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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gets cursed

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with woman running into the jungle, carrying her new born baby. Set in Year 1868, at Madhya Pradesh. The lady runs for help. She reaches some temple. She rings the huge bell to call for help. Some people reach her. She shouts for help. Villagers get to hear her call and think who is calling for help. Raja scolds the lady Lali. He asks do you think you will get saved by calling help. He drags her away from the temple. A little boy looks on crying. Raja lifts the boy and throws him away. Lali sits back in shock. Villagers reach there and see the temple shut. They get scared to go to the temple and check. The man says we should go and check once. Raja’s guards stop them. The villagers see Lali in trouble.

They start talking that Raja molested Lali, who is called

Kaal Bhairav’s daughter in the village. The people say Raja has done a heinous crime with Lali, its a disaster. Raja stabs Lali and says I m the Lord here, there is no one bigger than me here. Lali says you have done this crime in your pride, the world will see now, no one from your family will become a king now, if I have prayed to Kaal Bhairav with devotion, I swear and curse you, your tradition of coronation at the age of 30 years will break, your heir will die when he turns 29. Raja laughs and says you think a maid’s curse will affect a king. She says you will be cursed by Kaal Bhairav, he will see you. She dies. Raja laughs out on her death.

Story shifts to Bhopal, in current year 2018. A girl is seen riding a scooty. She calls a guy and wishes happy friendship day. She asks for her gift. He asks her to check her scooty dickey. She gets the gift. He wishes her happy friendship day. She says Veer, its costly, why did you buy this. He says price of not of jewelry, but of the person wearing it. She praises him. He says I have to go office, else my rude boss will take my class, we shall meet in a hour. She says don’t make me wait. Some tantric baba is at Veer’s house. He says Kaal Bhairav is coming to take someone, but whom. He sees Veer going.

The girl sees some rich man scolding a waiter. She feels sad. She meets Veer. She makes him wear the friendship band. He also ties the bracelet to her. She asks him to teach a lesson to that rich man. She says I m going to slap that man, you have to do the same. He says its madness. She says its good for the society. She goes and pats the man. She then fools the man. Veer does the same. She asks the man to talk to people nicely. Veer takes her out with him. The man falls down. Veer takes Archie/Archana along. Guard stops the tantric outside the cafe. Veer and Archie leave. Tantric sees Veer again. Veer proposes Archie for marriage. She says its friendship day today, how can you propose suddenly. He says its not so sudden. She says I didn’t think of it, can I answer tomorrow. He says sure. She goes smiling. They think of each other. Tere waaste…plays…. Tantric reaches Veer and senses danger on him.

He says Kaal Bhairav himself will come to take him. Veer smilingly comes home. Veer gets a shocking call from his elder brother Shivraj. Shiv reminds him to come home. Veer wishes him birthday. Shiv asks him to come home and wish by hugging him. Veer gets scared and disconnects the call. Shiv says Veer is staying away from me because of some fear, Veer had run away from the palace by fear, you think I m brave and staying here, but he is courage to break bounds and find happiness, I m coward that I couldn’t break these bars, he is living happily there, did I do any mistake by calling him. Veer recalls Lali’s words. He sees his inner self, who tells him that none from his family lived after reaching the age of 30 years. Veer gets panicking by Kaal Bhairav’s curse. His inner self asks what will you give to Archie, does he want Archie to become a widow, he is cursed and will die. He sees Archie as a widow. He collapses in shock.

Tantric is still outside the house. Veer’s broken phone rings. He wakes up and sees Archie’s call. Veer sees many dogs inside the house. He locks the gate and runs out of the house. He gets shocked seeing the tantric with a dog. Tantric warns him. Veer runs. Lali appears in front of him. He gets shocked. He drives off in haste. He reaches some temple and goes. He says maybe some people are doing aarti there. He goes and gets shocked seeing the beheaded princes. The princes warn him about the curse of Kaal Bhairav. He drives off again. Veer turns back to see. He falls down the bike. He falls far and screams. He hangs to the tree branch down the cliff. Veer gets shocked seeing Kaal Bhairav coming. Tantric greets Kaal Bhairav.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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