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Nimki Mukhiya 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki comes to haveli

Nimki Mukhiya 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Annaro says my daughter is here. She does her arti. diamond says no poison in hearts now. Annaro says she provoked you. I am glad you came here. She wanted to break our family. Come in. Ritu pretends to cry and says don’t ever go from here. Your parents missed yo so much. They love you. Rekha says she needs rest. But we should shower her first. Annaro says yes she smells like medicines. She is fine now. Ritu says she should have no stress. Tettar says you saved my respect. You have done the right thing. Ritu says how can a daughter stay away from her mother. Rekha says why did Nimki let you go? Diamond says they planned on getting her married in hospital. Dablo says but she called and asked me to take her home. Annaro says forget what happened. Tettar says where is Babbu? Sweeti

says I will shower first. I smell like medicines. She touched me. That relation was based on lies. I broke it completely. Never talk about her or all that again. Annaro says that’s my daughter. We thought we lost you. Sweeti says yes I was gonna do a mistake. Dablo takes her to room. Tettar wonders what made er change.

Mauha comes home angry. She says wedding didn’t happen. Sweeti went back to haveli. Ramla says what? Mauha says she went with dablo. Doctor said she went with her well. Ramla says they must have forced her. Mauha says she wanted to marry BDO. I think she is forced. ramla says I am scared for Nimki. Ram says I will kill Babbu.

Babu comes to haveli. He says where is didi? Diamond says she wont go anywhere. She is in her room. Babbu comes to Sweeti’s room. Dablo stops him on the door and locks the door. He says you wont talk to her. Give her time. Babbu says I want some answers. Dablo says can’t you see her health. Babbu says tell her I will kill her again if she takes BDO’s name. Nimki comes there. Annaro says how dare you come here? Abhi comes too. He asys I wont leave them. Nimki says we are here for Sweeti only. Babbu comes towards Nimii. Abi stops his hand and says don’t even dare. I will kill you. Tettar says you are threatening us? Diamond says we will kill you. Nimki says shut up. Nimki says we are here to meet Sweeti. Ritu says she is sleeping. Dablo says she just slept. Rekha says she doesn’t wanna meet you. Tettar brings his gun and says go before I shoot. Babbu says shoot them. Annaro says shoot them. Ritu says go before they shoot. Sweeti comes out. Nimki says Sweeti.. Babbu says get out of here. Sweeti asks Tettar to put the gun down. Nimki says you thought you would force her and we would sit quite? Annaro says don’t come near my daughter. Babbu says all three of you will be killed if you go with them. Abhi says don’t be scared they forced you to come here right? No one can dare stopping me. I will take you from here. Nimki says please don’t be scared. Babbu will be in jail. BAbbu takes out his gun and says you will send me to jail? Ritu says calm down. I want to know what Sweeti has to say about it.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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