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Karn Sangini 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun Defeats Dhrupad

Karn Sangini 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Voiceover says Uruvi forgot promise made to Karn on one side and Karn is sad waiting for Uruvi. Karn then finds out that Dhrupad in Panchal has captured Duryodhan and heads to free him. Bhism stops Karn and says Pandavs are present in panchal to protect Kauravs. Karn says he will save his friend at any cost and nobody can stop him. Bhism argues with Karn and insults him that he does not want any sooth putra to rescue a khatriya. Kunti who hears their conversation standing in balcony feels sad hearing that. She with Uruvi, Bhanumati, and others sits praying god.

In Panchal, Dhrupad challenges Pandavs for wrestling match. Bheem gets ready. Dhrupad challenges Arjun. Bheem says Arjun is archer, and Dhrupad should fight with wrestler like him. Dhrupad laughs on Dhronacharya that his students

don’t know to fight at all. Arjun accepts his challenge. Dhrupad overpowers Arjun and throws him down. Arjun gets up and overpowers Dhrupad defeating him. Nakul and Sahdev praise Arjun. Dhrupad pulls sword and heads towards Arjun to kill him. Arjun shoots magical arrow and ties him down.

In Hastinapur, maid informs Kunti that Arjun won over Dhrupad. Kunti congratulates Uruvi who in turn congratulates Bhanumati. Bhanumati says it is Pandav’s win and Kaurav’s defeat and she cannot see her husband Duryodhgan’s defeat. Uruvi says Pandavs and Kauravs are brothers. Bhanumati says her husband has to bear insult tomorrow in rajsabha, which she cannot tolerate and walks away. After sometime, Uruvi sadly sits in her room reminiscing Bhanumati’s words. Her maid brings her food and insists to have it as she did not have anything since a long. She asks about Bhanumati. Maid asks to calm her hunger food. Uruvi remembers promising Karn to get medicine for his father and runs towards balcony. Her mother enters and feeds her fruits. She says she has to finish her duty as vaidya/doctor and runs away. Mother fumes that she wants Uruvi to marry Arjun and not sooth putra Karn.

Karn waits besides his ill father and informs his mother that vaidya gave medicine and told it will take time to cure. Uruvi enters with medicine and says it will help alleviate Adhirath’s pain and applies it on his hand. Karn stands silently reminiscing Uruvi’s mother laughing that Uruvi wants to cure poor people. Uruvi senses he is still angry on her and asks to help her tie bandage. He helps. She asks him to help her wash her hands. He does reminiscing same and drops water aside. She says when work is not done by heart, this is what happens. Karn gets alert and pours water on her hand next. She asks him to drop her till palace. He walks along her, but then reminiscing same incident stops.

Precap: Karn holds Duryodhan’s attack and says his eyes tolerated trick and he is suffering. Uruvi invites Karn for celebrations and seeing arrow hitting pillar excitedly says she knnew he would not disappoint her, but then gets sad seeing Arjun.

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