he can see that nobody can change fate, he is unable to do anything and Sam is doing whatever he likes. Radha asks him not to worry much. Anirudh asks Sam if he is going. Sam says yes and reminds him to reach Usha to marry her as she loves him when he sends his signal. Anirudh asks how will he reach Usha. Sam gives him a bow and says its arrow will lead him to his destination, he should remember that they are Dwarka’s future. Sam fixes red flag of war in his chariot. Jamvati says red flag depicts inviting for war. Sam says she forgot that a warrior is traveling on it. Balram seeing that scolds Sam to remove it. Sam apologizes and removes it and drives his chariot away. Krishna says Sam is an intelligent boy and he shouldn’t underestimate him. Sam picks another red flag and fixes it in his chariot.

Anirudh informs Balram and Krishna to come and see what is happening. They both rush towards Dwarka border and see Banasur attacking Dwarka. Balram gets angry and says he will alone kill Banasur. Krishna stops him and says let him handle Banasur as Banasur has Mahadev’s blessings and support. Radha and Revati pray Mahadev and hope Krishna gets victorious. Krishna walks alone to the border. Banasur insults Krishna and says he will spare Krishna if he submits himself. Krishna accepts his demand and says he will accept his defeat in front of whole world and give him wealth in tax. Banasur orders him to touch his head on his feet and apologize. Anirudh gets angry, but Balram stops him saying its a war between 2 great warriors and they cannot interfere.

Krishna says he cannot do that. Banasur continues insulting him and attacks with weapons. Krishna says he did adharma and attacks back. Mahadev gets angry seeing Banasur’s heinous act. Mata Gowri says Krishna is undefeatable, and Bansur has Mahadev’s protection, so Mahadev should stop Banasur. Banasur and Krishna’s fight continues. Anirudh says their war is continuing. Balram says again they can just watch and cannot interfere between 2 warriors. Banasur says he will attack whole Dwarka. Krishna warns him if even a single citizen is harmed, he will kill Banasur. Banasur showers arrows on Dwarka. Krishna gets angry and calls Sudharshan chakra. Gowri mata tells Mahadev to stop Banasur.

Precap: Sam tells Banasur that even he is Krishna’s enemy and will give Krishna’s weapons if Banasur gives him Dwarka. Voiceover says world will see Mahadev and Krishna’s battle now.

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