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Udaan 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj dies

Udaan 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor looking for Suraj. She shouts Suraj and cries. Anjor wakes up and shouts daddy. She asks Tejaswini to call him. Doctor asks her to calm down. He says her BP has got high, she can get unwell if she takes stress, call Suraj fast. Rajjo says your phone is ringing. Chakor answers Tejaswini’s call. Tejaswini says Anjor wants to meet Suraj, her BP got high, get Suraj here fast. Chakor cries. Tejaswini says make Anjor talk to Suraj. Anjor takes the phone. She says I have seen a bad dream, I want to meet dad, get him. Chakor says he isn’t here right now, don’t worry, I will make you talk to him. Anjor asks promise. Chakor says promise. Anjor calms down.

Chakor recalls Suraj dying in the blast. She cries. Bhawri comes there. Anjor says I have seen a bad dream, so I wanted to meet dad. Tejaswini says he will come to meet you soon. Anjor says yes, mumma promised me, she never breaks her promise. Bhawri holds Chakor. She says we have found Suraj everywhere, but we didn’t get him, I think he fell down the cliff. Chakor runs from there. She looks for Suraj. She stops and sees Suraj’s shoe. She hugs it. She gets wallet somewhere else. Lamhe chod kar….plays…. She cries. Bhawri says we didn’t get his dead body anywhere. Chakor sees Suraj’s pic and kisses it. It starts raining. Her sindoor gets washed off. She cries. Everyone cries in the village. Rajjo scolds all the villagers.

She blames everyone for supporting Vikram. Pradhan apologizes to Chakor. He asks her to have belief in Lord. Some guy is seen. He gets dressed in a cool avatar. Tejaswini calls Chakor and asks for Suraj. She asks where are you and Suraj, why didn’t you leave from there, answer me. Chakor says Suraj is with me, I m getting him with me. Rajjo says I will come along. They leave in the car. Chakor thinks of Suraj. Mahiya…plays… The car stops on the way. Chakor sees the procession. Suraj’s lookalike dances with the people. My name is Lakhan…plays…. Chakor says Suraj…. she faints. He holds her.

Chakor asks for Suraj. The man says his name is Raghav. Raghav flirts with Chakor. She asks him to play a drama of her daughter’s father.

Update Credit to: Amena

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