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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 13) BY ZAIMAL


Swara looks at her wrist watch and gets was time to go home but thought of ghost was scaring her.

“what to do?”swara cried and keeps her head over table.

“i will sleep here..’swara decided in her brain.after a second she hears throat clearing voice.she raises her head and bites her tongue after seeing sanskar.he was throwing daggers at her.

“you want something sir?”swara asked with tight smile.

“come with me…”sanskar said and turned to leave but swara stops him.

“where?…”swara asked confusingly,sanskar turns back a little and looks at her with raised eyebrows.

“i am coming…’swara said meekly,seeing his angry red eyes.sanskar leaves from there.

“kahroos…”swara said and stuck her tongue out at him.she picks up her bag and goes out.sanskar was waiting for her in his car.she sits beside him and he starts the car.

“sir where are we going?…”swara asked after 5 minutes.

‘dad want to meet you..”sanskar said in plain voice.


“how i supposed to know that?..’sanskar said through gritted teeth.

“any idea?..”swara asked innocently.sanskar looks at her then forward while muttering some curses.

“sir i asked something?…’swara said in annoyed tone.sanskar switches on the music and increases the volume.swara’s mouth gets open a little at his act.

“burnt bitter gourd!!!..’swara thought in her mind with clentched fist and looks outside.

After 20 minutes he stopped car in parking area,swara steps out and walks inside the house.sanskar looks at her through window and shakes his head,locks the car and goes inside.

“hello uncle!…”swara greeted ram with smile.

“i was waiting for you only..come”ram said caressing her head.both went toward study with kavita.

“when did you retun from marriage?”swara asked after playing her term.

“today and you know what,whole week i was thinking about what you told me.”

“about my talk?..”swara muttered confusingly.

“you were right…i should start thinking about sanskar’s marriage”

“oh! about that….off course uncle,you should”swara said,nodding her head.kavita hit her elbow knee on her shoulder.swara looks at her with raised eye brows.she was sitting on arm of swara’s chair.

“what?..”swara asked confusingly.

“nothing..”kavita said while making faces.swara shakes her head and looks back at chess and her face glowed.

“check mate!!!!….”swara said and both girls screamed happily and danced in sitting position.ram smiles seeing two girls.


“kavi wait..”swara said loudly and runs behind her.kavita stopped and turned back.

“where are you going?”

“bus station…”kavita said in normal tone.

“why?…company’s car don’t drop you home?’she asked confusingly

“why will company’s car will drop me?”kavita said while chuckling.

“then why it drops me home?”swara muttered to herself.

“swara be quick…i will miss my bus”kavita said worriedly.

“actually i wanted to ask,the house in which you live is your own house?”

“no i pay rent for it…why are you asking?”

“great…can you please shift in my house.i am scared to live alone.”

“then shift to my house…its near to your company also.”kavita said while chuckling.

“i have paid rent of full year therefore i can’t leave that house…”

“but…”kavita tried to speak but swara cut her.

“please..please agree”swara pleaded and held her both hands.


“yes!..”swara exclaimed happily and hugged her.kavita hugged her back and smiled.


swara,sanskar and other employees were working when sanskar’s mobile started ringing.sanskar picked up mobile and continue to read file.

“sanskar send swara home…”ram said while looking at pictures of different girls in his tablet.sanskar looks at swara who was busy in work with other employees.

“dad we have very important meeting in an hour…she is working on presentation.”

“now you can’t even handle a meeting without her…”ram said chuckling.he closed his eyes,after hearing his sentence.

“its not like that…”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“then send her and handle your boring meeting yourself.”ram said and cut the call.sanskar released a suffering sigh and call swara.

“yes sir?..”

“dad wants to meet you…driver will drop you”sanskar said,trying hard to maintain his calm posture.

“but sir meeting…”swara said confusingly.sanskar looks at her angrily.he was already annoyed because of ram’s sentence and her questions don’t stop.

“i will go right now…’swara said meekly,seeing him angry.

“always angry…”swara thought annoyingly,turns and leaves.

“dad is too much…”sanskar thought,rubbing his forehead.

Next Day

“sanskar at least meet her once…”

“dad i don’t want to talk on this matter…please”sanskar said in requesting tone.ram shakes his head.

“good morning..”swara and kavita greeted in union.

“what are you doing here? should be in office.”sanskar asked with raised eye brows,seeing swara there.swara looks at ram.

“i ordered her to come here..i have some work with her”ram said in authorative tone.sanskar gets up,closes button his coat and walks toward exit door.

“sir files….”swara said and gives him files.

“finish your work with dad and come office..”sanskar said through gritted teeth.swara nodded her head with small smile.sanskar snatches files and leaves.

“kahroos don’t say anything to his father….i will keep it in my mind”swara giggled at her thought.

“what happened uncle…you are looking worried”kavita said,seeing his upset face.swara also looks at him.

“he don’t even want to meet anyone..”ram said worriedly.

“arra! uncle…you should have ordered him to go and meet the girl instead of asking.”swara said,goes and sit beside him.

“how can i force him for marriage?…he is my son”ram said,shaking his head.

“uncle you are not understanding….sir is shy type,he will never do anything himself therefore you have to do it for him otherwise he will never get marriaed and you will never become grandfather”swara said in dramatic tone.

“i don’t think sanskar sir is shy type…”kavita said and hit her.

“shhh!!..”swara shushed her and looks at ram,who was in deep thoughts.

“uncle i know it feels wrong,but you will do this for his betterment and for your GRAND CHILDREN”swara put force on grand children.

“you are right,if i will not do anything then he will always remain busy in his work..he will go and meet girls”ram said in firm voice.gets up and leaves.

“yes!..”swara claps excitedly.kavita slaps her on shoulder.

“why are you creating problems for sanskar sir?..”kavita said in annoyed tone.

“you don’t know kavi…how much he troubles me in office,now its pay back time.”swara said in naughty way.kavita slaps on her forehead,swara laughs.kvita also laugh.


swara was walking toward her cabin when miss sofia stopped her.

“swara…sir is calling you in his cabin”she said and returns back.

“what he wants now/…’swara muttered to herself and walks toward sanskar’s cabin.she goes inside after knocking.

“you got time to come office…”sanskar said and looks at time in his wrist watch.swara bites her tongue.sanskar gets up from his seat and walks toward her and stands just in front of her.

“i am dead today…”swara gulped seeing serious look on his face.

“will you please tell me that what is your job?”he asked in serious tone.

“i am your secretary…”swara said innocently.

“and what is job of secretary?….to gossip with your boss’s dad whole day?”sanskar asked calmly.

“no..”swara said,shaking her head.

“you are using my dad’s innocence so that you can skip your work and i don’t like this kind of attitude.”sanskar said angrily.

“sir how can you think like that….uncle told me to come there,i didn’t reach there with my own will…how can you think like this?”

“because i know you don’t like to work and lower your pitch in front of me,i am your boss”sanskar said,pointing finger at her.swara holds his hand and moves it down angrily.

“as you wish sir! next time if uncle will say anything to me then i will say a big NO…happy?”swara said angrily,turns and leaves.

“swara!…”sanskar said angrily but swara don’t listen to him and leaves in full anger.

“she is so immature…”sanskar said,getting frustrated at her acts.


swara was picking things from when sanskar comes there angrily,grabs her arms and turned her back angrily,files falls down from her hands.

“what did you say to dad?…”he said angrily,holding her other arm also.swara blinks at him several times.

“what?…”swara asked,not getting what he just asked.

“dad told you to come home and you dare to say NO to me father”

“i didn’t say NO…i just told him to take permission from you then call me because later you throw all your anger on me.”swara said,trying to push him,he was holding her so close.sanskar twist her both arms on her back,making her look at him.

“no one say no to my father…”

“sir you are so confusing…in morning you said stay away from your father and now this?..”swara said in low voice,all her smartness flew away because of his closeness.

“dad wants to meet you and you will come with me.”

“No i will not then in morning you will say i am using your father.”swara said,shaking her head side to side and again try to get out from his grip.sanskar pulls her close as there was no distance left between them.swara’s breath gets stuck in her lungs.

“you can’t say no to me…..don’t you know?.”sanskar whispered as his warm breath was fanning her face.


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