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Love after arrange marriage Ep-37-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-37-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hello all , I am trying to write this episode at my granny’s house..I didn’t have time but now I’m listening to my mam and writing this side by side..If any gramatical or spelling error is there then I apology..

Episode starts as..,

Vansh pulls Riddhima closer ..He holds her by her wrist and moves more closer .. They both are so closer that they can feel each other’s heartbeat..

Riddhima : Vanshh

Vansh : Riddhimaa

The door’s sensor beeps ..They both have to break the moment..

Daadi enters..

Daadi : Vansh ! Why aren’t you ready ?

Vansh : Hmm..Getting ready…

Daadi : Come fast..

Vansh : Hmm..

Daadi leaves..

Riddhima : Vansh , you knew Aakash is not a good boy then why you made Shweta marry him ?

Vansh : Riddhima , Aakash wasn’t bad , he just wanted you…And , about Shweta because she likes that boy , I know ..Shweta told me that she had loved Aakash earlier…

Riddhima : Hm, but…

Vansh : See , If Shweta has loved him she must have sawn something in him..

Riddhima : Yes..Get ready..

Vansh : You help me naa …

Riddhima : Me ?

Vansh : Yep

Riddhima : Get ready yourself …

Vari starts crying …Riddhima goes and kisses her..Vansh is noticing..Vansh thinks,”If I were a baby then I would cry and Riddhu would kiss me..”

But he doesn’t realises that he’s speaking too loud ..

Riddhima comes from behind a kisses him ..She says,”To need a kiss you need to be a baby ?”

Vansh : No, Now not..Accha listen you have given on one cheek ,second is feeling jealous…Soo

Riddhima : Greedy person , go and get ready ….

Vansh : Hmm..

Vansh gets ready..

They both go down..

Daadi : You must have brought Vari along ..

Riddhima : Daadi , her immunity is weak …

Daadi : Ok..

Shweta and Aakash comes..They both exchange their rings..

All are standing near pool..

Aakash pushes Riddhima into the pool . She screams …Vansh sees and realises that Riddhima doesn’t knows swimming..He also jumps ..He takes Riddhima in his arms and takes out ..They both are standing ..Aakash comes behind them and says,”Riddhima , you are looking hot like fire now..” Vansh says,”Shut up!”

Vansh holds Riddhima’s hand and leaves…Vansh goes inside and says,”Riddhima, you are wet , change the clothes..” Riddhima says,”You too..”

Riddhima is heading towards washroom ..Then Vansh says,”Oh , I forgot ..Wait Riddhima..Inside chemical is applied on tiles..”

Riddhima : Oh, yes…Now ?

Vansh : You turn that side , I will turn the other side , then we will change..

Riddhima : Hmm..

They both turn the other sides and change ..

Vansh : Now may I turn ?

Riddhima : Wait , I am tying knot of my blouse..

Vansh : Okay..

After 5-7 minutes ,

Vansh : Now ??

Riddhima : It’s not tying..

Vansh : Let me help you..

Riddhima : Ok

Vansh turns , he is stunned to see Riddhima’s beauty…

Riddhima : Tie naa..

Vansh : Hmm

He ties the knot ..

Riddhima : Thank you..

Vansh : Your welcome ..

Riddhima is noticing Vansh ..And she goes then..

After a while ,

She comes back holding a needle , thread and button…

She stiches button on Vansh ‘s shirt ..Vansh keeps looking at her ..By mistake, the needle gets pricked on Vansh’s chest..

Vansh : Ah!

Riddhima : I am sorry ..

She brings cotton and applies medicine on it and then keeps where needle pricked..

They both share an eye lock ..

Then , Riddhima stiches the button ….

Precap : Riddhima reaches on the terrace to do suicide , Vansh comes there and saves her..


I hope you liked this episode..

Do comment..

Lots and Lots of love..

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