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Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 5

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The episode starts with the whole family shocked seeing Aman and Roshni in towel, together in the bathtub. Saima closes the eyes of Chotu to stop him from seeing. Then, quickly they turn their back towards them. Parveen angrily asks Aman, “What is happening here, Aman???” Aman nervously says, “Actually, Ammi the water in the shower stopped all of a sudden!!!” Sarah interrupts and says, “So you thought to take your bath together with Bhabhijan in the bathtub??? HOW ROMANTIC!!!” All giggle, while Aman and Roshni feel embarrassed. Parveen tells her to shut up and continues to inform Aman to get himself out of this mess and come downstairs for breakfast. The family slowly leaves outside. Aman and Roshni still feel embarrassed. Roshni starts feeling uncomfortable and closes her chest with her arms. Aman sensing her discomfort, quickly turns his face on the opposite side. Then, he gets up takes a towel and drapes it around her neck saying, “You take bath here comfortably, while I will go to the guest room and have my shower.” (Kahani hamari plays) Roshni looks smilingly at him, “Allah knows best!!! Even though Khan shows too much of attitude to me most of the time, he is also very caring and sweet at the same time.”

Roshni and Aman take their bath and come to their bedroom in bathrobe, both are embarrassed. Aman quickly goes to open the cupboard and tries to take out his shirt and blazer, he is unable to find the ones which he wants to wear, he calls Baazigar. This time, Baazigar comes there, but flies past Aman and sits on the window. Aman calls out once again, but Baazigaar ignores him by turning away his head, Aman gets angry and says, “Baazigar, nowadays you have started showing too much of ATTITUDE to me.” Roshni murmurs, “After all who is his owner.” Aman asks her, “Did you say something???” Roshni continues, “Let me just help you!!!!” She goes near the cupboard in front of Aman, he starts feeling weird once again and moves away.  Roshni takes the exact clothes which Aman wanted to wear and places them into his hands. Aman is amazed and asks her, “How did you know that I wanted to wear these???” Roshni replies, “Allah knows best!!! Why wouldn’t I??? After all you are my Shohar !!!!” Aman eyes widen, while Roshni corrects herself and says nervously, “I meant to say you always wear these BORING CLOTHES and BORING COLOURS.” Aman quietens her saying, “Total Rubbish!!! You think my choice of clothes and colours are BORING, do you know I’m one of the most handsome MEN in LUCKNOW!!!” Roshni laughs, “Allah know best! Khan Baba!!! HANSOME???”, up Baazigaar too seems to be amused. Aman gets irritated, shakes his head and goes.

Outside Rakh Jin and Adaa are watching closely Roshni and Aman, Adaa is totally frustrated seeing Roshni’s laughter, she asks Rakh Jinn this time you told that your plan will work, but your plan just seems to bring them closer rather than bringing a rift between them. Rakh Jinn tells her, “Can’t you see every time we plan something; it is always ROSHNI who always foils our plans!!! This time I will set such a trap for Roshni she herself walks falls into our trap, without being a hindrance to it!!!!”

Downstairs Sara, Saima and chotu are looking impatiently for Aman and Roshni. Soon, Aman comes downstairs and sits on the dining table, Roshni follows while Adaa hurries before. Parveen tells Adaa, “Have a seat, Adaa.” Adaa pulls the chair beside Aman to have a seat. Aman is shocked and Roshni is saddened on seeing that. While Baby, Sara, Saima and chotu are disgusted. Dadi stops calling out Adaa and says, “Aman’s Nikah happened with Roshni and not with you, while yours and Aman’s Nikah was fixed but never happened, INSHALLAH, I believe, whatever happened was Allah’s grace and Allah’s will!!! So, LET Aman’s biwi sit with him!!!!” Adaa is annoyed but however leaves her place to Roshni. Roshni comes and sits near Aman, both of them feel relieved and share looks at each other. (bgm plays)

Sara signs at chotu, Chotu asks dadi, “Dadi in our school, girls and boys have different toilets, so can a girl and boy TAKE BATH TOGETHER???” Aman chokes on hearing that question, Parveen is about to help, when Roshni taps on his head and gives him juice. Parveen becomes exasperated. Dadi and Baby giggle at Chotu’s question, and Dadi continues, “Not all BOYS and GIRLS can!!! BUT….” She looks at Aman and Roshni and says, “A MIA and BIWI CAN!!!!” Baby gets confused, “But we are going to do Imam Zamin of Roshni and Aman, so who are the Mia, Biwi here???” Dadi taps on her head, Baby continues, “Oh yeah I forgot!!! Aman and Roshni’s Nikah already happened once!!! So, shall we go to Roshni’s house for the Rasam, Ammi” Adaa interrupts saying, “Excuse me all of you, but I need to go back to my house!!!” Parveen is shocked and says, “But Adaa…” Adaa stops her and tells, “No Ammi, it’s better I don’t try to come in between Aman and Roshni now!!!” She then turns and leaves the Junaid Mahal smirking.

Parveen is completely infuriated, she tells Dadi, “All of go to this courtesan’s house and celebrate her Imam Zamin, but I’m not going to step in such a woman’s household, nor ever accept such a woman as my DAUGHTER-IN-LAW ever!!!”

Parveen leaves angrily from there, while Roshni is in tears. Aman looks on disappointedly towards Roshni.


To be continued.

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