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Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 19

Hi sissy’s. Thanku very very much for ur valuable comments. Love u all.. let’s start now.





Rag: sanskar, u spent this much money only for me? Do u even know how much…

San: stops her. I know I know. How much it costs etc etc. But for the first time I spent it for a valid reason. After all m sanskar maheshwari u know.

Ragini glares.
San: ok ok for u only sanskar.

Ragini smiles.
San: so did u select ur fav finger ring from there? Which one u took?

Ragini opens her hand. He sees it. It was the same ring which he made her wear in ragini’s home.

San: u still have this? But y this one when u have so many design collections?

Rag: for me this is very special sanskar. For this moment it’ll only complete and makes this day even more special. Remaining u can make me wear other day also.

He smiles and makes that ring only to wore her.
San: Ragini.

Rag: hmmm.

San: Don’t u think something is missing.

Rag: wat? Where?

San: in ur accessories.

Ragini sees herself.

Rag: oh yes. Nose ring is missing. Y dint u keep that?

  • San pulled her tightly holds her waist from one hand and from other hand playing with her front hair.

San: in naughty voice. Guess.

Rag: nervously. Y?

San: while kissing,it’ll disturb us. Goes near to kiss her. She keeps her hand between.

Rag: not this soon Mr sanskar.

San: soon? Ragini we r already married.

Rag: so?

Sanskar turns opp side showing fake anger.
Ragini chuckles and kisses his cheek.

Rag: happy.?

San nods in no. She kisses on other cheeks.
Rag: now?
He again nods no. She kisses on nose.

Rag: for today only this much.

San: ok wifey. Only for today.
He hugs her smilingly and says

San: I love you so much.

Rag: hmmm.

San: wat hmmm? I said I love you.

Rag: I told hmmm ok.

San: Ragini it’s enough. U shud also tell.

Rag: ok. Me too.

San: not like this. Say ‘i love you sanskar’.

Rag: nods as no.

San: then? U don’t love me? M dying to hear those words from ur mouth.

Rag: really? First let me tell u, u hide ur identity from me, then u lied me so many times. Confessed ur love when I was hurt. Atleast u deserve this much for hurting me. Wats say?

Keeps her both hand on her waist.
San: ok madam. M ready for ur punishment. Bows his head.

Rag: it’s late now. Shall we go?

San nods. Both hands in hands leave for mm.

@ragsan room
San: so today also on couch?

Rag: u can. Bed is enough large. But golu will also sleep with us.

San: hmmm.. ok. Jumps on bed at one side, sleeps saying . Gn Ragini, GN golu.

Rag: sweety?

San: wat sweety? Oh yes. Ok. GN sweety. Still anyone remained? If yes tell I’ll wish all,GN bed, GN wall, GN couch, GN door,GN…

Rag: laughs. Ok stop stop it’s enough.
Sleep now.

He kisses her cheek and sleeps on his side.
Ragini also smiling and sleeps.

Rag in mind: sry sanskar. U made my day very special. Without making your day special, how can I confess so easily.

Next day ragsan room

Sanskar wakes early. He sees Ragini sleeping peacefully by holding her golu. There was no tension on her face.

San: I always wanted this only Ragini. U shud always be tension free. Always shud b in peace. No one will disturb us now onwards in our life.

He goes to get fresh.
Ragini opens her eyes and says I too want that only, no one shud disturb us.

@breakfast table.
Ragini prepares with help of maid.
Sanskar sits on chair, just then Milan enters smiling.

Mil: so sis, everything sorted.

Sees sanskar glaring him. Then slowly.

Mil: I mean ur maid prob sis. It sorted na.

Ragini smiles seeing them both.

Rag: sanskar, Milan Bhaiya, she’s Lata. She’ll b helping me in my work. Bhaiya sit. U also have breakfast.

Milan slowly looks at sanskar. He nods in yes without smiling. Milan smiles and sits.

Mil: car is ready sir. M waiting outside for u.

San: let’s go.

Rag: wait sanskar. Bhaiya wait for few mins. He will come.

She goes inside. Milan gives naughty smile to sanskar.

Mil: only few mins sir?

San: strict tone. Wait outside.
He goes.

Ragini comes with arti plate. She does his arti. Keeps Tilak.

Rag: many times u visited companies. But today it’s first time that with responsibility u r going. I wish u best of Luck.

San: thanku Ragini. Turns to go. Suddenly kisses ragini’s cheek and runs to car.
Ragini shocked and sees her either sides to confirm none of maid see them. And smiles.

Sanskar tells Milan to make list of his all companies. And started his work seriously.

Shekhar sees this.
She: m happy sanskar that u understood and took all responsibility. Now ur father’s soul will b in peace.

San: thanku uncle. For handling these all things for these many ears. M very thankful to u.

She: no need of thanku sanskar. I bless u to keep on progressing like this.

@evng mm

Sanskar enters and sees that his home is fully changed. It’s luking more beautiful. He calls Ragini.

Mil: sis gone to neighbors home sir. She’ll b back soon.

San: Wats this? Who made this?

Mil: sis sir. She changed all interior designs. All rooms interior also.

San: impressive. It’s really luking very beautiful than early.



How’s this episode sissy’s? I hope ull like this too.

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