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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop manages to bailed out Shamsher from Ranvir’s custody

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ranvir arresting Shamsher. Kamla holds his hand and tells Ranvir that Shamsher can’t do anything wrong and he will break if he is taken. Shamsher asks Kamla not to plead infront of Ranvir and says your husband haven’t done anything wrong. Neighbors taunt Shamsher. Ranvir arrests Shamsher and takes him. Kamla and her daughters cry. Roop and Ishika come to room. Ishika asks him if he will sleep with dirty hands on bed. Roop asks you mean to say that I will sleep alone on this bed. Ishika says I was thinking that you shall get chance too. Roop says what an idea and says he will have a peaceful sleep. Ishika sits on couch and finds it hard to sleep. He tells her that bed is stinking and asks if she applies chameli oil. Just then he gets Kinjal’s call and she

tells him about Shamsher’s arrest by Ranvir.. He tells the same thing to Ishika. Ishika holds his hand and asks him to tell if needed. Roop nods and leaves. Haren, Dhawal and Praful see him going. Dhawal calls Ranvir and tells that Roop left from here. Ranvir says Shamsher Singh wagela will spend here in lock up. Haren asks his elder bahu to spoil Rupesh’s night. She smiles.

Roop comes to Kamla and asks her not to cry. He goes inside the Police station and sees Shamsher behind bars. He calls him. Shamsher turns to Roop. Ranvir says you have come and asks him to see what happened. He says today Mota kaka is inside the lock up. He says everyone of us are helpless.

Rupesh wakes up feeling smoke and asks Kanchan to wake up. Ishika is restless in her room and worries about Roop. Kanchan sees fire outside their room and calls Ishika. Ishika is shocked.

Roop tells Ranvir that Papa is not a criminal and there is no record against him. He reminds him that Papa is DSP. Ranvir says I am not doing this for enmity, I am feeling very bad. Himani comes and tells that they went to Judge Nanda and got his bail papers signed. Roop asks Ranvir to release Shamsher. Ranvir says my hands are tied, these papers are not enough. He asks Himanshu to tell that bail is not possible as Shamsher is arrested for desh drohi. He says I can’t inform Military dept and says whatever happen will be in the morning. Kamla comes inside with her daughters, and cries. Roop says everything will be fine. Ishika and Vaishnavi come there running. Ishika throws water on the room. They see fire catching soon. Haren acts and asks how did this happen? Ishika asks Dhawal to set off fire. Kanti smiles. Haren asks Praful to get number from fire brigade. Ishika says we don’t have much time and asks Vaishnavi to call Roop. Pramila stops Vaishnavi and recalls setting the fire. Vaishnavi is shocked and asks are you fine? Praful tries to stop Vaishnavi. Haren asks him to sit quietly. Kanchan shouts calling Ishika and Roop and tells that the windows are locked. Ishika tries to open the door. Rupesh and Kanchal faint due to smoke inhalation. Haren and his family smile. Ishika and Vaishnavi rescue Kanchan and Roop. They make them drink water. Ishika calls Roop, but he doesn’t pick call thinking she is calling him to ask about Shamsher. Pramila blames Ishika for the fire and says she was the one who light the candles for birthday. Haren blames her and goes. Praful takes Vaishnavi forcefully. Ishika thinks Papa is coughing, if she shall take him to hospital.

Ranvir tells Roop that he can’t leave Shamsher and asks how many times shall I tell you. Military officer comes there and says you are a public servant and have to tell us. He introduces himself and asks Ranvir and Roop to sit. Ranvir says I heard so much about you and it is honor to meet you. He tells that sometimes what is heard is not truth. He says this is truth that that Roop is brave, honest and discipline. He says he got these qualities from his father Shamsher Singh. Shamsher smiles. Ranvir asks how can I help you? Military officer asks him to leave Shamsher Singh and asks him not to behave badly with him, and remember that Shamsher is a Policeofficer. Roop asks Ranvir to take a rapid action. Ishika calls again, but Roop rejects the call. Shamsher comes out of jail and holds his moustache. He salutes military officer and thanks him. Military officer asks him to thank Roop. Roop thanks him for coming on a short notice. Kamla asks Shamsher if he is alright and thanks God. She asks Shamsher to forget old things and accept Roop. Shamsher walks out of Police lock up. Kamla tells Roop that your Papa….Roop says he loves me very much. Kamla says he is proud that you are his son. Ranvir is angry.

He meets Bua and tries to take her on his side. He tells her that everyone made him villain. She says she felt bad when he arrested Shamsher. He says Roop is wrong and he is not wrong. Bua tells that she knows that you are not wrong. Ranvir hugs her and says you are like my mum. Roop comes home and sees the burnt curtains. Ishika takes him to hall and tells that they are breathing and is checked by the doctor.

Ishika tells Roop that she forgot their marriage deal. Roop says I will bear you until Papa gets fine. Ishika says then we will go our ways. Rupesh hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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