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RadhaKrishn 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Forgives Kaliya

RadhaKrishn 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna punishes Kaliya snake and tells Balram that wherever there is arrogance, there is self-destroyal and punishment. Everyone standing near river shore see blood spreading in water. Yashoda cries saying it is not her son’s blood, her son is alive. Jatila and Ayan smirk. Jatila then says Yashoda nobody can hold breath for so long and she should accept that her son is dead. Radha feels guilty and asks Krishna to come out, she did not intend to trouble him. Krishna says time has not come yet. He is about to kill Kaliya when Kaliya’s wives plead him to forgive their husband. Kaliya thanks Krishna for forgiving him and says if he goes up, hawk will kill him. Krishna assures he will find a solution. Radha continues asking Krishna to come out. Krishna thinks he will not come until

Radha takes his name. Radha says come out Krishna.

Water moves away and Krishna emerges on Kaliya. Everyone are surprised. Radha is shocked seeing that. Hawk flies towards Kaliya. Kaliya pleads Krishna to save him. Krishna says hawk that his footsteps are on Kaliya’s head, hawk will not harm Kaliya. Hawk obeys and flies away. Krishna then dances on Kaliya while Radha and everyone look in surprise. Krishna then picks his bansuri/flute and plays it, calling Radha.

Radha gets teary eyed and wipes her tears. She then tells Ayan that she told Krishna is not a common man but a magician, she is afraid that he will conquer Barsana. She then gets tensed seeing everyone missing and shouts Krishna standing in front of him. Krishna says she seems to have many question, she can go ahead. Radha asks where are her parents and everyone and where is snake. Krishna says until she clears clouds of fear from her heart, she will not find who Krishna is, clearing her fear is solution for everything. He snaps fingers and environment changes, things get back to normal. He shows Ayan and Sudama playing with friends. Radha asks how can it be possible and sees Krishna calling her to play asking what is she doing there. Balram throws ball towards Ayan, and Ayan falls into water and feels something holding his leg and shouts at Balram to help him. Balram walks smiling and vine around his leg. Everyone laugh. Ayan asks where is snake. Balram says it is just his imagination.

Radha walks towards jungle reminiscing Krishna turning barren land into beautiful garden, dancing on snake, etc., and thinks what magic is thinks. Ayan follows her. She says good he came, Krishna is a magician and she saw him dancing on snake. Ayan in shock asks what..Radha says everyone saw it, even he did, now there is nothing, Krishna snaps fingers and changes everything. Ayan says even he saw snake following her, then he fell into water. Radha says that is what she is telling, Krishna is a big magician, they need to alert Barsana vasis. Ayan says she is right, let 8us go. Krsihna stands sadly.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that every relationship depends on trust, and they understand it with an example of multiple threads making a rope, similarly if someone identifies pain behind smile, love behind anger, helplessness behind; if they find one such person, their life is complete.

Precap: Krishna creates new village and says Radha will name it. Radh informs Yashoda and Nand that Krishna is a big magician. Balram asks Krishna to clear Radha’s fear.

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