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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets humiliated by Balwanti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti scolding shop keeper banke lal. Prarthana asks him to give grocery to them first. Kunti appreciates Prarthana for her clear hindi. Prarthana asks them to give jaggery 5.25 kilos. Someone else comes and asks him to give jaggery. Kunti shouts and tells that she is Ram saraye’s mohalla Kunti and everyone gets scared of her anger. Banke Lal asks her to go home and says he will send jaggery, but Kunti says she will not go without jaggery. Pratibha tells that kids shall not to be stubborn. Prema tells that Shakti wiped her hand with her saree which Kanhaiya gifted on Valentine’s day. She says when I scolded her, she said that even Dadi does the same. Pratibha says Shakti learnt this from sasumaa.

They are at the juice stall. Neighborhood boys come there

and tell that they will have juice first. Shakti shouts at them and tells that they will have juice first. She says they are stubborn. Jaggery seller asks her to let him give other customers order first. Kunti tells that she will break the jaggery with her hand and uses a small stone to break it, but she can’t break it. Prarthana asks her to be careful. Kunti injures her hand and makes face. Everyone laugh.

Panjiri tells that Dhairya wanted to go near the railway crossing the railway track and told that even Dadi said the same things. Pratibha says we shall talk to Maa ji. Prema says we will ask Kanhaiya to talk to her. Pratibha says he will come after two days. Kunti says she will try again. Banke lal says let it be. Balwanti comes there and says she will break it. She uses her hand and breaks it. Kunti and Prarthana are shocked. Balwanti taunts Kunti.

Shakti and Chanchal ask juice seller to give juice. Juice seller tells that the machine is not working. Kunti stops balwanti and tells that she will return her favor with interest. She says stubbornness is stubborn. Shakti says we will drink tomorrow first. The boys come to Balwanti and tell that they can’t drink juice. Balwanti asks them to squeeze sugarcane. He asks them not to be stubborn, but courageous.

Kunti comes home and scolds her bahus. Bahus tell that kids do what they watch. Next day, Shakti comes to the juice centre. Balwanti’s grand son comes there and shouts. Bahus tell Kunti that kids are getting stubbornness. Buddhi comes and says she has won debate competition because of Dadi. Shakti, Chanchal and Dhairya tell that they will drink first. Balwanti’s grand son. Balwanti’s grand son throws the glass.

The kids accepts the wrestling challenge given by Balwanti’s grand sons. Kunti tries to tear the cloth, but fails.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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