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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira gets new hopes

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira seeing some shadow. She goes out and sees Pushpa. Pushpa says I m scared of baba, I will guard Akhilesh all night, go and take rest. Ira says even I m not getting sleep, why don’t we stay here and guard. Pushpa says baba is following Akhilesh, as his soul is pure, he has no children, its easy for him to capture him, baba will fail when Akhilesh’s child comes. Ira promises her. She thinks how to tell Pushpa that Akhilesh’s reversal can’t happen. Ira asks Pushpa to go to room and sleep. Pushpa goes. Ira thinks to find if the letter is true or not. Birju watches some film. Ira comes and knocks the room. Birju sits on the chair and acts. Ira asks him about the letter. She shows him the letter.

Birju thinks this happened good, Ira and Akhilesh should

have a family. Ira says this can’t be a coincidence, that this letter from Banaras lab has come, you have done this, I need your help, stop this drama, tell me if this letter is true, is someone doing a drama, tell me the truth, fine I will tear this letter. He stops her. She says it means this is true, but why did Akhilesh do this, he is a simple, innocent and shy guy, I can never imagine this, did he need money. He stops her. She says sorry, maybe I should have not asked this, its big thing that you told this to me, if Akhilesh and I become parents by this reason, he will really forgive you. He smiles. She leaves. He says just I know Akhilesh’s story.

FB shows some man asking the wrestler to send Akhilesh for sperm donation. He sees Akhilesh working out. He praises Akhilesh’s personality. He says I m Govind Mishra, I want you to participate in national wrestling championship, there will be a small test for it. Akhilesh agrees. Birju meets Guru ji. He asks for Akhilesh. Guru ji says he is making your name famous, Mishra took Akhilesh for medical test. Birju goes to Akhilesh and ask for medical test.

Akhilesh says I thought its just blood test. Birju asks what do you mean. He sends Akhilesh. He goes to meet Mishra. Mishra tells Chobey that he found a sperm donor for artificial insemination, they can become parents now. Birju beats up Mishra. He scolds Mishra for cheating young guys. Mishra says forgive me, I will ruin that sample. Birju says it will be wrong to waste it, you have to preserve this sample, accident can happen with anyone, if my son’s married life gets any problem, this can be useful, if you misuse this sample, I won’t leave you. Mishra promises to keep it safe. FB ends.

Birju says don’t know why I asked doctor to keep sample safe, maybe I won’t be called world’s worst father. Its morning, Ira calls the lab and asks for Akhilesh’s semen sample preserved in the lab, is this true. The man says yes. Ira cries and asks is sample’s condition fine. He says its preserved, but the sperm count can get less, its just 50% chance for it. Ira says I will come for artificial insemination. He says we can’t guarantee pregnancy. She says we can still take a chance. She ends call. She says I can become mum of Akhilesh’s child, Akhilesh and Pushpa will be glad hearing this, I will tell this to him once I get pregnant. Akhilesh and Chandu come. Chandu says I m going to Banaras for marriage. Akhilesh gives him money. Chandu hugs him and leaves. Bhoomi says we have to go to your house, we have to get Diwali gifts. Ira agrees. She asks Akhilesh to take care of Pushpa.

Akhilesh says I know how to please Pushpa. He goes to Birju and says I got this saree, give this to mum from your side, she will be glad. Birju blesses him to have happiness.

Pandit says Akhilesh’s life is in danger. Baba kidnaps Chandu. Chandu asks Akhilesh to come with him. Baba asks Akhilesh to come to him.s

Update Credit to: Amena

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