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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani finds parking slip of accident’s place

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Rani says don’t mess with me. I will tell Kiara about your first wife. He says what? What wife? Rani says the one who walks weirdly. He says stop this drama. Rani says I have to prepare for your tale party. Veer says Cocktail. The party starts. rani roams around. She sees all the arrangements. Rani says to Aarun to serve nachos. She sees Jai.

Rani says I won’t miss my chance this time. Jai gets a call. He goes out. He calls someone and says you’re so useless. You can’t do something so small. Someone pats on his back. Nandani says what is this tension on your face like you were talking to a girl? He says what rubbish? Nandani says I was joking. He says non-sense jokes. I am a prince and you’re talking about me being characterless. Veer says is everything okay? He says I reacted. It was a work call so pressure. Veer says nothing is more important than family. Jai says sorry Nandani. He kisses her hand. Rani says are our minds thinking the same? He’s so weird. Veer says you can’t give him a character certificate. Rani says don’t you worry about your sister? He says more than you think but I don’t need to ask you. She says prevention is better than treatment. When a girl is married in the village we investigate. He says focus on your work. Rani says in my heart how do I tell you this man isn’t good.

Kiara says Rani bring our drinks. Rani brings drinks. Rani see Jai and spills drink on the table. Kiara says you’re so useless and irritating. Vikram says relax. Arun says I will get it cleaned. You got to check the kitchen. Rani laeves. Rani says this man has some proof. Rani collides with Shanti. The clothes fall. She says these are Jai’s clothes. They fell because of you. Rani sees a parking slip in it. She takes it. Rani says this parking slip is of the time when the accident happened. The time is also the same. I will give this proof to Vijay. He will be in jail and my dad would be out.

Scene 2
Kiara calls Rani. Kiara says bring my dish. She sees Pinku and says why are you peeking in? Were you planning to hit me with a ball again? He says no I was just seeing the party. In our village, we only celebrate on dhol. Kiara says what did you see then? He says this party is boring. Kiara says so my party is boing? Show us your dance. Rani says he’s a kid. He doesn’t dance. Kiara says make my party entertaining. Nandani says Rani come on. One dance. Pinku says everyone is happy. Let’s dance. VIkram cheers for her.

Rani and Pinku get on the floor and start dancing. Rani says you will go to jail. Rajeshwari is getting ready in her room. Hari sends her a photo. rani is shocked. He called her. Hari says Rani saved you yesterday. I will take my price. I will expose your secret. Rajeshwari says come to the house and take your money otherwise I will get you in the missing person’s list. Hari laughs and says the maid saved you and you’re saving.. Rajeshwari hangs up. Rajeshwari calls someone and says start the arrangements. I will show him who I am.

Rani and Pinku are dancing. Everyone is laughing. Rani sees them mocking. She says Pinku stop. Veer says stop it. Veer says what nonsense is this? Kiara says don’t be a party popper. We were having so much fun. Rajeshwari said to Veer he can’t be mad at Kiara for low-class people. Veer looks at Rani. Rani asks Pinku to stop ad come out with him. He says we were having so much fun. Why are you shouting at me? Babu ji isn’t with me and you’re shouting at me. He leaves. Veer says you didn’t have to shout at him. It was your mistake. rani says everything is my mistake in this city. In village people used to enjoy this dance of us and everyone mocked us here. He says this is a city. It’s not like your village. Why don’t you understand? Vikram says bro Kiara is waiting. Rani says your couple is made for each other. You’re a prince and princess. Veer says sometimes a family’s happiness is more important than us. You’re doing everything for your dad and I am doing all this for Rajeshwari. rani says in heart I have to take babu ji back and do engineering. But first I have to get real culprit behind the bars.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani spills juice on Jai. She says come to the room let me clean it. Jai says you wanted to meet me alone. I saw you were only noticing me. Rani says want to know? This parking slip.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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