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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: SuVan’s special connection

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram calling Suman and asking where are you. She says I had come to cantonment for work. He says you should have at least messaged me, Shravan also left the party. Suman says he is also here, why. Vikram says Sophie is finding him. He asks Sophie to relax. He says fine Suman, do your work, call me once free. He ends call and says she went there. Sophie says you don’t think they have some strange connection. Suman dances with the fellow mates. Vikram says yes, they are army officers, they think the same, they have discipline, same uniforms. Sophie says its about emotions, not uniform, what they feel about each other. Shravan also dances and sees Suman. Ek duje…plays… Vikram says yes, but how did you think of it. Sophie says actually. Avni comes and asks them to come for dinner. Vikram says I m hungry, what’s in dinner. The officer says I like to celebrate diwali with you all, but I miss family. Gujral says I find hard to visit home, its been years, my daughter used to be upset with me before, but now she is proud of me, our command is our family now. Officer says my son sends a long letter, some crackers and asks when will I come. Everyone talks. Suman smiles.

Gujral asks Shravan are you missing your family. Shravan says we used to stay here in Bhopal, don’t know whose bad sight caught us, our family isn’t the same now, we lost our happiness, our family broke, everything got shattered, but I celebrated diwali nicely with you all, I feel like I have gained everything back today. Gujral asks Suman. Suman says we used to celebrate diwali at home, dad used to get kheer for his command, since he left…. we don’t celebrate diwali, but this time we were together at home and then I got a chance to get kheer for you all like dad used to bring. She cries.

Suman says after he left, I felt there is nothing in life, he gave me a purpose, serving the country, he lived for it, I m living for it. Saurabh says the kheer is sweet and it got all the fun on diwali. Bassi says you can just say that, pass me some kheer. Suman and Shravan see each other. He says you got much emotional today. She says yes, I m also a human. He asks her what does she want to ask. He gets a call. He says I will be there. Colonel says you have to report here before sunrise. Shravan says yes, sure.

Suman asks is everything fine. He says yes, I have to report there, I have to go. She says you are an injured soldier, you can’t go. He says I have to follow my commanding officer, you would also know it. Sophie says I just came to take some fresh air. Avni says I know you are really nice, you won’t do anything that hurts anyone. Sophie asks really, I didn’t think so. Avni says I have a request, Shravan is much imp to me, he is Vikram’s friend, whatever happened with Suman and Shravan, don’t discuss any old thing. Sophie asks what do you want to say, I know what was between them, Shravan told me, they have nothing now, I have no intention, you don’t have to worry. Avni says thanks. She goes. Sophie thinks that was strange, why was Avni saying this, it seems there is something between Shravan and Suman which I don’t know.

Suman says we have worked hard, when we are close to total healing, light injury can ruin the hardwork, as a doctor, I don’t think Shravan should go anywhere. Shravan says Sir, I know she worked hard to heal my injury, I also worked hard, but… Gujral gets a call and goes. Shravan asks why are you doing this. She says I m doing my duty, you aren’t ready for it, if anything happens to you, then I can’t forgive myself, I mean, as a doctor. He says I can’t forgive myself as a soldier if I don’t follow senior’s command. They argue. Gujral comes and says let Shravan go. Suman says Sit… Gujral says I don’t know details, matter is urgent, let him go, good luck captain. Shravan thanks him. Suman gets sad. He says my fate was good, its fine, fate can change any time. He goes. Suman looks on.

Sophie meets Vikram. She thinks lets find out if Suman will come without Shravan. She says Vikram, we shall plan something. Vikram calls Suman. Suman says no Vikram, you go. Suman worries for Shravan. She cries. Ek duje…plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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