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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim gets Anarkali to palace

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Salim fighting with the goons. The goon runs away to save life. Salim rushes to Anarkali and frees her. He says all the goons will get caught, come. Ammijaan gets worried. She says I hope Rukaiya failed yesterday. Hira says yes, this box has the head of the main robber, its the proof that I didn’t lie to you that day. She shows the man’s head. Ammijaan says you are very loyal to me, you can live until I ask for your life. Hira goes. Ammijaan says I don’t want to doubt on you, but politics is such a thing. Salim says I m proud of your bravery. Anarkali sleeps in his lap. He talks to her. He asks are you listening to me, I m thinking to marry a princess. She wakes up and asks what. She says sorry, I lied to you, don’t know if this moment will come again in our

life or not. He says this moment is very beautiful, think of this as our life’s best one, lets stay here and live this moment for long. She says our love is not selfish that it keeps a son away from mum, I will pray that Akbar’s trust on you gets stronger, everyone would be waiting for you.

He says don’t worry, we will live such moments again, its my promise. She says don’t love me immensely. He says don’t call my love a favor. Honton pe mere…plays… They smile. Salim and Anarkali come home. Khala sees her wound. Salim asks Khala to get Anarkali treated by Hakim. Khala thanks Salim. Anarkali sees Salim and goes. Salim gets his clothes. He goes to meet Akbar. Everyone looks on. Rukaiya waits for Khanam.

Akbar thinks why are Salim’s clothes different, maybe the matter isn’t so simple as it appears. Ammijaan thinks thank God Salim came back safe. Akbar respects Salim and feels proud. Salim says you taught me to give life for people. Jodha smiles. Akbar and everyone get shocked seeing Salim’s wound. Akbar says amazing, I m more certain of my decision of making you the future king. Abul Fazal gets the goon there. He says this goon tried to kidnap Salim. Akbar says you crossed your limits, you have no right to stay alive. Abul says permit me to behead him right away. Salim asks what will you get taking his life. Akbar signs Abul to stop. Abul says punishment teaches a lesson, everyone will get a lesson for not doing any fraud again. Salim says this will just kill a person, its against our rules.

Everyone thinks why is Salim breaking the rules again. Akbar asks Salim what does he want to say, shall we shall the rules. Salim says no, laws and rules have to be there, but its imp to end the reason for crime than killing the criminal. Abul says there is no such reason. Salim says there is reason when big punishment is given for small crime, it creates hatred and rebellion, its not justice and humanity, I know this, since this injustice happened with me as well. He recalls Akbar punishing him. Rukaiya thinks I will never let Salim’s old wounds heal. Salim says sorry, I just want to say that punishment should be given according to crime. Akbar says I agree, but I can’t pity the traitors. Abul presents the letter. He says we got this fake letter with this traitor. Akbar says he is culprit of our land, take him away and put him behind bars for his entire life. Abul takes the man. Akbar asks Salim to get his wound treated. Salim nods. He thinks Akbar kept my word, thanks Anarkali for prayers, I m sure coming time will be good.

Salim takes kamarbandh for Anarkali. Rukaiya makes a new plan and laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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