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Jiji Maa 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash and Falguni test their love

Jiji Maa 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suyash coming to Falguni. She says don’t come close, I get scared, we face troubles all the time, maybe Lord doesn’t want us to get together. She cries. He says what if I proof that we are made for each other, and we have to unite then, we will not come in front of each other tomorrow, if our destiny has our union, then we will come close, you know when two people walk in two directions, they come in front, when fate is with them, if we come in front of each other, we will marry, else not, I trust my love, my love can change the fate. Its morning, Falguni is busy in gardening. She talks to Niyati. Suyash comes there talking to Vidhaan. Falguni recalls Suyash’s words and runs away. Niyati calls her out. Vidhaan asks Niyati did she plant this, its beautiful. Suyash looks around.

He sees Falguni hiding away. Niyati says Falguni has done this. Vidhaan says I knew it, where is she. Niyati says she has run over there. Suyash goes. Vidhaan takes Falguni with him. He asks where did Suyash go now. Falguni thinks Suyash didn’t try to see me. Niyati asks why did you hide suddenly.

Falguni says nothing. Vidhaan says why are they avoiding each other. Jayant calls lawyer home. He says Uttara, we will have some rest in life now. Uttara asks what big thing did you do, let children enjoy, what are you putting responsibilities on them, we will do business. He says no, we will go and enjoy, let them do business. He hugs her. Falguni cries seeing the cards. She says I wish Suyash and I come in front. Niyati looks on and asks why did you hide from him. Falguni tells everything. Niyati asks what’s this, does such thing happens. Falguni says Lord will unite us, its a test of our love. She goes. Niyati says Vidhaan, we will make Suyash and Falguni meet. Vidhaan asks how will we make them meet. She sees jaipur handloom exhibition ad. She asks Vidhaan to get Suyash there. Vidhaan praises her. She jokes. Shom looks on. He thinks this idea won’t work.

Niyati insists Falguni and takes her along. She calls Vidhaan and says we shall leave in five mins. Vidhaan insists Suyash to come to see the artists work. Suyash gets a call. He says what, I m just coming home. He says mom fell down the stairs. Uttara says we have to keep Suyash and Falguni away, then their love story will end. Vidhaan thinks mobile got off, how to inform Niyati now. Suyash and Falguni wish to see each other. They miss to see each other when the cars pass by. Uttara says I will prove Falguni, that your and Suyash’s relation doesn’t have Lord’s blessing, I will win a lottery this way.

Niyati waits for Vidhaan at exhibition. She lies to Falguni. Falguni says you lied to me, you got me here to make me meet Suyash, its about fate, come with me. Niyati gets a call. She says what, mom fell downstairs. They rush home. Doctor treats Uttara. Suyash says we will take you to hospital. Jayant says I will take her. Suyash says no, Vidhaan and I will take her. Vidhaan asks Suyash to take care of Jayant at home. Jayant asks them to take her. Uttara thinks Suyash won’t come in front of Falguni.

Uttara asks Suyash to stay in Jodhpur factory. Falguni cries and prays for meeting Suyash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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