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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya Shuts Door On Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya’s client Chavi waits for her in living room. Jaya with Samar walks towards her when Chachaji calls Samar and leaves. Jaya meets Chavi who introduces herself and says she is orphan and is planning her wedding in temple. Jaya says she did not want to up her project, but will now hearing she is orphan. In balcony, Chachaji asks Samar why did not he ask name of the girl whom he spent night with, forget her number. Jaya takes Chavi’s number and asks her fiance’s number. Chavi asks to call her if she needs anything. Jaya assures her wedding will be a grand affair. Samar comes down with Chachaji, and Chavi lives by then. He asks Jaya if her meeting is finished, they have only 2 days left to prove himself innocent.

At Satya’s house, Shikha and Richa

empty cupboard for Jaya and tell Naani that Jaya will come and stay with them soon. Naani scolds that Jaya’s place is in her sasural. They say mamma told. Naani says there is god above their mamma who will do justice. On the other side, Samar sadly sits reminiscing Satya’s warning he has to prove himself innocent within 3 days, else he should part ways with Jaya. Chachaji throws lame shayari to cheer him up, using word tasveer/photo. Samar gets an idea, thanking Chachaji calls sketch artist and gets Chavi’s sketch ready. Sketch artist says he has flight after 1 hour and will return only after 1 week and leavs. Samar gets excited seeing Chavi’s exact sketch and runs to call Jaya pinning sketch to a board. He excitedly informs jaya and takes her to balcony. Jaya asks where is sketch. He sees sketch missing and flying down. They both run down behind it and it falls into dirt. Samar get disappointed. Jaya consoles not to worry and get another sketch by by artist. Samar says artist went out of town for a week and her mamma gave only 3 days. Jaya consoles they will find some way.

Next morning, Samar sees Jaya sad and asks reasons. Jaya says today is mamma’s birtday and for the first time, she did not wish him. Samar says they will go and wish her personally. Satya at home imagines Jaya decorating house and wishing her happy birthday happily hugging her. She then realizes it is naani who asks what gift she wants on her birthday. Satya reminisces her challenge. Kabeer wishes her and says every year Jaya aunty decorates house and wishes her happy birthday first. Satya gets sad. Jaya with Samar enter. Satya happily runs towards door seeing Jaya. Jaya greets her happy birthday. Satya sees Samar next and warns Jaya not to enter house without proving her husband innocent or only after divorcing her husband and closes door. Family stands shocked. Satya orders not to keep door open and let strangers in. Jaya stands shocked. Satya tells family now they will celebrate birthday and asks Kabeer to get cake. Jaya messages her happy birthday mamma.

Satya reads Jaya’s message and throws phone asking Naani to get hew new phone as birthday gift.

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