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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira take disguises

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna saying we have to win his heart. Naira says we don’t have to burn Raavan now, but we have to make him like Ram. Manish and Dadi look on. Samarth thinks Diwali will never be celebrated in this house now. Naira says we must bring light of truth and love, we must unite the brothers, Ram, Laxman and Bharat. They see Manish and Dadi. Dadi cries. Kartik says this is our promise, this Diwali, we will unite everyone. Naksh checks the savings box.

Devyaani, Kirti and Bhabhimaa joke seeing him. He breaks the piggy bank. He says I just have some coins in piggy bank. He sits counting money. Kirti clicks his pic and smiles. Lav says I don’t think dad will celebrate this time. Naira says I was just… she gets Bhabhimaa’s call. Bhabhimaa asks is everything

fine there. Naira says it will get fine soon. Bhabhimaa says Lord Vishnu in Krishna avatar has killed Narkasur on this day, we can end all the evil in our lives if we try. Naira says we can save others from going to hell as well. Bhabhimaa says why not, we can try. Kartik does aarti. Naira holds Samarth and Akhilesh’s hands. She gets them to the aarti. Kartik smiles. Kartik gives aarti to everyone. Samarth stops Naira from doing tilak. Naira says let me do, its imp, chandan tilak will calm your mind. Samarth says no, you might trick me by some story.

Manish says no, its the truth of the past. Naira says our truth can look different because of perception. Kartik tells everything. Samarth says you mean this is the truth, whatever I have seen was a lie, do you think I m such a big fool, you are making new stories, stop it. Samarth says I will do it on the day of Diwali. He goes. Akhilesh says I m tired now, its better that we don’t interfere in each other’s lives, you have made my sons away, don’t snatch my friend. He goes. Kartik says we have an idea. Manish says don’t do anything more, I can’t see Akhilesh worried. Kartik says even we can’t see this, we have to bring Samarth’s truth out. Dadi says Naira focus on your health, Kartik make sure she takes medicines on time. She goes. Suwarna says I m with you. She does tilak to them and encourages. Kartik asks Naira to delete the idea she got. She says listen to me. He says no. She says tell me if you have any idea. He says I don’t have. She tells her idea and says thanks for accepting the idea. She kisses on his cheek. They have a cute moment. She says Lord Vishnu has killed Narkasur. He says it means we have to kill Narkasur too. She says no, we will end just evil.

Samarth says what shall I do that breaks them down. He sees the newspaper and says new property, great, we have a haveli already. He calls Mr. Jalan and proposes the deal. Kartik talks to him on call. At the casino, Samarth says Jalan will come soon. He thinks you will be losing the haveli, you don’t know the papers which I will be showing them. Kartik and Naira walk in some disguise. Naira dresses as Mr. Raghunath Jalan. Kartik dresses as Mrs. Jalan. Aaj ki raat….plays…. FB shows Naira asks Kartik to think of some business offer. Kartik says Mr. Jalan wanted to make a hotel on our haveli land. She says great, we have to take risk, Mr. Jalan is think and short like me, you are taller and broader. He says no sorry, we won’t do this. She says you have to agree. FB ends. Naira says maybe your fate isn’t good, don’t feel bad by my words. Samarth says its fine, I will try now. Kartik says don’t feel bad. Naira introduces herself as Mr. Jalan. Akhilesh says we have exchanged some emails before. He introduces himself. Naira says sorry, Manish is very stubborn, I m ready to pay any price, he doesn’t want to sell the haveli, its my first preference. Samarth smiles. Kartik and Naira leave.

Samarth says Akhilesh and I are ready to sell haveli, you also sign. Naira reveals her truth. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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