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Mere Sai 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: The day of superstitions

Mere Sai 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai offers water to Tulsi. A girl asks him why one offers water to Tulsi in the morning. Ajji says that this plant is a Goddess. How can it be true? Sai says Tulsi gives us fresh air to breathe and that keeps us healthy. This is just how a mother takes care of her kids. That’s why Tulsi is considered mother. The girl thanks him for explaining it to him.

Shyama keeps the logs inside Dwarkamai. Vallabh greets Sai. Sai asks him why he dint go to fields yet. Vallabh says I need a piece of coal. I cannot go to fields before going there. He asks Vallabh what it means. Vallabh says it is lucky for me. I carry it with me every day. I thought to check with Sai as there was none at home today. The guy asks Vallabh if he believes in all this. You know what Sai thinks about this. Sai agrees to give a piece of coal to Vallabh. He ties it with a tabiz and gives it to Vallabh. Vallabh thanks him. Sai tells him to meet him after completing his work. Vallabh agrees. Shyama asks Sai why he gave that piece to Vallabh when he considers this as nothing but superstition. Sai says experience.

Gangadhar is on his way to Khandoba’s temple with his nephew. His nephew tells him that he will enjoy staying in Shirdi. Gangadhar steps on a thorn or a piece of stone. His nephew offers him his slippers but Gangadhar shares that he has been asked to walk barefoot. Gangadhar’s nephew suggests taking a short cut. We might even get a chance to meet Sai there. Gangadhar says I have been asked to go to temple directly. I can meet him some other time. Gangadhar’s nephew smiles. One can anyways meet Sai only when he wants them to.

Pundit ji gives Prasad to Sai. Sai shares that Khandoba Navratri starts in 2 days. There is a different glow on the idol during these days. It is as if the idol comes to life. Pundit ji says it is just what you say. Anything can come alive if you believe in it. I could recall your words while reading a scripture yesterday. Gangadhar reaches Khandoba temple with his nephew. Gangadhar’s nephew tells Gangadhar that he is lucky that he got to meet Sai. He introduces Gangadhar to everyone. Mhalsapati does puja here but he has gone to his daughter’s home. His nephew keeps talking excitedly. Sai notices that Gangadhar is distracted. We can discuss this some other time. Gangadhar seems to be in haste. Gangadhar nods. He requests Pundit ji to do the puja. We should do it within the mahurat time or everything will be ruined. Pundit ji looks at Sai and then agrees.

Gangadhar’s nephew tells Sai that Gangadhar’s son Mohan is on a very good position. He cannot stay away from his son. He relocated here when he found out that his son is getting transferred here. Pundit ji points out that there are no flowers. Gangadhar panics. We might not be able to do grahpravesh at the right time. Sai tells him to look there. You are about to get your answer. They see a girl coming from the opposite direction. Purna greets everyone. Sai tells her she was needed her right now. Purna gives flowers to Pundit ji. Gangadhar’s nephew praises her and tells Gangadhar about Purna. She never forgets to come here and give flowers every day. Purna says I cannot forget it as we started selling flowers following Sai’s advice only. I come here and offer few flowers here every morning. Sai had told Baba and he told me. Gangadhar asks her how God can be a party in a deal. Sai says why it cannot be. We show gratitude by offering the first few flowers to God. We also promise to do our best and let God take care of how we progress. God takes care of everything when we trust in Him for everything. Everyone smiles. Purna says it isn’t easy to understand what Sai says but what I do daily by following Sai and Baba’s words has helped us a lot. I got in touch with many people by coming here in the morning. They now buy flowers from me daily. Gangadhar says I don’t know everything else but you did save me today by coming here on the right time. Our grahpravesh will happen at the right time because of you today. Purna realises that he is Gangadhar ji. Baba got the responsibility of decorating your house for the occasion. I am going there only. Sai offers to come along. Pundit ji starts the puja.

Purna tells Sai that Gangadhar ji is very nice human being. Baba got a big opportunity
He says it is all because of God. I am sure it must also be because of his hard work. What is it? Sai says putting your 100% in what you do is the best thing we can offer to God. Raghupati (Purna’s father) greets Sai. Sai congratulates him on the new work. Raghupati gives credit to God. Sai says it is because of your and Purna’s hard work. Raghupati smiles. You have started talking like her now. It is true that I am very lucky to have a daughter like her. We have looked after each other since her Aayi left us. I only pray that she gets married in a good house. I will at peace then. Sai gets tensed. He blesses them and leaves. Raghupati thinks it would have been good if Sai could give some hint regarding Purna’s wedding.

Gangadhar’s nephew tells his Kaka to walk slowly. You might hurt yourself. Sai says one must not cause themselves pain in order to achieve something. Gangadhar says you wouldn’t have said it if you knew my Guru ji. Gangadhar’s nephew asks him why he is afraid of his Guru. We consider Sai as our Guru. He is like our friend. Gangadhar says you don’t know our Guru ji or you wouldn’t have compared him to anyone else. They resume walking.

Sai takes food from an old woman. How is everything at home? She says I was worried as to how I will raise my daughter after my husband’s death but thanks to you, people keep giving us work and we are able to live a decent life here. I get afraid thinking what might have happened if we were in some other town. Sai says life never stops even if someone leaves. She notices Gangadhar and his nephew coming in their direction and looks at the thorny branch on which Gangadhar is about to step. She picks it up just in time. Gangadhar shoots her a confused / angry look. What did you do? Dint you see the kalash in my hand? We are on our way to do something good. A woman like you shouldn’t come in front of us in this situation! Sai asks him what he means. Gangadhar says I meant a widow. Even his nephew is taken aback. Gangadhar apologizes to them. My Guru ji says it is inauspicious when you see a widow right when you are about to do something good. Sai shows him the thorny branch. This was what you just avoided. Gangadhar notices the wound in her finger. Sai asks him what if she hadn’t removed it from his path. Gangadhar says she did a good thing but I cannot ignore what my Guru ji says. I could have borne that pain but I am unable to accept this. What if something goes wrong with us because of this? I wonder what Guru ji will say now. I must ask him how the repercussions can be avoided here. He walks away. Gangadhar’s nephew looks down sadly. Sai tells the lady not to be sad. What you did has made you great. Gangadhar will also understand it one day.

Sai notices a guy backing off when a cat crosses his way. He prays to God before walking ahead. Sai shakes his head. Shyam offers to go to fields with his 2 friends. They say that 3 are unlucky. Shyam keeps a stone in his pocket. We are 4 now. They all agree.

Sai comes back to Dwarkamai. Vallabh tells him that his day was fantastic today. My work got over in less than expected time. Shyama shares the logic behind it but Vallabh gives credit to the piece of coal given by Sai. Sai tells him to return it to him. You can carry coal from your home with you from tomorrow. Vallabh calls it lucky and requests Sai to let him keep it. Sai says it belongs to someone else. I need to return it. Vallabh asks for a few days. This piece will help me. Sai politely refuses. Vallabh looks at Sai and Shyama sadly. He removes the tabiz. Sai tells Shyama to take Vallabh inside and put the tabiz in dhuni. Vallabh is taken aback. You said you want to return it to someone. Sai nods. It belongs to Agni Dev. I have to return it to him only. Shyama takes Vallabh near the dhuni. Vallabh thinks this was so lucky for him but he is going to lose it now. I wonder what will happen now.

Precap: Villagers see Sai sitting in the middle of the road and praying to a stone. They ask him what’s special about this stone. Sai says I don’t know but there must be something special about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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