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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Story of Jhonny Joker

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Angoori watching news, Reporter talks about Jhonny Joker who entertained almost 40 lakhs people and then ruined his career in Gambling, and debts and died, Angoori gets emotional, and starts crying, says i wish i could help him, Tiwari asks whats wrong, Angoori says Jhonny Joker died i was his huge fan, he use to come to my hometown, Jokers are true artist they entertain people, Tiwari says why are you crying, Angoori says my fav artist died, Tiwari says come here lets get romantic, Angoori says go to sleep.

Vibhu drunk, in cemetery, drinking seats near grave a man walks to him, and says don’t cry, people have to go, what relation did you have with Jhonny Joker, Vibhu says who is that, man says the grave near which your seating, Vibhu says i dont know him, man says why are you crying, Vibhu says this world humiliated me, made a joker of him, Man says same happened with me, because i was unemployed and then tool this security guard job. Vibhu tells him his story, that today morning… …
Teeka Tilu Malkan telling story that a monkey took away their clothes, all laughing, Tiwari says once me and Vibhu coming from Prems wifes bday party and Vibhu was wearing red shirt, and a bull attacked him, all start laughing, Prem says Vibhu is clown of this colony, Vibhu walks there, Tiwari and boys make fun of Vibhu and humiliate him, Vibhu says i am not a joker.

Security guard says you are so week, Vibhu says its not a little thing, theres more…
Vibhu walks to Angoori, Angoori says i am upset don’t bother me, Vibhu asks why, Angoori says Jhonny Joker died, i am his huge fan, Angoori says whenever i see you, you make me laugh and remind me of Jhonny Joker and leaves crying. Vibhu feels bad.

Vibhu tells security guard that he thought his mother won’t think of him the way the world thinks and so went home and there……
Helan and David drinking, David says you have become very addictive, Helan says its because of you, David says enjoy your drinks, Helan says shut up, David saya Ahuti has taught all to drink, Helan says he ruined my kid, David says he was ruined since childhood, Helan says no he was brightbut Ahuti made him lazy, David says i caught Vibhu in 5th class drinking, Helan says at times of going in tour but this unemployed child, Vibhu hears that, Helan says god give noone such useless child.

Security guard starts hearing Vibhus story and says this world ill treated me too and so i came here, i pray to ghosts to possess me and then rule the world, Vibhu says this gave me ab idea and now Jhonny Joker.

Vibhu meets Angoori in morning, Angoori asks whats wrong, Tiwari joins them and again humiliates him, Vibhu says its my bad time now, Tiwari says your time was never good, Angoori says go visit some baba or tantric, I think there some ghost issue, Saxena asks where is ghost, Tiwari says here Vibhu, Saxena says he is human and says Ramkali how are you babes, Angoori says how dare you call Amaji, Saxena says im talking about ghost dancing behind you, Angoori says even i want to see, Saxena says actually i studied and prayed a lot for this, Tiwari asks how maby ghosts are there, Saxena counts and says here 25. Vibhu says do you think all are mad, Saxena says forget me why were you sleeping on Jhonny Jokers grave last night, Tiwari says forget it and drags Angoori inside.

Tiwari and boys at tea stall, security guard asks for tea, Tiwrai says you are alive, and where did you go, He says cemetery, Malkan says suits you, he says i have a a companion Vibhuti, Tiwari asks why is he there, He says Vibhu is a ghost now, i have seen him getting possessed, boys get scared, and says last night he came drunk and started crying in Jhonny Jokers grave and Jhonny Joker got emotional and possessed him, boys and Tiwari fear and says we dont believe, Guard says do come will give you live footage.

Pre cap:Tiwari asks Vibhu to come to Amajis party and entertain everyone as Joker. At party Vibhu walks in as Jhonny Joker

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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