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Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 3)

Next day:

Swaragini were very much excited and where happily working. Laksh to was there.

Swara and Laksh chit chated and Ragini remained silent.


Laksh was standing on a stool and was hanging flower garland.  Ragini was making the flower garland, sitting on the ground, and Laksh was admiring her. His full concentration was on her.

Ragini was unaware of all these and when she finished making garland, she stood up from there and started to leave.

Meanwhile Swara came there and started to talk to her, and she was unknowingly blocking Laksh’s view. Laksh was frustrated by Swara and leaned to a side to get a better view of Ragini, without realizing that the stool on which he was standing was loosing its balance.

He was so lost in Ragini and the stool tripped, making him fall on his back.

He hit the floor badly and screamed.

Swaragini panicked and screamed his name loudly and ran to him, but Swara was faster, she pulled him and made him stand, asking him about the fall.

Ragini felt bad, but she ran inside to get gel.

Swara made Laksh sit on the chair, laksh was severe back ache and Ragini returned with the gel by then. Swara took it from her and was about to apply to him. Ragini looked at her shocked, he had back pain, what is this girl upto?

Laksh who was in so much pain didn’t pay attention to Swara’s doings.

But before she could do anything, Shomi called her and she went to her giving the gel back to Ragini.

She looked at it shocked. How can she apply it on his back?

Rag: Laksh, Laksh, calm done, you,  you would be fine, here, apply this…

She gave him the gel, he knew he won’t reach his back by himself but didn’t ask her anything as he knew her uncomfort.

He just nodded and tried to stand, but stumbled, she held him. He looked at her, she looked away.

Rag: I, you, I mean, you would have trouble in walking, let me help you.

He noded, but was dancing in his mind.

She took him to his room and made him lay down.

Rag: Apply the gel, I will get you pain killer.

Even though she said she is going, she stood there. He sat in long sitting position, and pulled his shirt a bit up. She turned red, but stood there to make sure that he would be fine. He tried to apply, but his  hand was not reaching. She wanted to help him, but hesitated. He tried again, but still he was not able to.

She took the gel from his hand, he looked at her.

Rag: Vo, you, you won’t be able to do it, let, let me do it.

Lak: But,

Rag: Please.

He nodded. He was happy and sad at the same time, he was happy by her care but felt like he was making her uncomfortable.

She asked to lay with his back facing sealing. She pulled his shirt up and applied the gel. Both felt current passing through their body. Both were enjoying this, but tried to stay normal.

After finishing she made him lay with his face facing thr sealing.

Both were avoiding eye contact.

Rag: Pain killers, I will get them.

She ran from there. He smiled.

Lak: You know what, you yourself should do this work, should help me because I fell bevaue of you only. Why can’t you stabd in such a position that I could see you always. You it so your fault only.

Hechuckled. He was happy with what happens a while ago.

Lak: now I feel like falling again and again, so that you  will take care of me.
He smiles widely.

Lak:Gosh, I am turning mad.

He heard her foot steps and kept a stern face. She gave him the tablet and went from there without uttering anything.

He then slept on the medicine effect.

Ragini was walking to and fro in her room and was thinking about him.

Rag: This idiot, where is his concentration, what the hell was he thinking while standing on the stool. Stupid. God knows on which idiot’s thoughts he was. If I get hold of that person na, I would kill him. Huh.

She cursed the person without knowing he was lost in her thoughts only.

She then thought of their closeness, a mail cane on her face.

Rag: But Ragini, why are you thinking so much about him, why do you care for him? You decided to ignore him. But that doesn’t mean that I would stay idle when he is in pain, what I did was humanity only. Oh really, it was humanity, great then why did you smile thinkig your closeness with him? Ragini, control, he doesn’t even look at you. What if he doesn’t? The fact will remain that I love him and I can’t see him suffering. I promised myself that I won’t keep hopes on him, but that doesn’t mean that I stopped loving him. I doubt if I can do it ever. Ha, it is his life, he can do whatever he wants, I won’t interfere, likewise no one can interfere in my thoughts too. I love him and will always do so. But I feel like he likes Swara. Well, let him, I don’t mind… No I really do, but there is nothing I can do with it.

She wiped her tears.

The day went on.


Everyone sat for dinner except Laksh. Ragini was silently searching for him. Why didn’t he come till now? Is he fine, does he still need help to walk? She was worried for him, but took a breath seeing him coming ad looked at him lovingly.

Laksh who was still in pain, doesn’t notice Ragini looking st him and sat on the chair.

They silently had dinner.

Rag: Laksh, vo, are you, are you fine now.

She asked him when has about to leave to his room.

Lak: Yeah I am ok, thank you.

He stared to move.

Rag: Laksh, vo, have this tablet also, you would be completely fine by tomorrow.

He nodded and went away. He was feeling very happy by her concern,

Lak: Hope you will fall for me soon, you are making me mad.

He smiles and sleeps.

Ragini to sleeps thinking of him. She wanted to stay strong, she feels he doesn’t love her and she doesn’t want to hurt him with her one sided love.

Swara on the other side was thinking of her reaction. Why was she so worried for him, what is happening, is she falling for him? She thought of the previous day and today’s events. How friendly  he was with her. She felt very happy with it.

Two days and he was making a special   place in her mind.

But the thing that she didn’t notice is that, if Just two days can affect her this much, how much it would have affected Raglak as they were engaged in past. Wouldn’t thier feeling be huge than hers?  But she was so lost in her thoughts to think of anything else.


How was it, ignore mistakes please☺️.

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