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All I Have Is You (Immj2 ff) ~ #2 Heartbreaks and dejection

The episode starts as…..

Riddhima is on her way towards the beach when suddenly she gets a call. She recieves the call and is shocked to hear what the caller said her. However she gathers some courage and says ok. She then cuts the call and starts crying. Then, she wipes her tears and goes towards the beach. She reaches the beach and sees Kabir and fakes a smile. Kabir looks at her and asks her if she is ready for her gift. She nods and Kabir get down on his knees and takes out a ring from his pocket.

Kabir: Riddhima, from the first time I have seen you till today I have loved every moment that I have spent with you. Every time that I have been with you are the most precious moments of my life, I can’t express in words how much I love you, how much I have longed for this moment. Every time when I am with you I feel that I am the happiest person in this world and I want to continue feeling that for the rest of my life. Will you marry me!?

Riddhima stands shocked and says: No Kabir! This is not possible….Infact today itself I was going to inform you that I don’t want to continue our relationship any longer.

Kabir: But what happened suddenly Riddhima? Till morning everything was fine and you were so happy then why do you want to break up with me suddenly?

Kabir tries to touch her shoulder but she holds his hand and throws it reflexively.

Riddhima: I don’t want to explain anything to you Kabir and I don’t even want to see your face anymore. I hate you! Don’t you dare come near me again!

Saying this she turns back and leaves. Tears flow down her eyes and she says, “Sorry Kabir”. She recalls the call that she had received earlier. The caller says, ” Your best friend Sejal has been kidnapped and if you think this is a joke, you can already check your gallery and don’t you even think of informing the police or else before the police starts investigating her dead body will reach you!” Riddhima says, ” No please! Don’t harm her! What do you want?” The kidnapper says, “Then go and break all ties with Inspector Kabir and then call me.” Flashback ends.

Meanwhile, Kabir stands there shocked and tears flow down his eyes. He thinks, “Where did I go wrong Riddhima? When did I ever hurt you that you took such a hard decision? Why Riddhima Why? I loved you from my heart and you did this to me!” He cries for awhile and then wipes his tears and says,”I always loved you Riddhima, even if you don’t love me I only love you and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I will do everything that brings a smile on your face and if staying away from you does that than I will never show my face to you again!” He throws the ring in the sea and leaves from the beach.

Riddhima takes out her phone and calls the kidnapper. The kidnapper receives the call and asks her if she had done what he had told her to do so. She replies in affirmative and asks him to please free Sejal now and not to harm her. He says, ” You have only done half of my work. Now you will have to do as I say”. She cries and agrees.

Riddhima reaches the hostel and sees the bunker bed and remembers Sejal. She remembers all their moments and cries. She then remember how she has rejected Kabir and says, ” I am sorry Kabir, Even I was waiting for this moment and was longing to say yes to you and wear that ring fron your hand but I couldn’t, I don’t know who is that kidnapper and what is his motive?” She takes a teddy and recalls when Kabir gifted her that teddy. Kabir says, ” Even when I am not with you this teddy will remind you of my love and me….This teddy will remind you of US!” Flashback ends.

Riddhima holds the teddy and lays down on the bed and cries. She is in an emotional turmoil. She remembers all her moments with Kabir and Sejal and thinks that she couldn’t even do justice to one of her relation. With all these thoughts storming inside her head, she somehow fell asleep unaware of what lies ahead in store for her.

Precap: The kidnapper calls Riddhima and asks her to go to the VR enterprises and apply for job as the PA of the owner.

So this is all for today! I just hope that I entertained you and didn’t make it too boring but I just wanted to present everyone’s feeling with clarity (fingers crossed that you like it). Do tell me how many of you guesssed it right that why did Riddhima reject Kabir? And what do you think will happen ahead?

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