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Vikram Betaal 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram exposes Danteshwar

Vikram Betaal 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram taking woman’s avatar and playing flute. All Bhairav Panti hear the music. They say who is this foolish woman to sit on tree and playing flute. He says it seems she wants to divert our attention, and says she shall be punished. Others ask him not to punish her. They think that Gurudev forgot about love, but we can think about it. Vikram thinks I will expose the guilty among you, who is guilty of prabha devi. Bhujan hears anklet sound and gets up. Kapali also wakes up. They come near the tree and look for the beautiful woman. Vikram in woman’s avatar comes there. She asks them if she can have some water. They say yes and argue to make her drink with their hand. She says I think I shall leave from here hopeless. Guru ji comes and says nobody leaves from here thirsty.

He asks her to put forward her kalash and fills water in it using cloud water. He asks her to drink it. She drinks it and says she will leave. Guru ji says who is she? She says she stays in jungle and likes to talk to nature. Guru ji thinks I have to be careful. She sings and dances.

Bhujan and Kapali get mesmerized with her beauty. They think to express their feelings to her. They come infront of her. She says you came here early morning. They tell that they want to marry her. She says you are bhairav Panti. They say that they want to have a normal life. She says she can marry both, but as she is van kanya, she is allowed to marry only one man. She asks them to fight a war and says she will marry the winner. Vikram in the woman thinks these two must be guilty and Dhanteshwar Guru ji is innocent. Kapali and Bhujan start fighting. They tell that they have compromised that day for that lady, but not today. Vikram thinks it seems Prabha vati was that woman. Danteshwar Guru ji comes there and stops their fight. Bhujan and kapali tell that they want to marry this woman. Danteshwar says we are Bhairav Panti. Bhujan and Kapali tell that they can’t live without her. Danteshwar says they are bhairav panti and can’t marry. Vikram as lady tells that she wants to marry both, but can marry one of them. She says she wants to have a strong son like him and is ready to do anything. Danteshwar says he is ready to give her a child and asks her to stay there as his sevika. He says your wish will be fulfilled.

Vikram as lady says that it is a sin. Danteshwar says no and tells that her wish will be fulfilled. She asks if this has happened before also. Danteshwar tells that there was a sevika here before and she had son with all of us. She asks how? Bhujan says we made her unconscious and then..he laughs. Danteshwar says you want baby with your wish. She asks what is the woman’s name and her son. Danteshwar says that lady’s name was prabhavati and that son’s name is devrath. Vikram recalls promising Prabhavati to get justice. She says you have accepted your sin and says jai mahakal, she becomes Vikram. Vikram says you all are guilty and will be punished. Danteshwar says you have done wrong with us, and tells that nobody will believe you. He says you have won for yourself, but failed for others. Vikram says I will make your illusion end. They see prabhavati, devrath and others coming there. Betaal thinks he have to see if Vikram will succeed or Aghoris fool him.

Danteshwar fights with Vikram. Vikram falls down and gets unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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