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Gupta Brothers 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Gupta Brothers 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amba asking Ganga if they didn’t go to Magistrate till now. Ganga says she is waiting for Shiv ji. Amba says her blessings is always with her and asks her to call her if needed. Shiv calls Rajat and thinks he has to wake him up. Ganga brings Rajat there and says his bhabhi is with him now and nobody shall worry about him. Rajat looks sad. Shiv asks Rajat to have breakfast. Ganga signs him. Shiv says you are very small when I lifted you and now you are afraid of me. He tells that he shall never hide anything from him even if it is a big matter. He explains to him and asks if he will not hug him. Rajat hugs him and says sorry. They sit to have breakfast. Ganga prays to God and takes oath not to eat anything until Rajat’s problem solves. Shiv asks Ganga to have food. Ganga refuses and tells that she is not feeling like anything. She tells that for the first time, she is experiencing everything etc.

Amba’s husband asks her to leave the brothers now. Amba tells that she will ruin Gupta brothers and will bury them inside the land, if she could. She tells that she will make them lowered in their own eyes and lose all their respect. Her husband asks if she married him to ruin him. She says she didn’t think at the time of her marriage else she wouldn’t have married him.

Alok asks Veeru about the bill. Veeru tells that he has got this much stuff for the Diwali Sale and will get more profits. Alok says Shiv used to buy in small quantities after evaluating the profit and loss. The magistrate asks Shiv if she is his step brother. Shiv looks sad. The magistrate asks what does he do? Shiv tells that they have a shop at Kachori gali, which is handled by his brothers. She asks Ganga about her. Shiv says she is my wife. The magistrate asks if she is Ganga Shiv gupta. She asks how will you raise Rajat up? She says it is written in the complaint that Alok gave the money to buy the question paper. She asks how to let the boy stay in such an environment.

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