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Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 4 (Into your arms)

Hello everyone, glad you all are enjoying my story. Today’s episode might be short but I will release two episodes tomorrow if needs be. Enjoy 🙂

Epi starts…

Vansh comes near the house that Riddhima is inside and thinks: Where should I start looking for her? I won’t ever forgive myself if anything bad happens to her.

Riddhima can feel someone outside and tries to alert the person but she couldn’t get towards the door. The unknown person comes in, he is Kabir (Riddhima’s childhood friend and someone who is madly in love with her).

Kabir: Come on Riddhima, we are leaving. I got you some food.

Riddhima snars at him and said: I don’t want your food!! Now let me go!

Kabir shakes his head and walks away taking Riddhima with him. They come out of the house directly parallel to where Vansh is standing.

Riddhima sees him but doesn’t shout because Kabir will know so she gets the necklace from her neck which belonged to her mom and drops it on the floor. Kabir fails to see it. Vansh turns and sees Riddhima. He yells “Riddhimaaaaa”

Kabir turns and wonders who he is, he quickly puts Riddhima in his car and drives away. Vansh runs behind the car and shouts loudly seeing it disappear around the corner. He falls down on his knees and asks for something to help find Riddhima and spots the necklace on the floor near his shoes. He picks it up and finds a note. Reading it, he puts it into his pocket and heads to his car.

FB starts: In basement, Riddhima finds some scrap paper near the corner of the floor and gets a pen from Kabir’s pocket when he isn’t looking. She writes “Please help” and gently puts it in the hole near her necklace. She hides the pen behind her before Kabir takes her away. FB ends.

Vansh quickly gets into his car and drives following Kabir’s car. He keeps thinking that nothing should happen to Riddhima and wonders what is this feeling he is expressing.

Other car: Riddhima looking out the window and from the corner of the side mirror finds that the door is unlocked. She decides to make a run for ir and slowly opens the hatch of the door. Kabir doesn’t notice and keeps driving. She manages to open the door quietly and jumps out of the car rolling down the side of the road towards some trees. She quickly gets up and hides behind some trees, she can feel pain in her legs but she wants to hide before Kabir can find her again. Kabir is shocked and in a hurry he swirls the car and hits the middle partition at high speed without breaking. He gets injured and the car bursts into flames.

Riddhima looking from the side of the road stands shocked and keeps thinking that because of her Kabir is dead or injured. She didn’t love him but didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s death. She breaks down on the floor crying scared and alone. Suddenly, she hears another car nearby and notices that it is Vansh’s car. She sees him get out and run towards the burning car shouting her name.

Vansh: Rid..Riddhimaaaaaa!! (shocked)

Riddhima runs out of the trees and goes to Vansh hugging him from behind. Vansh is surprised but knows it is her from her touch as he had felt the same when she bandaged his hand the other night. She cries in his shirt and Vansh turns around to hug her back from the front. Ishq Mein Marjawan title song plays…

Vansh: Shhh..its ok Riddhima, you are all safe now. I will not let you out of my sight anymore.

Riddhima smiled a little, she is still hugging him and they continued to stay in each other’s embrace. Riddhima did not know as well what she was feeling but knew that her whole world was there in her arms, she felt the most safe in 3 years…

Precap: Vansh asks Riddhima if she wants to move in with him in his house. He falls into pool with Riddhima and they have eyelock. Anupiya causes problems for Riddhima and tells Vansh to throw her out of the house but he walks away and warns her not to interfere with his life. 

That’s all for today guys, hope you all enjoyed the episode.  Let me know in comment of any suggestions or feedback. Will be most appreciated. Most of you guessed it right, it was Kabir but the suspense doesn’t end there. He might be back depending on circumstances but for now Riansh scenes ka bada, there will be more of them tomorrow and more of Riddhima’s past as story goes on.  Stay blessed all of you 🙂

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