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Siddhi Vinayak 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin and Urvashi’s wedding to happen in 3 days

Siddhi Vinayak 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari says you must be in pain after hearing it. It is good though. It will give peace to my son’s soul. I was against this wedding till sometime back but not anymore. I swear on my son’s ashes. I am at peace seeing her yearn for her husband. My son will be at peace seeing you wince in pain. He will be free when Vin and Urvashi will marry and you will yearn for Vin! I can go to any extent to witness that moment even if that means that I have to make that woman my DIL! I swear upon Bappa today. I will submerge Rudra’s ashes in holy water the day Urvashi’s grahpravesh will happen. She rings the temple bell sadly. She walks away sadly. Her words echo in Siddhi’s mind.

Vin is pacing in his room. He cannot stop himself from thinking of what happened lately. He holds his ears and shouts

out loud. Stop all this! He composes himself somehow and goes downstairs. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays in the background. He notices Siddhi sleeping on the sofa. He recalls how he broke all his ties with Siddhi lately. He wipes his tears. Their past moments flash in his mind as he looks at her. He begins to cover her with the duvet when she shifts in her sleep. She opens her eyes just then and he stops in his tracks. That video plays in his mind yet again and he begins to walk away angrily. She requests him not to marry. I am not saying this for myself. Urvashi is very different. He replies that he also thought her to be different. She repeats his words. He says I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t cheated me but I too made a mistake. I will marry Urvashi to fix it. He walks away. Urvashi has seen it all from upstairs. She decides to throw Urvashi out of this house asap!

Manjari asks pundit ji to find a wedding date for Vin and Urvashi’s wedding. Shankar is surprised to see pundit ji there. Manjari tells him she realised it late but she has given her nod to it. I called pundit ji to find a date for the marriage. Urvashi comes downstairs. Vin suggests asking her once as well. Manjari tells Urvashi not to shed tears anymore. You were my younger DIL earlier. You will be my elder DIL now. You will rule over this house after marrying Vin! She hugs Urvashi. Urvashi wonders how she had a change of heart suddenly. Pundit ji shares that there is a mahurat after 3 days. She happily agrees. I will fulfil all those desires in this wedding which I couldn’t fulfil in the previous one! Prachi and Siddhi look on unhappily. Shankar goes to drop Pundit ji.

Vin requests Urvashi to come with him. I have to say something to you. Manjari tells them to go ahead. Who will stop you guys now? You will be married in 3 days. Vin and Urvashi leave. Manjari gives Gauri the responsibility of kitchen. Rajvir and Prachi are told to decorate the house. She tells Siddhi to keep her eyes open and see every ritual taking place. Your every hope will die in the fire of this wedding! She announces that the mehendi ritual will happen in the evening.

Urvashi asks Vin what he wants to tell her. He says I wanted to know what your opinion on the wedding is. I know there cannot be any forgiveness for what happened that night. I am willing to support you for my entire life. Would you like to marry me too? Urvashi smirks.

Prachi asks Siddhi why she dint stop Vin Bhaiya. He is already married. Siddhi asks her if she should take legal action against him. It will only create more drama. Prachi suggests taking someone’s help. Pratima Dadi can help. Siddhi denies. She has done enough for us already. I don’t think there is any way to stop my wedding. Only an angel can help me now.

Urvashi calls Vin her angel. I trust you that you will get me the respect that I deserve. I accept this wedding. He thanks her. You know that our wedding will be different than other weddings. I can give you my name but nothing else. I wont be able to even give you my love! Urvashi thinks once she gets his name, she will automatically get everything!

Mehendi celebrations are on in Kundra Mansion. Manjari happily dances and pulls everyone for a dance one by one. Urvashi is too eager to dance as well. Manjari finally pulls Vin and Urvashi for a dance. Urvashi dances happily around Vin. Siddhi comes downstairs all dressed up. Everyone stops awkwardly in their tracks. Manjari is pleased to have separated Siddhi and Vin today. It will be so soothing for Rudra’s soul. Siddhi killed my son! See what punishment you will get now. Siddhi decides to leave the house asap or she wont be able to stop herself. She walks past Vin and heads towards the main door. Urvashi asks Vin if he is happy with this marriage. You can tell me if you have something in your mind. I will leave. She turns to go but he calls out her name. Siddhi also stops in her tracks and looks back at them.

Urvashi and Manjari exchange a smile. Vin holds Urvashi’s hand. I dint hold your hand to leave it. No one will come between us now. Siddhi looks on.

Precap: Siddhi cries outside a small temple. Vin is getting married to someone else and I cannot do anything except watch the drama! Help me! Siddhi is kidnapped. Back in Kundra Mansion, Urvashi smiles thinking that Siddhi would have been taken care of by now. The cover from Siddhi’s face is removed. A guy steps forward holding a gun in his hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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