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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 20

Hey all!!!!

Recap Episode 19: Neil wins Kia’s custody. Hanuman agrees for Mineil’s marriage. Zoya and Adi visit their farmhouse. A mysterious servant notices Zoya. Kuhu-kunal goes honeymoon. Sameer puts the ring on Naina’s finger.

Here we go – Episode 20

Scene 1

Sameer: Mom, I know everything. I also know that me and Naina love each other.

Hearing this Vishaka is shocked!!!! Sunaina also surprised…

Vishaka: No, who told you these things?

Sameer: I myself remembered everything ma.

Vishaka: Someone confused you Sameer.

Sameer: Mom, please stop your drama. I got my memory back. You know what, for past few days whenever I see Naina, I had some flashes in my mind. When I start to think of it, my head hurts. The same happened today. But today, I didn’t stop when my head hurts. I continued to think of it and then I got my memory back.

Vishaka and Sunaina are taken aback. Rest all others are happy.

Sunaina: No Sameer, I lost you once before. Now also I won’t. Please accept me. You have to marry me only.

She comes and snatches the ring from Naina’s finger. But Sameer stops her hand and pushes her away.

Poonam: Aunty, look at this. Naina and Sameer’s love brought Sameer’s memory back.

Sameer: Mom, you have a flight for both Delhi and Ahmedabad after 2 hrs. You can leave now.

Vishaka: Sameer, you are chasing your mom away from you?

Sameer: If our relation needs to be fine, then leave this place. And also take Sunaina with you and go.

Vishaka angrily asks Sunaina to pack things and they leave!!!

Rakesh: But Sameer, you could have told your mother to be here.

Sameer: For what sir? She will create more ruckus in our lives. It’s better to be separated.

Rakesh agrees and he also leaves. Sameer and Naina stand staring at each other.

Poonam, Munna and Pandit also goes.

Sameer: Naina…

Naina comes and hugs Sameer. She cries!!!

Sameer: Naina, your cry time is over. It’s a happy time. I’m back.

Naina: I missed you these days.

Sameer: Naina, listen. For me, I think this memory loss was also good. Only because of that, I’m here with you. Orelse we would have been living separately.

Naina: That’s correct.

Munna: Lovebirds, can we come?

Naina: Thank you to three of you. Without you people, this would have not been possible.

Sameer, Munna and Pandit then hug. And Poonam- Naian hug each other. Then all share a group hug.

Pandit: Naina, when is Preeti coming here?

Everyone gets surprised.

Naina: She will come here this weekend. Why?

Pandit: Ah..Nothing. If she also come, then it would be fun right?

Naina: Yes, I miss her a lot.

Sameer (naughtily looking at Pandit): Even someone else also miss her.

Naina: Who?

Sameer: Ah nothing.

Poonam: Ok Naina, you go home and take rest. Tomorrow is first day to class nah. So, go and rest.

Naina: Ok didi.

Naina waves bye to the boys and leave!!!

Poonam also goes in.

Munna: Someone misses Preeti a lot itseems.

Sameer: Pandit, tell us the truth. Do you love Preeti?

Pandit: I don’t know guys. But whenever I see her, I get so happy. But I don’t know if it is love or not. Let the days go. After that, I will decide. Till then, nothing.

Munna: He is blushing.

Sameer and Munna make fun of Pandit and they three share a light moment.

Scene 2

Kuhu wakes up from the sleep and sees time…She screams!!! Kunal wakes up.

Kunal: what happened? Why are you shouting?

Kuhu: Look at the time. It’s eve. Come get ready soon. We need to go for sight-seeing. Come Kunal….

Kunal: Ok..ok..ok my boss lady. Go and get freshen up.

Kuhu goes.

After sometime, both go for outing.

They go for dolphin show.

Kunal clicks pics of Kuhu. They both click many pictures. They enjoy a lot.

They see an astrologer sitting.

Kuhu: Kunal look at that. We will go there and check on it.

Kunal: When did you started to believe in astrology?

Kuhu: I won’t believe but that will be fun. Come.

They both go. The astrologer tells the scope by reading their palms.

Astrologer: Who is coming first?

Kuhu: Look for me first.

Astrologer looks her palm and then tells.

Astrologer: You are born and brought up in a rich Gujarati family, right?

Kuhu and Kunal get surprised.

Kuhu: Yes.

Astrologer: Your family adopted a girl who eventually became your closest sister.

Kuhu: Yes, that’s true. Tell us the future.

Astrologer: You will have three kids. That too three girls.

Kuhu feels shy and looks at Kunal.

Astrologer: You will face small problems in your marital life due to a girl.

Kuhu gets shocked.

Kuhu: A girl?

Astrologer: Yes, but your love will help you to overcome all the challenges and you will live long happily.

Kuhu gets happy.

Kuhu: Look for him now.

Astrologer: You also like her only, devoted to your brother, right?

Kunal: Yes.

Astrologer: The problem between you two will be because of a girl. And that girl is already a known girl to you. You were so close to her.

Kunal is shocked. Kuhu sees him suspiciously.

Astrologer: But don’t leave or doubt your wife even at any instance. No matter who complain about her. The love will help you to solve all the riddles of your life.

Kunal thanks him and they pay him and goes.

Kuhu: Kunal, who might be that girl? That too you were too close to her?

Kunal: Leave that. Come, enjoy the nature. It’s amazing here.

Kuhu: Yes…

Kunal starts to think of the girls he knows…

Kuhu: What are you thinking?

Kunal: Nothing…

They both enjoy the sunset!!!

Scene 3

Mishti: Abir, see this design. How is it?

Abir: Good Mishti.

Mishti: Abir, should we really need to do this?

Abir: Merging our two NGO’s into one is not a big deal Mishti.

Mishti: But, instead of merging it we can start a new one together nah?

Abir: Mishti, why are you not interested in merging?

Mishti: It’s because, I won’t have my own identity. My NGO is small, but I made it from scratch. I didn’t even take money from bade papa. Initial amount was from my savings. Now, if we merge it, people will know it as rajvansh family’s NGO and not Mishti’s.

Abir: So, you are not rajvansh family then?

Mishti: I’m not telling you like that Abir, but please understand.

Meenakshi and Rajshri comes there.

Meenakshi: We both agree with Msihti.

Abir: Ma, you too??

Meenakshi: Abir, whether it is boy or girl, every mom will love to see their children standing in their own legs. Let your both NGO’s be a separate one itself.

Rajshri: Yes Abir. You know what, she doesn’t want it to be a Maheshwari family’s NGO. She wanted it to be hers. Let it be. It’s her identity and individuality.

Abir: Ok fine. I thought to merge it as after marriage, it will be easy to look after our work. But if you all insist, I’m not gonna do this. Now all smile. I’m not that bad boyfriend and husband to snatch my wife’s individuality.

Mishti: Thank you.

Abir hugs Mishti.

Rajshri: We came to tell you one thing. We saw an astrologer. He told us that you both should marry within 3 months.

Abir: But ma…

Meenakshi: Yes, Abir. It’s for your goodness. So, please agree to us.

Abir and Mishti look at each other and tells ok.

Abir: Neil also should get marry in 3 months. Why can’t we have both marriages together. It will be fun.

Rajshri: That’s a good idea. Let Kuhu and Kunal come. We will discuss about this.

Mishti: Fine!!!

Meenakshi: Abir, shall we leave now?

Abir: Yeah sure. Mishti, be ready at tomorrow for our official date…

All smiles.

Meenakshi and Abir leaves!!!

Scene 4

Zoya comes out of the bathroom and sees Yash in the mirror. She gets scared and shouts Adi.

Adi: What happened Zoya? Why are you so scared?

Zoya points at the mirror. She hugs Adi.

Adi looks at mirror and finds nothing.

Adi: What is there? Nothing is there. Why are you scared?

Zoya: I saw Yash in the mirror.

Adi: What rubbish?

Zoya: Adi, trust me. I saw yash.

Adi: Zoya, please come to senses. You must have thinking something.

Zoya: No…

Adi: Ok..ok relax. Come, I have arranged a beautiful dinner for you. Come.

Adi takes Zoya out. They come to garden. Zoya looks at the servant and finds it to be yash.

Zoya screams again.

Zoya: Adi, he is yash.

Adi is shocked.

Adi: He is our servant ram.

Zoya: No…trust me Adi.

Adi: Zoya, please. Stop this nonsense. Come here, sit. I will feed you. He kiss her and comfort her.

Zoya sits and sees the servant. It is ram only and not yash.

She gets confused.

Ram goes from there and calls someone and informs that the work is done.

Scene 5

Mita: Ashok, we need to go to your home.

Ashok: Mita, please understand, we cannot go there. Stay here. Please.

He goes saying this.

They stay in some house.

Mita: I will go to Ashok’s house with full respect. I will show Babita whom I am.

Mita’s mom: Don’t stress yourself. Come sleep.

Mita goes to sleep.

Ashok goes to Patiala Babes restaurant. He sees Mini and Babita working. He also sees Arya and thinks that she should be Babita and Hanuman’s child. He then sees Kia and Neil playing with Mini. He fumes seeing Neil. Ashok once again looks at Babita and smile seeing her. He thinks of his wedding with her, their wedding night and all the romantic times of them. He then hears Isha talking to some goons and planning to attack Mini. He gets shocked. He goes to confront her.

Ashok: Who the hell are you? Why are you planning to attack my daughter?

Isha: Who are you? I don’t know your daughter.

Ashok: Mini is my daughter.

Isha: What rubbish?

Ashok tells her the story.

Isha introduces herself.

Isha: I want my husband and child back.

Ashok: I don’t want to comment on you as I also cheated my wife. But I want my daughter to lead a simple and happy life and not such a complicated life with Neil. So, I join with you. I won’t let Mini to marry Neil.

Isha: Thanks.

Ashok: But don’t plan this attack.

Isha: Sure, I will drop it.

Ashok leaves.

Isha signs the goons to continue their attack.

!!!To be Continued!!!

Precap: A romantic moment between Hanuman-Babita and Mini-Neil which angers Ashok. Rakesh helps Shanti teacher in cooking. Samaina’s first day. Kuhu-Kunal’s romance. Mishbir’s date. Zoya experiences more spooky things.


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