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Krishna Chali London 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Triloki beats up Radhe

Krishna Chali London 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela arguing with Triloki and crying. Krishna and Gajanan get Lali for treatment. Doctor says her body responded well with the medicines. Gajanan goes to get medicines. Krishna sees the doctor’s name board and asks if you have studied in London. Doctor says yes, why did you ask me that. Krishna says even I wish to become a doctor like you, I want to study at London medical college. Doctor says our country needs cervical cancer specialists, we have lack of awareness, best of luck, you can study and become a doctor. Lali says your dream will really come true. Krishna gets Bua’s call. She asks when did this happen. Lali asks is everything fine. Krishna asks Lali to go home with Gajanan. She goes.

Krishna argues with Dubey. She asks why did you sell the house.

He says I have to send you to London, I think Radhe has burnt your passport. Krishna says no, he didn’t do anything this time. He says I don’t trust Radhe. She says I will talk to bank authority. He says bank loan got rejected. She says house won’t be sold, please dad. She hugs Dubey. Bua hugs them.

Krishna comes home. Lali says parents do a lot for children. Krishna says children also have a responsibility, any ways take rest. Radhe looks on and says Dubey was going to sell house for money, what did I do. He thinks to talk to Dadda. Triloki gets disturbed and says I will go out and sleep. Bela insults him. She says you have no respect in this house, go and sleep with your family. He gets angry and sleeps on floor. Radhe asks Dadda how to arrange money for Krishna. He tells something. Radhe goes. Dadda calls Bela and asks is your husband in control. She says of course. He says then start hammering and break this family. Its morning, Dadda signs Bela. Bela creates a nuisance. Shuklain scolds her for negligence. Triloki comes and accuses Radhe. He says when I asked money, everyone got upset, you all fed me poison, Radhe had a meeting with shop accountant, he wants his share in the property. Everyone gets shocked.

Radhe says I went to him to ask for his suggestion to arrange money, I didn’t ask for my share. Triloki asks what do you mean by little money, 30 lakhs. He scolds Radhe. He asks Krishna won’t she say anything now, who needed this money. Krishna looks at Radhe. Radhe says I will send you to London. She asks when did I ask you for money, I m begging you, don’t think of anything. Triloki insults her. Radhe defends his wife. Triloki says I will beat you further. Shuklain scolds Triloki. Dadda shouts Triloki. He asks Triloki to stop the nonsense. He says I promised to send Krishna to London, how dare you beat Radhe. Bela says forgive me, we will have to sell this house and get on roads to send Krishna to London, Shukla had promised me that he will get Radhe married to TT, but he disappeared. Shuklain asks Bela to stop it now. Triloki says every man gets money here, I want the money. He argues a lot and asks for his property share. He says division will happen today itself. Everyone gets shocked.

Triloki and Bela divide the house. Krishna worries. Gajanan beats up Triloki. Shuklain comes in between. She asks Radhe to get away from her sight. Krishna thinks to do something to save the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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