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Internet Wala Love 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rupa brings Aishwarya to break Jai and Aadhya’s friendship

Internet Wala Love 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and Aadhya watching film on TV in the latter’s room. Aadhya shouts seeing the scaring scene. Shubhankar and Pratibha knock on her room. Aadhya opens the door. Shubhankar asks why did she shout? He says we shall sleep here? Aadhya says she saw a bad dream and will sleep. Shubhankar asks about the blanket on bed. Aadhya says nothing and sits on the blanket. Shubhankar and Pratibha leave. Jai comes out of blanket and tells that he has a bad back after she sat on him. He says you are eating much and have become football. Aadhya says this is my baby fat and will go. Jai says you have to work out. He says lets watch the film now and tells about the climax. Aadhya says all my wishes are fulfilled now. Jai says tomorrow is your turn, you will fulfill all my wishes, it

is a surprise. Aadhya says ok and says lets meet tomorrow. Jai says good night. Aadhya asks him to go. Jai leaves from window.

Next morning, Aadhya gets ready and waits for Jai. She opens the door and sees her friend standing. She calls her Aishwarya and asks how did you come here? And says you have changed. Ash says I am looking very pretty. She asks Aadhya to call her in. Aadhya tells that she has to go somewhere. Ash says even I will come with you and says we will plan girls’ day out. Aadhya says ok. They come somewhere. Aadhya takes Ash to Savvy’s house and asks her to spend time with her until she returns. Savvy asks her to ask her to go. Aadhya says she is our friend and is changed now. Savvy says ok. Aadhya leaves. Ash asks Savvy about Aadhya and leaves. Aadhya comes to Jai’s house and says hi. Jai says hi. She asks about the bandaid on his hand.

Jai says it is the gift of fulfilling girl’s wishes and says I never saw a girl getting scared while watching a film. Aadhya signs at her earrings. Jai says wow and goes to Ash and hugs her. Aadhya is shocked. Jai says you are looking fab as always. Ash says I missed you. Jai says I missed you too. Rupa is looking at them and thinks I know my plan will work. She recalls meeting Savvy and getting info about Aadhya’s friends. She comes to know about Ash and gets her info from friendsbook and calls her there. fb ends. Jai asks how did she come?

Ash says she came for some work. Jai says he knows her well. He tells that Ash was his girlfriend for 2 months and then she went abroad and they had a break up. Aadhya says we were about to go somewhere. Jai invites Ash to come with them and walks out with her, calling Aadhya to come. Rupa thinks very soon Jai will find out the difference between your low status and Ash’s high class status. Jai, Aadhya and Ash leave. Aadhya asks when did they meet? Jai says during trekking and goes on praising Ash. Ash sees chocolates in Aadhya’s hand and takes from her hand. She makes Jai eat it.

Jai asks Aadhya from where did she bring this chocolate? Aadhya recalls making it and tells that she brought it from the shop. She feels bad seeing Jai talking to Aadhya much. They come to the mall. Aadhya says so this place was in your wish list. Jai says no, I had planned bike riding, etc, we will enjoy here. He asks her to buy some dresses for her, and tells that he had brought some dresses for her before from here. Aadhya selects some dress, but says it is not good seeing the price. Jai says it is good and looks at her in the mirror. He applies bindi to her and asks her to try the dress. Ash asks Aadhya to close her zip. Aadhya is shocked and says I will come. Jai goes inside and helps her. Aadhya comes out from changing room and says I will help you. She sees Jai and Ash coming out of changing room. She asks will you wear this dress? Ash says yes, I will and asks Jai to make her try few more dresses. Jai says why not. Aadhya thinks Jai’s priorities changed after Ash came.

Ash tells Rupa that she will separate jai and Aadhya and will make them hate each other. Aadhya sees Ash making Jai having cake and then licks his cheeks to clean the cake off from his face. Jai and aadhya are shocked. Later Ash hugs Jai and kisses on his cheeks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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