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Lockdown Ki Love Story 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam agrees to marry Raghav

Lockdown Ki Love Story 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pratap scolding Dhruv. Shashi asks Pratap to do any complain, but after getting Sonam. Dhurv says trust me, I will find Sonam, I would have not come home, I just came knowing you have come. Subhadra says fine, I trust you, go and get her. Sonam cries and shouts on Raghav’s friend. Raghav asks what shall I do that Sonam comes out. Shobha asks Sumitra to give advice. Sumitra says she is a nice girl, leave her free. She didn’t eat anything till now. Raghav says yes, she is lovely, she will come down now, you have given a good suggestion. He asks his friends to get some stove and boil water. Sumitra worries.

Bablu and Guddu say Raghav is playing some game from his home only, he is nowhere. Dhruv says he will come to meet Sonam, keep an eye on him. Raghav asks Sonam to know, he will vent her anger on his mum’s hand, I will put her hand in boiling hand and punish her. Sonam is shocked. Raghav says I can’t punish you, I love you. Sonam comes out and shouts stop, are you mad, who does this with mum. She asks Shobha can’t he do anything. Raghav says I can do this, I will then apply ointment to her hands. Sumitra screams. Sonam comes downstairs and stops him. Raghav says Sonam, you have to marry me by your wish, if I give you the proof, will Dhruv forgive you, what about his marriage with Milky, if he loved you, then he would have accepted you with mistakes, Nutan can burn herself, she will not let you in, she will kick you out, Saas should be lovely like Sumitra, she is Saas material, she is really good, you will get much torture there, you take revenge with Dhruv and family, you didn’t take revenge, if we get married, then we will take revenge on them. Sonam says I have no interest to hear this. She raises hand. He holds her hand and says you have to listen to me, you have to marry me, else I will forcibly marry you and fill sindoor, I will make you my bride and have wedding night, if you act sweet, then I will send the video to everyone. Sonam pushes him.

Raghav says I m not mad like you are mad, we are a good match, what’s there to think, decide, no one will disturb you, I will give you time, take 5 hours. They all go. Sonam says Dhruv, you ousted me and now I m in trouble, where are you Dhruv. Dhruv is looking for Sonam. Sonam sees the marriage arrangements done. Raghav sees Bablu and Guddu. He signs them to go. Dhruv prays for Sonam. He says she used to pray for me. He prays that she stays safe.

Sonam cries. Raghav comes to Sonam and asks what did you decide. Sonam says I have taken a decision, I m ready to marry you. Raghav gets happy. His friends congratulate him. Sonam says I have taken this decision for Dhruv, not you, Dhruv and his family didn’t see my love, maybe he will know my love if I marry you and save them from defamation. Dhruv says unite Sonam and her family. Raghav says marriage is happening, storm got calm, now nothing will delay, call the pandit fast. He hugs Shobha. Shobha says congrats. Raghav asks Sumitra why isn’t she happy, she will get Mumbai bahu. Shobha asks Sumitra to smile. He asks her to get jewellery for Sumitra. Sonam says I told my decision, but I have a small condition. Raghav asks what condition. Sonam says you don’t know but I had one dream since childhood, that I wear the world’s best lahenga and my groom wears best sherwani, fulfill my dream, its fine if you can’t, Dhruv arranged it, its okay, not everyone can arrange it, don’t worry. He says if Dhruv can do it, then I can also do it. He asks his friends to get the best lahenga designs. She says I have my design, I know where to get it. He says now I think you have prepared for marriage, I like it, you will get any lahenga you want. Police also looks for her. Dhruv asks did you find anything. Inspector says no. Dhruv says see the time, she is missing since morning, find her. Inspector says we are trying our best. Dhruv gets a call.

Dhruv and Raghav point guns at each other. Raghav says either of us will get saved today. Sonam is shocked.

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